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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tickle Us Tuesday!

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that will bring a smile, incite a giggle, or
make us laugh out loud. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Jeanine said...

By Jeanine McAdam

Can a concussion prone bull rider find love with a pregnant neuroscientist? Maybe, but it would be much easier if she wasn’t pregnant with someone else’s baby.


“Mr. Bodner,” Caleb Cooper replied with a raspy voice. The shiner on his forehead was folding into a pinkish crease. “I don’t want to go to the hospital,” he shifted his shoulders as he glanced a bloodshot eye at Carrie. “I’m fine, absolutely fine.”

“You remember that concussion study the Rodeo Association signed up for with Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City last month?” Bodner asked.

Caleb looked confused. “I’m not sure—” His eyes shifted to Carrie again. Then Cord McCoy cried out on the other side of the room because they were lifting him onto a gurney, but Cooper didn’t look. He continued to stare at Carrie.

“We did an article about it in ‘Bull Rider’s Weekly’” Bret continued. He smiled at Carrie. “Miss Wong’s here for the summer to do a field study.”

“It’s Wang,” Carrie said. Besides screwing up her name, 
Mr. Bodner was doing a lousy job describing her work.

Before she had a chance to explain in less clinical terms, Caleb asked, “Like we’re rats in a cage or something?” He reached for that beer on the medical tray table.

“No,” Carrie said. “I’m here to help make your sport safer.” She intentionally used the word sport because many of the cowboys were sensitive about the fact they made less money than other professional athletics. Plus, there were always questions about how tough it was to sit on a bull for eight seconds.

“I really appreciate the offer,” Caleb continued, “but I don’t need help. I just need to get cleared by this doctor so that I can ride again.” He opened the can. The foam flowed down the sides and he licked off his fingers.

“Well, that’s the thing,” Bret started. “Dr. Evans...” He nodded towards the man. “Is leaving the circuit. We’ll hire a nurse in each of the rodeo towns to manage stitches, broken bones, and Miss Wo--”

“Please call me Carrie.”


Charmaine Gordon said...

Dr.D and the Dad written by Charmaine Gordon
The pediatric clinic closed at five o’clock. The staff hurried out calling to one another, “Meet you at Island Grill at nine. Don’t be late. A new hot band is playing tonight.” They were in their twenties through thirties. Everyone looked for companionship on Friday night and a whole lot more to follow on Saturday night, the loneliest night of the week for Diane O’ Rourke. I shrugged and locked up. Driving the mile home I wondered how to enhance my status. Online dating didn’t appeal to me. Was I destined to live life with a cat, as a healer of other people’s children, and no sex? Shit! A dim prospect and I’d have to do something before I got another day older. But what? The singles column in the Jacksonville News was awful. Men liked younger women, that’s a fact. Join a health club, yoga, weight watchers. Might be the answer. My patient’s parents would love to see a new improved me. I sure didn’t want to join some women’s group going to movies and events all over Florida including the Keys.
My cat waited for me. Something tasty like chocolate must be in the freezer. My home, my cat, and was that all? I wondered.
Nights are long in February, long and chilly with the ocean blowing heavy winds. I thought about building a fire and got over it. Too much effort. My unfaithful companion, a six year old orange striped cat named Tiger snaked around my ankles until a can of cat food was emptied into his bowl and he forgot about me. My new doctor’s jacket size 16 felt a bit snug when I finally removed it. What the hell? Must be a different brand. The colorful mumu I slipped over my head allowed me to breathe. Now for dinner.
The male husky voice from the beach, from the shower fantasy, called from the screen door at the back.
“Diane, it’s Tony from the beach this morning. I stopped by to see if you’re all right.”
Tony from the beach? “Tony, I just came home, feeling fine and wondering what to make for dinner.” I hurried to the screen door and let him into my life.
He filled the living room with his maleness and unfriendly Tiger sniffed around Tony’s feet and decided Tony would be his new best friend. All that testosterone in my little old house overwhelmed me. Tony, it turned out, was a toucher. His fingers picked up artifacts I’d collected from the beach for years and placed on shelves I’d sanded and painted early on. At first watching him invade my privacy, gave me an odd sensation but he’d turn to me, smile and ask questions. A take-charge man. Alpha male with kindness in every pore, I guessed. He had a lot of energy after a long day at work. Another thought I brushed away watching him in action.
Available in all ebook formats

Piper Denna said...

