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Friday, December 6, 2013

New Release: In Their Hearts

New Release: Two Masters for Samantha 2: In Their Hearts (Awakenings 7)

I'm happy to announce that Two Masters for Samantha 2: In Their Hearts is available for sale at For those who want Kindle/Nook formats, BookStrand can take care of you! They can even send it to your Kindle.

Ever since Two Masters for Samantha came out, I've received countless emails asking for an update. Do they last? Does Samantha put up with Lex and Stef calling all the shots in their relationship forever? No, she doesn't. In Their Hearts explores what happens when a submissive stands up for what she wants, forcing the twin Doms who love her to prove there is nothing more important to them than her love and happiness.

Here's the blurb:

Focused on work, Alexei and Stefano  forget about Samantha’s biggest art show.  She’s tired of coming in second on their priority list, so she moves to the island resort they bought for her and invites them to follow.

It’s not feasible for Lex and Stef to run Morozov Industries from a tropical island, but they recognize the wake-up call Samantha has delivered. They take some time off, fly to Sanctuary, and spend a glorious week giving their submissive the attention she deserves. Samantha is in heaven as she explores pony play with Lex and salsa dancing with Stef, and she's learning to balance her growing popularity as an artist and her responsibilities as a quarter-owner of her new resort--Sanctuary.

When Lex receives some surprising health news, it forces the brothers to make some hard decisions. Will Samantha’s bliss last? 

In Their Hearts will be available through Amazon in January 2014 and through Barnes and Noble sometime later.

Find out more about Michele Zurlo and the Awakenings series at


Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Congratulations, Michele, on this release. And that's a wonderful cover!

Rose Anderson said...

Big congrats for your newest. I wish you great success with it.

D. Ryan said...

Thanks Jane and Rose!