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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Set the Scene in Six Sentences - Sunday


One of the finest aspects of fiction writing is the ability to set the scene.  Characters act and react, but they don't do so in a vacuum.  In their world, they meet, fall in love, solve problems, sometimes horrendous problems.  Maybe it's a small town, maybe the big city, the green, humid jungle, dust-dry desert, a mountainous region.  On the sea.  Under the sea.  In space! 

Setting the scene is also done by using character dialogue to paint a picture of loveliness, danger, evil, trepidation, excitement, awe...

Give us six sentences that set the scene.  Set the Scene in Six Sentences - Sunday is a new opportunity on the Exquisite Quills! Blog to tout your talent.  How have you set the scene in your books?  How have you put the reader into the life of your characters?

Every Sunday, the blog will be open to six-sentence scene-setting.  Just post your six sentences (Only 6), your name, and one link in the comment box.  We can't wait to read you!

Pass the word!  Open to all!


J.D. Faver said...

From my romantic suspense, BAD HABIT by J.D. Faver

Bernie rubbed her fingers over the rough bark, recalling their climbing tree in their grandparent’s backyard. Bernie had delighted in climbing to the highest branch to look down at her little sister and taunt her for clinging to the lower branches.
A shiver caressed her spine as she thought of the day Teri reached for the limb overhead and missed. In Bernie’s memory it always happened in slow motion. She’d watched in horror as Teri fell backwards snapping through layers of twigs and small branches. She could hear the sound of Teri hitting the ground even now.

Amazon US

J.D. Faver said...

And from my romantic thriller, BAD MEDICINE (The Edge of Texas-Book I) by J.D. Faver

Little had changed in the tiny Texas Gulf Coast community. Without tourists, the local bars were subdued, yet friendlier. Without tourist, the beaches were devoid of discarded diapers and food wrappers. Without tourists, the economy sucked.
In another month the geriatric parade of snowbirds would make their annual trek southward, clogging the highways with their Winnebago’s and Airstreams. They would come to the Miami of the central United States seeking warmth and the camaraderie of their peers.

BAD MEDICINE (The Edge of Texas~Book I) by J.D. Faver
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Nook said...

Oh, boy, J.D., I loved that story. said...

From A Promise at Dawn, an older woman/younger man erotic romance.

Faye Burke inhaled the rising steam from her morning coffee as she leaned against the corner post on her porch. She loved watching the sun rise from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. For someone who dreaded the days, dreaded the length of them, dreaded the nothingness of them, she loved the beginning of them. Gold and crimson and lavender streaked across the horizon, reflecting off the clouds poised low over the water.
Ten months, one week, and six days ago her husband’s grand and glorious heart gave out. It wasn’t that they hadn’t had warning, in fact, despite years of warnings, death had still come as a painful shock.

Rose Anderson said...

From Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson. An award-winning, two-part, Victorian polyamorous romance, with a touch of reader-interactive art history.

Carlo Posateri shrugged his cloak back on his shoulders, the thin wool gone heavy from absorbing the September fog. He peered into the night then checked his pocket watch under the misty gaslight. Few people would be out in an evening fog like this and there was a word to describe many who were — Ladro. It was a perfect night to make deals with a thief.

The acquisition ritual played in his mind. To start: a warm bath and a brandy, followed by an excursion into the most brilliant and salacious mind ever produced by the Renaissance.

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Rose Anderson said...

Posting for Missy Martine
From The Touch of Her Hands
Coming December 2013

Aurelia looked around her one-room cabin and tried to decide what had awakened her. She’d laid down for a siesta after a rather large lunch, but now something didn’t feel quite right. She padded to the window silently, but couldn’t hear any sound of an intruder. The sky was pale blue and filled with bright sunlight. A couple of wispy clouds decorated the blue expanse. Frowning, she picked up the heavy boots she wore for hiking, pulled them over her thick socks, and made her way outside. The jungle was oddly quiet. An abnormal calm settled over her as she crouched under the cover of some low-growing palms. Breathing shallowly and slowly, she calmed her rapid heart rate. She never had unplanned visitors and yet someone was approaching her position.

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Unknown said...

Cassandra’s Revenge - The Singles Cruise, by Skye Michaels - Book 4 of the Golden Dolphin Series
M/F - BDSM/Erotic Romance/Contemporary/Heat Level: Scorching - Release date 11/13/13

The sunset sky bled oranges, golds, pinks, and purples as the Golden Dolphin made way out of Key West Harbor into the Gulf of Mexico headed toward the island of Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera. The Golden Dolphin would be at sea for three days. Monday evening would be taken up by Gentlemen’s Choice night and the sub charity auction during which the men would bid on a sub or Domme for the evening, Tuesday the ship’s crew had a fun day at sea with game night planned and a sumptuous buffet on deck, and Wednesday evening would be taken up by Sadie Hawkins night during which the women would choose a sub or Dom for the evening. During each night the D/s combinations would spend time together including scenes and dungeon time, and sexual activities were optional but encouraged. The ship would arrive in Cozumel on Friday morning where the passengers would enjoy two days of sightseeing on the island and on the Yucatan Peninsula where sites of archaeological interest abounded, as well as some of the most beautiful reefs in the world. Beau was standing at the rail with a scotch on the rocks in his hand while he waited for Sandy Sinclair and her friend, Devon James, to make their appearance on deck. The men would bid on the various female passengers and crew who had elected to participate in the sub auction, all proceeds going to women’s and children’s charities located in the various cities where the passengers who were members had Le Club facilities.