Thanks for the opportunity, and to the readers, thanks for coming by.

From Ripe for Trouble, by Autumn Piper:

“Get me some fries to go with that shake, right?” Ridley Tucker elbowed his buddy Miguel and indicated the hot specimen helping some little kid load a big pumpkin into a wagon.
Miguel whistled. “Damn. All those curves, and me with no brakes.”
No kidding. The last time he’d seen a chick rock denim overalls must’ve been Daisy Duke. The long, long braid almost down to her waist should’ve been boring, but he’d like to undo it and run his fingers through that hair.
“Hey bro, go over and introduce yourself. Put an end to the dry spell, huh?” Miguel gave him a shove in her direction.
Speaking of dry spells… “Where’d RJ go?” Ridley scanned the area and found his tow-headed three-year-old squatting in front of a tiny pumpkin, running his little hand over it the same way he petted the kittens in back of the shop at home.
“I’ll keep him company. Go make your move.”
“Right. Like, what am I supposed to say?” He was a little rusty. Make that a lot rusty. Single dad-dom had a way of slowing down even the smoothest players.
Miguel shrugged. “How ’bout, What are you doing tonight? Besides me.”
“Too crude, unless I’m looking to get slapped.” He lowered his voice to its deepest. “Hey baby, you got something on your butt. My eyes.”
Miguel cracked up, but then immediately went sober. “Ah…” He pointed over Ridley’s shoulder.
“She’s behind me, isn’t she?” Of course she was.
“Think lil RJ needs me.” Miguel turned tail and hurried over to help with the midget pumpkin.
So this was what life looked like from under the bus.
Ridley cleared his throat and turned to face the pumpkin patch goddess.
Her hands were on her hips, her eyes narrowed. “You!”

ML Skye said...

Today, I'm sharing a humorous interaction from Creative Ink, episode one from the Black Unicorn Comics universe, coming this summer by my alter ego, Skylin O'Thomas.


Lucy Sanderson sat in front of the monitor, eyes riveted to the screen.

So into the material, she almost missed seeing Brian Wells enter the office. She finished reading the page just as he settled into his seat across from her, a mug of hot coffee in his hand.

Lucy cocked her head sideways. "So…" She drew the word out. "Where do you get the shit in your head?" She fought back a smile when his confused eyes flew to hers over the top of the cup. "I mean does it just exist there waiting to come pouring out, or do you have to work at creating it?" She purposefully waited until he had a mouthful of coffee before she added. "Or does wanting me to be half naked all the time inspire you?"

To his credit, Brian choked down most of the hot liquid, managing to keep the bit that did spew out to a minimum. "Dammit, Lucy. You hacked my password again, didn't you?" He grabbed a napkin to wipe his chin.

Lucy gave him a cheeky grin. "I keep telling you to make it harder. Altering your birth date by a few days is too easy." She picked up her mug of coffee and took a drink.

Brian mumbled something she couldn't quite make out—probably a threat for payback. But she called him on the password thing all the time.

"If I make it too hard, I won't remember the bloody thing."

Lucy chuckled gleefully. Brian never failed to entertain her, and his British accent came out in full force when he got riled about something. Two of the many things she loved about him.


I hope you enjoyed. Release date should be sometime in June.

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Thank you for reading.

Mindy Klasky said...

From PERFECT PITCH by Mindy Klasky
Read more snippets:

Bill played along. “Then it must be particularly galling for you to face the criticism of one of North Carolina’s greatest heroes. I’m speaking, of course, about the Rockets’ hottest pitcher, DJ Thomas, who threw a perfect game Friday night.” The journalist looked at his notes, even though Sam was certain he had the line memorized. “‘It’s sort of like thinking you’re going out on a date with Miss America and getting stuck with the Summer Queen instead.’ That had to sting.”

