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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tickle Us Tuesday!

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that will bring a smile, incite a giggle, or
make us laugh out loud. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Anne Stenhouse said...

Hullo rose, thanks once more for the chance to share a snippet. I've chose a tiny bit from Bella's Betrothal where Chares's sister makes a discovery.
Bella's Betrothal Anne Stenhouse Many online stores. Here's Omnilit:
“And what, brother? Is she as pretty as Jenny says? What were her clothes like? How I have longed for her to be here. It is all very well to study garments in the journals but to see someone wearing a dress that was in a London salon last week. Oh, Charles, say something.”
“Why, I think she was wearing an orange dress.”
“Charles! An orange dress does not answer. Was it silk or wool?”
“I cannot say that I pay very much attention to these things although given the bills Mama asks me to sign off, perhaps I should pay a little more. She is not what I would call pretty, but she has an interesting and intelligent face. She is an inch or two taller than Mrs. Menzies and her hair is every bit as violently red. She is pale skinned, as one would expect of someone with such hair, and she has sapphire blue eyes.”
“Well,” Florence said quietly, “you have noticed a wee thing here and there.”
Charles looked at his sister and was startled by the speculative glance she was directing at him. Had he given rise to that?

I blog at Novels Now:

Jan Hudson said...

ONE TOUGH TEXAN (Women on the Run Book 2) by JAN HUDSON opening:

The last thing Need Chisholm expected to see when he looked up from his beer was a naked lady. But there she stood in the doorway of the Ace in the Hole Saloon, backlit by the afternoon sun, a glowing nimbus outlining her considerable curves and long mane of tawny hair.
He wasn’t drunk enough yet to be seeing things, so he thumbed back his hat and squinted through his good eye. She was still there, looking as jumpy as a fox cornered in a henhouse as she scanned the room.
Need would have stood and tipped his hat like the proper gentleman his mama raised, but he figured that at the first sudden move, she’d cut and run.
“Nobody here but me,” he said. “Place is closed on Wednesdays, but come on in.”
Still skittish as a saddle-shy filly, she clomped a few steps closer. That’s when he noticed that she wasn’t quite naked. She wore a skimpy little string of what he supposed was the bottom of a beige bathing suit, a very small towel clutched over her breasts, and golf shoes that were at least five sizes too big.
“I–I need some help,” she said.
“Why? Lose your putter?”
She obviously didn’t see the humor in his question. The look she shot him could have welded his zipper shut. “I need to use the telephone.”

Author page:

Anne Stenhouse said...

Hi Jan, So glad to see you. My entry was looking a bit lonely. Love yours, intriguing. Anne Stenhouse

Marie Lavender said...

MAGICK & MOONLIGHT, a short paranormal romance.

“Is there a reason I found you naked out there? I mean, you lost your clothes somehow, right?”
The secret smile she gave him made his throat feel dry. “Do you want me to lie?”
“Of course not.”
“The ritual was best practiced in the nude. Skyclad rituals are very common, you know. The Goddess tells us, ‘You shall be free from all slavery, and as a sign that you be truly free, you shall be naked in your rights.’"
He lifted a brow. “Even if that were the case, you didn’t walk there naked, did you?”
“Didn’t I?”
Maybe she was crazy after all.
“I didn’t walk at all.”
He thought she might be saying that she was transported by magic. Yep, she was batty as hell. He was so not touching that one. He cleared his throat again.
A sharp cry startled him and instinctively, he reached forward and grabbed her when she started to fall. Unfortunately, she ended up right in his arms.
Or maybe it was fortunate after all. With her luscious lips so close, he could almost taste her. And her scent…dear God, she was intoxicating, like a mixture of night air and jasmine. “You all right?” he managed.
She nodded. “My foot caught on a rock, I think.”
“Is it bleeding?”
“My foot or the rock?” Her cheek dimpled.
He laughed. “Your foot, of course.”
“No, I don’t think so. It’s all right.”
“Good.” He realized his mistake immediately. Some strange instinct caused him to keep her close. Stepping back would be a crime and she was seductive. Knowing she was naked underneath his coat didn’t help anything. She was way too accessible. Heedless of the costs, he plunged a hand into the soft waves of her dark hair and lowered his mouth to hers.

