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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Author Interview: Victoria Adams

Exquisite Quills Welcomes Victoria Adams!

EQ: Welcome to EQ! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Victoria: Hi, I'm Victoria Adams. Is that enough about me? No? Okay, I'm Canadian. Happily married. Daughter is grown and has moved out. I love to cook and to garden. People slow down when they pass my house. The flowers can be spectacular.

EQ: Tell us a little bit about your most recent release.

Victoria: My final release, Circles Divided, was book 2 of Circles Trilogy. But a trilogy has 3, you say. Well, when I started it wasn't going to be a Trilogy. I published what turned out to be the final book then wrote the prequel. Critique partner suggested dividing the prequel into 2 so suddenly I had a trilogy. Confused? Yea, so am I. 

EQ: What are your top three guilty pleasures?

Victoria: Chocolate. Chocolate and chocolate.
 Oh, they have to be different guilty pleasures. Ok, eating chocolate. Reading a murder mystery and eating chocolate. Watching old movies and eating chocolate.

EQ: Describe how you create characters.

Victoria: Robert is based on Van. Van is the "cool guy" I sat behind in English class. He had that innate alpha male quality. Julie is fictional, but made up of parts of classmates from my years in ballet class. Plus, I took my years of teaching high school and what I learned from watching and listening to the teenagers I taught and rolled it all up into the characters in the book.

EQ: What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your writing?

Victoria: I write the way I want to. I ignore the rules of romance and I fight the constrictions. I write in omni and if I want it to be an unhappy ending – it is. I have read – a lot. I own every Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dorothy L Sayers, Rex Stout, P.G. Wodehouse and others. If all of those authors wrote (at some point) in omni and head hopped etc then just because there was an invisible line drawn in the writing sand in the 1990's that said – No more! This shall not be – is not going to stop me.

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D. Ryan said...

Welcome to EQ, Victoria. I like that you stick to your guns and write in omni POV. I grew up on stories written like that. I am a fan of first person, and I've decided to write the way I want from here on out. Nice post!
Michele Z.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I too appreciate your writing the way you want to. I think we all grew up with that Omni POV (didn't know what it was called) but then the "rules" changed. As a reader I don't really care as long as the story is good and I like the characters. And welcome, Victoria, to Interview Day at EQ!

Victoria Adams said...

Thanks for letting me visit today.

Victoria Adams said...

I grew up on omni stories too. Stick to your guns, write away in first - if that's what your muse tells you do then go for it. Don't let others try to change your writing.

Victoria Adams said...

Exactly - readers don't know about POV - omni - first person limited etc - they know they liked the book the read.

Rose Anderson said...

I agree! Enjoyable interview, Victoria. Thanks for joining us today. Best luck. :)

Victoria Adams said...

Thank you.

Serena Fairfax said...

Hi Victoria. Interesting interview.Glad to hear you write omni as I 've always done that.

Victoria Adams said...

Yay, I thought I was alone in writing omni.

Gemma Juliana said...

You are so right, Victoria. I've found the "rules" of the past two decades very restricting. There's nothing wrong with rules, so much as the fact you are expected not to break them. I love Omni - I'm another who wasn't familiar with that name - and am going to give myself permission to write that way and see how it turns out. Best of luck to you!