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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tickle Us Tuesday!

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that will bring a smile, incite a giggle, or
make us laugh out loud. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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bettye griffin said...

From SECRETS & SINS, a family saga by Bettye Griffin:
“Do you know the Paces, Mama?”
“I know *of* them. One of my friends from high school used to date one of them.” Julia sought to change the subject. “So tell me, does this young man work in the family business?”
Robin nodded.
“Wait a minute,” Faye said through the beginnings of full-blown laughter. “This guy you’re so looking forward to seeing at your reunion. He’s an *undertake*r?”
“Yes…what’s wrong with that?”
Blood rushed to Faye’s brown face, making her complexion brighter, and she dissolved into uncontrollable mirth that shook her entire body. “What’s wrong with that? Come on, Robin. It’s bad enough to see dead people, but this man *touches* them. If you don’t care where your man’s hands have been, you might as well start dating a gynecologist. They make a lot more money.” She laughed once more.
Julia, momentarily forgetting her dilemma, joined her, then, seeing Robin’s distress, gestured for Faye to stop as she struggled to regain composure. “Robin, we don’t mean to laugh.”
“No, we don’t,” Faye said through one last giggle. She cleared her throat. “We really don’t,” she repeated, this time sounding more convincing.
“There’s nothing wrong with making a living by burying people,” Robin said indignantly. “It’s a decent, honest living. Besides, before you call someone else’s profession disgusting, Faye, maybe you should look at your own. You spend all day treating skin ulcers and wounds. Is Godfrey ever reluctant to touch you because of where *your* hands have been?”

ML Skye said...

Today, I'm sharing a humorous exchange from Boyfriend's Brother, my newest release from Silver Publishing.


Jason shook her hand away. "It also capped off the evening's entertainment for Marc. He gets a lap dance and has fun watching me make an ass out of myself."

Chloe sighed. "I went along with it. If you're mad at him, you should be mad at me, too."

Of course, she'd gone along with it.

Oddly disappointed, Jason skirted the issue. "Why are you here?"

Chloe smiled. "To apologize. Marc and I get carried away sometimes in the name of so-called fun. Occasionally, someone gets hurt. I'm not proud of that fact."

Jason didn't accept or reject her apology. Instead, he asked a question. "Okay, tell me this. Was the lap dance your idea, or did Marc put you up to it?"

Chloe pondered a moment. "He thought it would be amusing to see the look on your face." She grimaced. "I kinda agreed."

Jason blew out a heavy breath. "Well, that's just great. You two are perfect for each other." The light finally turned green, and Jace stepped toward the curb.

He couldn't wait to get the hell back to base.

Chloe's strong grip stopped him. "Look, it was a shitty thing to do." She let go of his arm. "Let's start over. Come to dinner tomorrow." She shrugged. "I can't cook for crap, but I know the best takeout places in town."

Jason didn't know if it would be a good idea to spend time with Marc right then, but he found himself relenting and accepting her invitation. "I like spicy ethnic foods."

Chloe's laughter rang out. "The kind Marc hates. Good choice. Stop by around seven. You know the address, right?"

Jason nodded and stepped onto the crosswalk.

Chloe lifted her hand in farewell and turned to head back to the club.


I hope you enjoyed.

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Silver Publishing




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Thank you for reading.

ML Skye said...

Loved the sharp, crackling dialog! Nicely done.

Rosemary Morris said...