Rose Gorham said...

From Within by Rose Gorham (Book 1 Mill Creek series)

It was apparent to Maggie that Miss Helen wasn’t in the know. She looked at Miss Emily, ready to ask her about the wine when the doorbell rang.
“I’ll get that,” Miss Helen said.
“Ah, lovely day…isn’t it,” Miss Emily said twisting the end of her apron.
“Maggie, look who’s here.”
When Logan walked into the room, Miss Emily shot out of her seat with remarkable agility for a woman her age, raised her hands high in the air, and cried out, “All right, I took the wine! Take me to jail, but Helen is innocent!”
There was a moment of stunned silence, then, “Whatever are you talking about, sister?” Miss Helen snapped. “And do put your hands down; you look ridiculous.”
“No, no, Miss Emily, Logan isn’t here to arrest you,” Maggie hurriedly assured the woman.
Miss Helen looked at her distraught twin. “Oh, Lord, what have you done, Emily?”
Miss Emily stood wringing her hands.
“Sister,” Miss Helen demanded impatiently.
“Oh, wait a minute…I’m trying to get my thoughts in order!”
“No you’re not…you’re trying to think your way out of this one. Now explain yourself.”
Logan threw Maggie a questioningly look. She patted his arm and mouthed, later.
Miss Emily sat back down on the sofa and eyed Logan. “You’re not here to arrest me?”
“Have you done something you should be arrested for?”
“Well…I guess you could say I took something that didn’t belong to me.”
“And what might that be?” he asked, taking her seriously.
Miss Emily turned to her sibling. “Sister, dear, I never did have a supplier for Angelina. I took the wine out of Sally’s wine cellar.”

Jill Blake said...

from Pursued by the Playboy

Jake doused his pancakes with more syrup. “You need to get over this obsession you have with Jerry Springer.”

“Haven’t you been listening?” Kate pushed aside her plate and leaned forward. “My father is about to become a dad again and a grandfather in the same year. No second parent for either child. And neither of us knows the first thing about babies.”

“What’s to know? You feed one end and wipe the other.”

“Thank you, Dr. Spock.”

“And besides, why do you assume you’ll both be single parents?”

“You haven’t met Tiffani.”

“No. But I’ve met Marc, and he strikes me as the kind of man who steps up to his responsibilities. Have you told him yet?”

Kate shook her head.

“Tell him. You’ll see, he’ll come through.”

“Maybe I don’t want him to ‘come through.’ This isn’t some damned problem that needs taking care of. I’m an adult. I’m responsible for my own behavior and any consequences that result.”

“Funny. Last I checked it takes two.”

ML Skye said...

Ack. Coming in right under the wire for this post.

Today, I'm sharing a humorous interaction from Bucking Convention, Book Two of Top Dog Pilots, coming this fall.


"Holy shit… did you get a look at that?" The pilot pursed his lips in a long, soundless whistle.

Max started to respond but Top Hat's next words stopped him.

"Damn, I wonder if she sleeps with fellow pilots. I'd snap that up and feast for days." He blew out a breath like the very thought had him hot and ready.

Max bristled, but didn't react. He'd spent years watching guys hit on Maggie. Same amount of time listening to their detailed wish lists, too. Not like he wasn't used to it, but it was different now.

He just hadn't figured out how to navigate this particular terrain without coming off like a possessive ass hat, while still making it clear that Maggie was off limits.

Top Hot dug himself deeper. "God, you think she'd wanna hook up with a primo pilot like me?"

And just how the hell should Cutter answer that?

Maggie took the matter out of his hands.

"Tell you what…" She leaned in close enough that Max could feel her breath on his ear. "If I ever get tired of the prime specimen sitting beside you, then and only then, can you ask that question."
Her tongue flicked out, catching Max's earlobe. "But I wouldn't hold your breath, 'kay."

With a chuckle, she sat back in her seat and focused her attention on the briefing, Top Hat had the grace to flush and mumble an apology. Max fought off a shudder from the tongue swipe and hunkered down in his seat, very satisfied at the outcome.


I hope you enjoyed. Release date should be sometime this fall.

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