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Saturday, November 2, 2013

EQ Welcomes Jill Blair!

The EQ Blog Welcomes Author Jill Blair!

EQ:  Welcome to EQ, Jill! Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Jill: One wouldn’t know it from my day job as a petroleum chemist and measurement specialist, but I’ve been writing stories since I can remember. As a child, I wrote and illustrated stories on paper towels and watched as my mother stapled the sheets together into books. As a teenager, I wrote short anecdotal stories and sent them off with great hope to Reader’s Digest. The fact that RD never published any of them didn’t tarnish my enthusiasm. 

I turned to writing romance in my twenties. Marriage and children filled my days with wonderful adventures and put writing on hold for a while. Thanks to the love and support of my real life hero, my husband, writing and publishing romance stories are the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

EQ:   What are your top three guilty pleasures? 

Jill: Dark chocolate covered strawberries. 
         Dark chocolate chocolate-chip brownies. 
         Dark Chocolate hot fudge. 
         Did I mention dark chocolate? 
         Oh…and rum. 

EQ:  Describe how you came up with the plot of your novel. 

Jill:    My stories start with a single real-life experience and from that one event, the characters find life and the story builds.  For The Depth of Desire, I started with the wonder I felt the first time I scuba dived in Cozumel.  I began writing that experience and then it became Sarah’s eyes that saw the clear blue water and felt the warmth flow over her skin. For Early Surrender, the event was the first time my father played blackjack with me in Las Vegas.

EQ:  What kinds of female characters do you prefer to write? 

Jill:   I prefer to write female characters who begin the story with the perception they built emotional strength through a painful event in their past only to discover true personal strength by choosing to trust another with their love. 

EQ:   Tell us a little bit about your most recent release. 

Jill: Early Surrender is my third steamy romance novel.  The story begins with Jacelyn Montgomery-Allison returning to Las Vegas for a week, the city in which she once lived and continues to love, to draw strength in preparation for her upcoming divorce.  Her world is unexpectedly shaken when she reunites with her first love, the man whose callous treatment changed the entire path of her life eleven years earlier.

Books by Jill Blair: 
Early Surrender 
The Depth of Desire 
The 30-Day Gamble
Find out more about Jill Blair:


Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Jill. I think the best stories come from some real life, personal inspiration. In your latest book, the premise of meeting an old love is fascinating. A second chance?

Good interview. ;-)

Rose Anderson said...

I enjoyed your interview Jill, I'm picturing those paper towel books and I'll bet the RD would consider you now! Thanks for joining us today.

Brenna Chase said...

Great interview! First loves stories are always interesting to read. Good luck with your new release!

Kaye Spencer said...

"...writing and publishing romance stories are the fulfillment of a lifelong dream." Your statement resonated with me because I feel the same way. ;-) And dark chocolate is a fabulous guilty pleasure.