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Monday, July 14, 2014

Wash Line Monday!

Our Monday meme shines a light on apparel. From Regency to Steampunk, and everything in between, we dress our characters to reflect the story we want to tell.

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are wearing. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Dianne Duvall said...

From IN STILL DARKNESS • July 29th * $1.99
(originally published in the Predatory anthology)

When Jenna opened her door shortly after sunset, Richart smiled and decided that he loved yoga pants and tank tops. The soft gray pants hugged full hips and slender thighs before falling in straight lines to a pair of sneakers. A white tank top clung to a narrow ribcage, miniscule waist, and breasts he thought would fit perfectly in the palms of his hands, which tightened around the handles of the shopping bags he carried.

“I took you at your word and stayed in my comfy clothes,” she said with a hesitant smile, stepping back and motioning for him to enter.

“I like your comfy clothes,” he professed, inhaling her sweet scent as he strode past into the small living room. Jenna plus a hint of the chocolate-raspberry soap she used. A delectable combination.

She had even worn her hair down. At work she usually pulled it back with clasps or ties or put it up in a ponytail. Tonight it fell freely in shining waves as red as the sky at sunset, tumbling across her shoulders and tempting him to comb his fingers through it.

Buy LInk:

Anonymous said...

He retrieved the clothes he’d piled on a chair and tossed her a red check flannel shirt. “You need to change. Keep your shirt on and pull this over it.”
She rose in one lithe movement and obeyed the terse order. On her even a man’s bush shirt looked classy. She glanced his way, dark grey eyes huge in her small face.
“Cover your hair.”
He tossed her the black beanie and she caught it, grimacing and giving him a quick, wary side-ways glance her lush lower lip caught between slightly crooked white teeth.
Why do I find that small imperfection so appealing?
“Have you a piece of string or a rubber band?”
“I’ll see what I can find.” Jace rummaged in a cupboard and held up a length of twine. “Will this do?”
She took it with another distasteful grimace, and with a few deft movements she secured her ash-blonde hair in a ponytail, pulled on the black beanie and pushed her hair up under it so it was hidden. “This okay?”
He grunted and handed her a well-worn bush jacket in a checked pattern of mustard, brown and green. God, she even made that ugly jacket look good.
“My coat?” Ashlyn gave him a haughty glance.
“It’s in my backpack.” He picked up her hand made Italian leather boots. “These will have to do even if they’re a little bit too classy for a Kiwi farmhand.”
He suppressed a grin. The Italian designer would no doubt weep in his wine if he knew where these boots were headed next.
Her lips tightened and grey eyes flashed. Was the society princess about to baulk? The cynical though barely registered when she shrugged, turned away and pulled on the boots.

Buy Link:

E. Ayers said...

This is from my soon to be released River City Novel, Campaign.
Ryn's best friend is a super model.

Ryn had learned that the days were warm, but as the sun fell, so did the temperature. She chose a comfortable pants outfit that she could wear to dinner. The matching embroidered jacket wouldn’t be needed until later. A simple change of shoes and some added makeup would be sufficient for dinner at the hotel. She put everything in a small tote, left Brad a note where she hoped he’d see it, and drove to the airport.
Elle was wearing old ripped jeans, a sweatshirt, fake glasses, no makeup, and a brown wig. She looked like hell and that made Ryn laugh. Elle and Ryn grabbed Elle’s duffles as they slid onto the carrousel and left the airport.
“No paparazzi. I’m surprised.”
“Brad called a friend at the newspaper and asked them to be kind to you.”

Richard Brawer said...

From Love's Sweet Sorrow by Richard Brawer

Set up: Areil is a virgin. Jason bought Ariel a birthday gift that explicitly stated what he wanted.

She pulled the pink ribbon. The bow dissolved. She lifted the top. The tissue paper rustled as she unfolded it. Cautiously she touched the lace trim on the shiny, jet-black garment and quickly withdrew her hand as if her fingers had been burned by a red-hot branding iron.

She smiled meekly. “Thank you. It’s very pretty.”
* * *
Ariel took her present into her bedroom and placed the box on the heirloom bedspread. Ever so carefully she removed the black silk camisole, laid it on the bed, and smoothed it out. She placed the tap pants below it. Slowly she undressed, dropping her blouse and skirt on the carpet. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra, then stepped out of her panties.

Slipping on the tap pants, she trembled as the sensuous silk stroked her long legs. Holding the camisole by the thin straps, she extended her arms over her head and released it. It floated over her torso sending a shiver through her.