Rita said...

From Under Fire
Extraordinary women and the men they love

Diego slowed the Bentley and turned into a drive blocked by an ornate ten-foot iron gate connected to an even higher concrete fence running the perimeter of the property.
The gate moved slowly to the side and a man, wearing a 9mm sidearm with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder, emerged from a guardhouse.
As Diego guided the car along a winding drive lined with palms she lowered the window to get a better look at the landscape.
The manicured lawn with lush tropical plants, planted just so, helped conceal the armed men she glimpsed as they passed.
Finally the house, mansion really, rose imposingly in front of them. This was one expensive piece of real estate, even by Miami’s standards.
Under Fire.
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Amazon B005CRQ57S

woolfcindy said...

From my WIP called Redeemed by a Rebel

Structures of every size lined the main street. Tents were thrown up in front of the buildings. The largest of the buildings were the Gem Theater, the Grand Hotel and the Bella Union. Weary miners could spend their hard earned gold on liquor, women and games of chance in the saloons and whorehouses of the Gem and the Bella Union. Places where they could remember easier, happier times when they were farmers, ranchers, lawyers and sailors. The people came from all walks of life, having given up or lost everything in the Panic of 1873.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Love reading these!

This is from my short novella set on Cyprus (first in series), The Aphrodite Touch by Romy Gemmell

Long buildings with arched entrances stood alongside either side of the courtyard, and an abundance of flowers and plants perfumed the air. The deep sense of peace was broken only by the sound of an occasional bird, or the far off bleating sheep or goat. They strolled out to a viewing spot on the terrace, awed by the view of the surrounding countryside from their high position. The road they had driven wound round the hillside like a narrow ribbon, and Carla knew it had taken some driving skill to negotiate it safely.
“Wow! It’s such a glorious island, isn’t it, Jamie?” She turned to him in delight.

Kaye Spencer said...

This six-sentence-scene is from my western romance (novella) 'The Comanchero's Bride', which is on my website as a complimentary pdf download. I'm reworking this story as a full-length novel and plan to Indie-publish it.

The H&h are on the run from the villain and are riding through a blizzard.

The fog turned to ice after midnight, hitting Mingo and Isabel with a horizontal driving wind, pounding stinging frozen crystals into their exposed flesh. Once coated with a layer of ice, however, it provided a shield against the wind seeping through their clothing. The horses bowed their heads and plodded doggedly into the suffocating onslaught. When ice turned to snow, Mingo stopped the horses and helped her dismount so she could walk around and warm-up. Isabel flapped her arms against her body and shook her hands vigorously. Mingo stamped his feet while he held his gloved hands over the horses’ nostrils to melt the frost building on their muzzles.

jean hart stewart said...

Scene from Unexpected Christmas, my Regency hottie due later in the month.

There in the snow he took her in his arms and kissed her with the passion that had been building for the last two days. Ever since she’d raised those glorious eyes. Greatcoats, capes, snow coating both their faces and hair, nothing could dim his kiss and her passionate response.
When he could breathe again he did not release his hold on her.
“Caro, do you know where this is going? I can’t promise to hold back tonight.”

Anna Markland said...

Opening from medieval romance Haunted Knights.

“At my birth, the midwife believed it her sacred duty to murder me.”
Standing proudly in the gallery of Belisle Castle—the only home he had ever known—Denis de Sancerre paused in his oft told tale, enjoying the warmth of the flames from the hearty fire at his back. The heat chased away the early spring chill creeping into his aching bones.
Eyeing the familiar banners wafting in the warmed air in the rafters, he adopted his usual story telling stance—hands on hips, legs braced—and took a moment to relish the predictable open mouthed stares. The faces of his listeners and almost imperceptible nods unwittingly betrayed their understanding of the midwife’s intentions. He always wondered who among his rapt audiences would have led the mob gathered to dispatch him to Hell.

Unknown said...

Excerpt from Boom! Listen to Your Heart
Jessie had never perspired so much, but she was proud of herself for rebuffing Atherton. With trembling hands, she peeled off her swimsuit and stood under the shower. She crossed her arms over her breasts, clutching her upper arms as lukewarm water cascaded over her, not caring if it got any hotter.
What a ridiculous reaction to a bug! Drawing attention to herself—something she avoided like the plague. And of all people to bump into—Gary’s jerk of a brother, Mr. Too Tall and Handsome, especially with his hair wet.

