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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Newest Release - Winning Violetta - a super sensual faery tale

Out NOW!


Rose and Hyacinth—how can two such well meaning, but hapless faery god sisters meddle in one princess’s life without causing complete chaos?

King Eric promised Princess Violetta she would choose her own husband, then breaks that promise. He offers her hand in marriage to the winner of the joust in return for the knight’s support in war against his enemy. Chafing at this, Violetta, an expert with bow and arrow, accidentally shoots one of the competitors. She can’t believe the effeminate knight is also the most handsome man she’s ever seen. Knowing she shouldn’t, she still surrenders to his seduction, hungering for his kisses and caresses.

Prince Colin, on a spy mission, disguises himself as an outrageous fop. The last thing he expects to find is the beautiful, passionate princess. He treads a fine line fighting attraction to her and loyalty to his father. Then his mission turns from spy to love, and he must reveal his true identity risking a trip to the dungeon.

Will Colin’s honesty destroy their future? Will Violetta let go of her feelings of anger and betrayal? Two faery god sisters certainly hope so.


In the Fae Sanctum: Home of Faery Godsisters, Rose and Hyacinth

In the magical, topmost tower of the castle, invisible to any mortals below, perched the faery godsisters.

Rose's excitement was palpable. "Did you see the way the black knight looked at our Violetta?"

"Did you hear what she said to him?" Hyacinth chuckled.

"Well, calling him a toad wasn't at all friendly."

Hyacinth shook her head in mock annoyance. "No, it wasn't. She's not helping."

"Can't she see how gorgeous he is, how un-toad like?" Rose arched her neck, flipping a lock of long, ebony hair over her shoulder. "If I were a mortal, I wouldn't have been so rude."

"With your magic, you could make him care for you in a heartbeat." Hyacinth fluttered her wings then settled comfortably on the stone bench. "But Violetta is his destiny."

"You're right, drat it," Rose conceded. "But his face is gorgeous."

"She's not attracted to him at all, not the way he is to her."

"And shooting him wasn't very romantic," Rose pointed out the obvious.

"That was an accident," Hyacinth said. "Violetta has an innocent heart. She doesn't know anything about men. Certainly not as much as you, Rosie."

Rose irritably flared her wings. "How could two faery sisters be so different? At least I dress and act like a woman instead of an impish boy."

"Your wings don't impress me, sis," Hyacinth snapped. "You can flirt all you wish with no consequences. Your magic keeps you from really falling in love."

"You don't care about romance, because you like to take the human form of a boy."

"And you're just jealous that I can hang out with the men in a way you can't."

"You hide amongst them, pretending to be one of them. One of these days, you'll slip up, and someone will discover what you are," Rose sniped. "Then you'll be in trouble."

"I can always escape. My wings aren't as big and showy as yours, but they work. Any man who puts his hands on me in the wrong way, will find them empty."

"And his head smacked," Rose added, her good humor restored at that picture.

"So." Hyacinth got serious. "What's our plan? How are we interfering—I mean—helping them?"

"Hy, dear, the plan is simple."

"Well, simple is best."

"Hush up, and let me talk. I'll take mortal form and throw myself at Prince Colin to make Violetta jealous."

"Oh, that's a great idea. Flirting is what you do best."

"Don't be sarcastic, you little imp. I'm doing this for our sweet girl."

"They're destined for each other. It shouldn't be so hard."

"The fact that he's here under a false name is a problem."

"For us, too. We can't tell her. He must win her fair and square in the joust and be the one to tell her his true identity."

"That's why I have to insert myself between them. If he falls for my seduction, then he's not right for her."

"Either way you win, don't you?"

Rose wiggled her eyebrows, lifted her lips in a smirk, and fluffed out her wavy locks. "I don't think of it that way. I'm performing a service."

"Just don't perform a service on Prince Colin."

"Stop it, you brat! I don't do that anyway. You satisfy a man like that, and he's done for the night, selfish bastards."

"Don't tell me these things. I'm too young," Hyacinth countered, covering her ears as if shocked. Which she wasn't. Out in the world, her male guise almost made her invisible. The things she'd seen… Whoo—ee! "Let's just see what Colin is made of and if he's good enough for our Violetta. There are other knights, after all. Sir Percy is also good looking."

Rose contradicted, "You know as well as I do that Prince Colin is the man her mama promised her so long ago." Her expression turned dreamy as she gazed off into the distance, over the same keep and fields as Violetta. "The Lady Ingrid used to tell us—I mean Violetta—how a handsome prince would search the world and find her right here in the Northland castle."

"King Eric will be furious when he finds out. We have to tell him."

"Not yet. We know his identity, but we don't know why he's disguised as the mysterious black knight, Sir Stephen."

"I don't want Violetta to be hurt again. This could turn out disastrously."

"Don't worry, little sis. Violetta and Colin were promised to each other many years ago."

"By the Fae Kingdom Council, yes, but this current scenario makes me very nervous," Hyacinth muttered.
"And it's time to put our plan in motion. I hear it's lovely on the tower walk tonight." A thoughtful Rose tapped a finger on her cheek.


Jane Leopold Quinn

My Romance: Love With a Scorching Sensuality


Rose Anderson said...

Congrats on the new release. It looks wonderful. You gotta love adult fairytales. Best luck Jane.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Thanks, Rose. It was so much fun to write and I'd love to get to the love stories for the godsisters. ;-)