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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Author Interview: W.M. Kirkland

Exquisite Quills Welcomes W.M. Kirkland

EQ: Welcome to EQ! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

W.M.: I currently live in the Midwest with my partner. I love to combine my interests in science fiction, fantasy, and research with writing erotic romance featuring gay male characters.

EQ: What are your top three guilty pleasures?
W.M.: Ice cream, Bad science fiction movies, Cheesy sports films like Bring It On.

EQ: Describe how you create characters.
W.M.: I usually have characters come to me and say “write my story.” Generally there’s something about them. For example, in Reenacting, Micah’s character came fully formed and I knew the challenges he’d face with Dixon. While writing the novel, Jaime, a supporting character, started telling me about his past relationship, and Country Fried Love came to life.

EQ: Describe how you came up with the plot of your novel.
W.M.: The characters pretty much tell me where to go and what to do. One of the joys of having fully realized characters is that they are pretty independent. I quit using outlines a long time ago because the characters usually blew them up anyway.

EQ: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.
W.M.: Country Fried Love is the sequel to Reenacting, though each novel stands alone. In it, Jaime goes to Iowa for his best friend Micah’s wedding (since Missouri, where Reenacting is set, doesn’t recognize gay marriage). He finds that his past lover, who he left for being too closeted, is now a drag star at a local club. This has Jaime reexamining his life and goals, and when he’s offered an opportunity he’s always wanted, he needs to choose between the bright lights and big city of his work in Denver or deciding on the country life.

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Jane Leopold Quinn said...

It's amazing how "real" characters are. You start talking about them to non-writers and they think we're nuts. It's a good nuts, though. And it's interesting that Micah gets married in Iowa. I was born and raised in Iowa and I still can't believe the state went gay marriage. I was so proud of them.

Kaye Spencer said...

"I quit using outlines a long time ago because the characters usually blew them up anyway." <<--- True, so true. Outlining or even doing much plotting doesn't generally work for me, either. I write scenes and weave them together as I go. And your guilty pleasure of watching bad science fiction movies made me smile, because I like to watch "B" horror movies--anything with Vincent Price. ;-)