Lighthearted romantic suspense. Two neophytes explore the world of kink.

Vijaya Schartz said...

Ariela's throat tightened and she choked on unshed tears. Her high boots hammered the cobblestone of the narrow street of the Citadel, and her scabbard clicked against the metal hooks of her black leather uniform as she strode resolutely toward the Palace of Princes. She glanced right and left for signs of trouble among the bewildered mourners flocking to the last viewing. Even on a glorious spring day, anything could happen in such volatile circumstances.
Hellion, who loped silently at her side, bumped a thick, furry head against Ariela's hip. The lioness always picked up on her mood.

From Blue Lioness by Vijaya Schartz

M.C. Hana said...

Whenever the winds lifted from a street-level garden, Moro smelled rain and autumn leaves. Five hundred feet up, the float-cycle zipped along the aerial artery’s highest reaches, leaving behind the slower trains and cargo barges below. The dark buildings soared into a foggy pink glow another thousand feet above, hiding their upper stories. The vehicle’s extended windscreen kept the worst of the chill away as Moro huddled behind Val.

Val was gloveless and unmasked, upper body wrapped in his ruined coat and a white cellulose fabric robe from the auto-room. His hair kissed Moro’s exposed face whenever Moro pulled away to look at the passing city.

From Moro's Price, by M.C. Hana said...

Boy, these are all superb examples of the artistry of scene setting. Kudos to all of you. I loved reading these posts.

Kelley Heckart said...

This is from Daughter of Night, my ancient Greek fantasy.

On the hillsides brimming with herbs, shrubs and trees, small villages sat nestled in the maze of prosperous olive groves and vineyards. Majestic mountains filled the horizon in the distance, the tops still capped in white. In the hot valley, a patchwork of freshly plowed wheat fields waited for the precious seeds to fill the earth’s womb. Her followers that had survived the earthquake and Mycenaean invasion had fled to the hills where they continued to prosper under Her guidance.

Thanks for letting us share out settings.

Rose Anderson said...

I second that. Great stuff, people!

Anonymous said...

This is a small scene from My Mr. Manny by Jennifer Garcia

The restaurant was beautiful, set right on the beach near Diamond Head. They had outdoor seating surrounded by billowing palm trees and a perfect view of the sunset. The sky turned different shades of purple, orange, and pink that reflected on the ocean. The lights from the restaurant lit the greenery that framed the balcony, and shadows played on the sand that looked as dark as dirt. We were engulfed in the most romantic setting. Sitting at a small table for two next to the railing, we had the ideal view of it all.

Unknown said...

From Christmas Spirits by Gemma Juliana
Location: Winterthorne Castle, Ireland

Since his beloved had died, Khazan could have sworn he’d stopped living too.

Outside, the winter sky goddess made an offering to the land as she cast a white glittering blanket over the earth. Silent flakes clung to the Gothic window panes with relentless tenacity. The world beyond the granite castle walls was pristine white, a scene frozen in time.

The old grandfather clock in the hallway provided the only constant sound, its rhythmic tick-tock, and swaying pendulum entangled in an endless dance. It echoed through the rooms like a human heartbeat instead of a time mechanism.

Amazon link:

Toni V.S. said...

“If only I’d been allowed to wed your mother.” Even now, twenty-five years later, it was still François’s bitter regret he hadn’t rebelled when he was forbidden to marry Axel’s mother because she was a Nord, and therefore, One of the Enemy.

He seen the beautiful copper-haired girl at a Nordish fair, during one of those longed-for cease-fires, and she’d spied him at the same time. Neither had known the other’s identity but when they learned he was the Purdhan vicomte-palatine’s son and she was a Norden noble’s daughter, it hadn’t mattered. They met, they loved, she got with child…but when Frans declared his intention to make Claudia Wulfsdotter his bride, both his father and the Triad of Counselors forbade it. As a result, the son of whom he was so proud, the one who should’ve been his heir, was a bastard.

From My Lord Ax (Lovers of Leonesse Book 2)

Tony-Paul said...

Once again a futile battle of death and destruction had been fought. In one of the valleys deep within the Carpathians, where no mortal dared set foot, vampire sovereignty was challenged...and the challenger now lay strangling in his own blood.

This time, it was Vladislaus Chemare daring to raise his hand to his liege-lord. Like those before him, Vlad tasted the bitter blood of defeat.

Instead of high-held victory banners, the broken wings and twisted bodies of Vlad’s followers littered the plain. Instead of feasting as conquerors, they disappeared in the conflagration of Walpurgis’ blue flames erupting from the earth as unholy and tainted blood soaked into it.

From The Last Vampire Standing