Exttract from Tangled Love
Rosemary Morris

Tangled Love is set in England in Queen Anne Stuart’s reign: 1702-1714

Before Viscount Chesney or Richelda could say anything else, her mongrel dog, tugging the dishevelled footman, bounded into the room. Her dog flung himself at her with such force that only Chesney’s steadying hand prevented her from falling.
“Down sir!” Chesney ordered.
Puck, his energy undiminished after his walk, obeyed, barked and again leapt up at Richelda.
“Sit!” Chesney commanded. The mongrel sat and eyed Chesney adoringly.
Richelda stooped to stroke her pet’s shaggy head. “He likes you.”
‘I am flattered,’ Chesney drawled, to mask his disappointment over her earlier refusal to marry him.
“Did the nice man take you for a nice walk?” Richelda cooed.
“For the first and last time,” Roberts stated glancing rebelliously at his master.
“Were you horrid?” she murmured to Puck.
“Horrid is not the right word, my lady.” Roberts looked at Puck disdainfully. “Your dog stole a joint from a butcher and-”
She laughed. “Did you not keep him on a tight leash?”
Roberts’s face purpled. “That animal refused to stay on a tight leash. He dragged me round the park chasing after every dog he saw and-”
She stood straight. “You should have controlled him.”
“That is all, Roberts,” Chesney intervened. “And Roberts-”
The man tugged his waistcoat into place and pulled down his coat sleeves. “Yes, my lord.”
“Employ a lackey to care for the hound.” Chesney eyed Puck with suspicion. “A strong lackey.”
“Yes, I shall, thank you, my lord.”
Roberts straightened his tousled wig before he went to see who had knocked on the outer door of Chesney’s lodgings.

Tangled Love is available from: MuseItUp Publishing – Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Smashwords – Omnlit – Coffeetime Romance and elsewhere.

Margaret Fieland said...

From Relocated, the first Aleyne novel:

What followed looked a lot like what little I remembered about Korean martial arts.

“Here,” Shaffa said, “You stand like this. You move arms like this.”

Shaffa demonstrated a series of straight arm thrusts as he stepped from one foot to the other.

“I demonstrated the first form. Now you try.”

“I can't do those moves.”

Shaffa shook his head “It’s not a case of strength, it’s about leverage. Go on, try it.”

I tried my best to imitate Shaffa, but it wasn’t as easy as it appeared, and an hour went by

until Shaffa, satisfied, showed me the next, a form where you grabbed the opponent’s arm and

throw him to the ground. First he threw me, and then Darus, to the ground, and then Darus threw

him. Afterward he made me try. By the time Ardaval called a halt my body felt like a punching


Ardaval sent us off to the bathing room to clean up. Shaffa and Darus stripped and rinsed off

by pouring water over themselves, and climbed into the hot pool.

I hesitated. After about a minute, I stripped, rinsed off, and stood a moment, hesitating, on

the edge. Darus stared at me and I stared back.

“Something the matter?” I asked when Darus didn’t turn away. “Do I look weird?”

Darus shook his head. “No, you don’t.” His voice sounded surprised.

I shrugged and slipped into the warm water. “What did you expect to see?”

Darus said, “Terrans have hair under their arms and around their–you know, down there.”

Even with Darus' dark skin, I could see he'd turned red.

“Are you sure? My dad doesn't.”

Shaffa said. “Maybe you're too young.”

“And maybe you two are wrong.” I might have continued arguing, but Shaffa grabbed my

leg and pulled me under and started a water fight, and I forgot it.

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Amber Leigh Williams said...

Excerpt from A PLACE WITH BRIAR by Amber Leigh Williams a, Harlequin Superromance novel
April 2014
(4 Stars from RT BOOK REVIEWS):

“There’s something you need to know….”

Cole’s lips curved as he turned back to the bike. “I know.”

“You do?” Briar asked, sounding astounded.

“You’ve never ridden a bike before.”

“Is it that obvious?” she asked, rubbing her palms on her jeans.

“A little,” he said wryly. “Just lean with me into the turns. And hold on.”

Hell, if he didn’t coax her on now, she’d probably run for her life. And while that might have been better for the both of them under the circumstances, he found himself jerking his thumb behind him, motioning for her to get on.

After a brief pause, Briar dropped down her visor and stepped to the bike. Gripping his offered hand for balance, she climbed on behind him and placed her feet on the small passenger pegs.

Just this once, he was going to give Briar Browning the ride of her life. God help them both.