Sam let herself relax back in her chair, just a fraction of an inch. She focused on spreading her smile to the corners of her eyes. “I think Mr. Thomas was just a little overwhelmed by the excitement of the moment.”

“Your feelings weren’t hurt by his phrasing?”

Sam found the camera with perfect accuracy. “I know I could throw a baseball across the plate. The question is, could DJ Thomas ever manage high heels, a long dress, and the runway at the Summer Fair?”

Rosemary Morris said...

Abridged Extract from Tangled Love

Tangled Love is set in England in Queen Anne Stuart’s reign: 1702-1714

Rosemary Morris

(Note. The heroine, pretending to be a servant, armed with a pistol to protect any assault on her virtue, has mistaken Alban Viscount Chesney for the tax inspector. Chesney has seen through her disguise. Bellemont is the name of the heroine’s estate.)

The coach bumped violently over a deep rut. The hood slipped from the girl’s head. Chesney braced his feet. In spite of a jolt which threw her across the coach she managed to clutch the pistol with one hand….
Chesney shuddered. The pistol pointed down toward his genitals. He quailed for a split second before he grasped her slender wrist hard enough to release the weapon, which slipped from her grasp. He put his foot on it. ‘Odds fish, you are a minx. Be grateful to me for not summoning the constable,’ he teased.
The coach drew to a halt. Chesney flicked open his gold snuffbox. He feigned interest in its contents before he grinned. ‘Perchance we will meet at Bellemont,’ he said in a smooth voice.
‘Bellemont! Why are you going to Bellemont?’…
‘I am not obliged to explain my reason to you but I assure you it is a good one. Words fail you. I am not surprised.’ He smiled. ‘Forgive me. Although I am sorry to witness your distress, I must take my leave.’
An outrider let the steps down for his bold but delectable companion.
‘You forgot something.’
‘What?’ she asked her voice sharp as the silken hiss of sword blade against sword blade.
‘Your pistol.’ With an exaggerated flourish, he handed it to her. ‘If you wish to vent your spleen, shoot me, but I fear such an extreme measure will not help your mistress.’
‘Will you help her?’
‘Alas! I am unable to reduce her taxes for I am not Lord Greaves.’
‘Why did you not confess earlier?’ Her eyes darkened like sky before a storm. ‘You are not a gentleman,’
‘Oh, I am a gentleman but I am certain you are not a servant.’
‘If you are not Lord Greaves, who are you?’
Chesney chuckled. He did not reply.

Tangled Love is available from: MuseItUp Publishing – Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Smashwords – Omnlit – Coffeetime Romance and elsewhere.

Margo Bond Collins said...
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Anonymous said...

This is from "Immortal Relations" 1st in the Immortal Relations Series (three books now published). This is where Gary has expressed his love for Magdalena even knowing she was his own father's paramour immediately after WW-II and that she was now a vampire. *Magdalena has thought "How could he know I'm a vampire?*

You have strength that surpasses the strongest weight lifter, but wield it with total gentleness. You smell of sugar & cinnamon and are the most kind, considerate and lovely companion I could dream of and you’ve captivated my heart in the time I’ve been with you. Your hands and lips are cold like stone, yet you move with grace and fluidity of motion and your touch sends electrical shocks through me I want to last forever! You ask me how I could know; how could I NOT know! *There is no doubt in my mind that she is a vampire, but I don't care - I love her*
You recognize I used the term immortal, I hope you realize I do so, not out of fear of the word vampire, but because I wanted to state my feelings before I asked you to explain how you became a vampire, since I believe when you knew my father you were fully human! And yes, I realized you are in fact "the great aunt" you described to me. I knew it because of the way you expressed "her" love for him and the catch in your voice when you spoke of him. I went down on one knee looking up to say, “We’ve been together for less than two days, yet I feel I’ve known you all my life! If you’ll allow me, I’ll spend forever with you any way I can; I prefer as your companion, but if not, I pledge you my blood if you need it. I want you to understand, my statement of love is unequivocal, I want to be with you any way you’ll have me…I want to be forever yours!”