Turning toward the mirror, she stood tall, her arms dangling next to her thighs. "Will wearing this blind me to the hungry, the homeless? Will it prevent me from working toward a more peaceful world? I don’t think I will change my convictions because I put this on or wear makeup or like movies, art, TV, dancing, and…"

Her fingers fluttered against her thighs. She closed her eyes and envisioned Jason caressing the fabric against her hips, her waist, stomach, breasts.

“Jason, I want to, but…Lord, what should I do?”

Love's Sweet Sorrow will be available in e-book for $2.99 and trade paperback for $11.99 August 31, 2014

You can read more about Love's Sweet Sorrow at my website:

Published by Vinspire Publishing

Anonymous said...

What to Wear to a Vampire Ball--Elle's Choice, from LEGALLY UNDEAD by Margo Bond Collins:

I finally settled on the most modest dress of the bunch. It too was a sheath dress, but it fit more loosely than the others. The front of the dress scooped low across my chest then swooped up to tie behind my neck. I tied it slightly tighter, and the front covered my cleavage. Most importantly, though, the dress had sleeves. They were mostly detached from the shoulders, connecting only at the top and under my armpits, but they fell into a wide hem at the wrist. The skirt of the dress fell away from the fitted waist in a wide A-line that mimicked the shape of the sleeves. The hemline just brushed the floor.

Overall, the dress was both elegant and (more important to me at the moment) good for hiding weapons. I had to take the stake out of my waistband and tuck it into one boot; the one from my jacket pocket went into the other boot. I dropped the cell phone down into the boot as well. I decided to hang onto the crucifix. If I got out of this alive, I was going to sharpen the end of it into a stake so it could do double duty as deterrent and weapon.

Legally Undead Buy Link:
Margo's website:

D'Ann said...

From Lily's Summer Cowboy:

Will turned, stopped and stared. Wow. In jeans and a T-shirt Lily was a pretty woman, but wearing a swimsuit she rivaled any model. She had taken off her T-shirt and shorts, leaving on a turquoise bikini, and while not immodest, revealed enough to make his blood run hot. Her breasts filled the top in round, firm mounds that made him ache to taste them. And her legs. Oh, her legs. Non-stop from floor to ceiling, they grabbed his attention and held it.
Realizing he was staring, Will dragged his gaze away from the stunning woman in front of him and sprinted for the lake. “Race ya to the water.”
“Wait! No fair!” Lily chased him, laughing.

James D said...

From book three of the Dream Series, DREAM CHILD...

I open the door to my room and lock it behind me. I see that room service has been here, exactly as I requested. There’s a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket, and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries on the little table by the window. Yes, I know it’s a cliché, but sometimes clichés get that way for a good reason.

Everything’s set – almost everything - there’s just one more thing to do. I go into the closet and kneel down in front of the safe, punch in the code I set back on Monday and open it up. Inside is a plastic bag containing the lingerie I first wore for Brian seven years ago, the day he came back to school after Christmas break, the day I broke into his dorm room to surprise him. I know how this sounds, but I hid it in the safe to keep it from Helen. I was worried she might have to go digging into my luggage to find something for Lizzie, and it’s not something I really want my mother-in-law to see.

The really amazing thing is that it still fits. It’s not quite as perfect a fit as it was seven years ago – like they say about the overhead bins on an airplane, “contents may shift during flight.” But – if this is bragging, so be it – they haven’t shifted that much! I could have bought something new, but that day seven years ago was very special, and I think it’ll mean just as much to Brian as it does to me that I kept my “naughty nighttime” set all this time.

I quickly change and put my bathrobe on – why deny Brian the pleasure of unwrapping his surprise? I’ve just tied the robe closed when he knocks on the door..

Dee Ann Palmer said...

From the dragon shifter fantasy How to Seduce a Knight by Dee Ann Palmer

...Rodick brought the great destrier under control. He wanted to gaze longer at this perfection.

That she rode alone surprised him, for her head was crowned with a golden circlet with four high prongs. It was the headpiece of a princess-royal, although of a house unknown to him. He knew of no princesses resembling this one, and he was acquainted with, or thought he was, those of every castle in the area. Had even bedded a few of them, he thought with a wry smile. But this woman, instinct told him, would fulfill every fantasy a lusty man could have in bed. And then some.

The horse she handled with such ease was a dappled grey, and its trappings and harness were decorated with tassels and ornate embroideries. Her flowing gown and cape were the color of emeralds and fastened over her breasts with bright ornaments. Sunlight splashed on her long, blonde tresses, spinning them to gold.

She sat her seat straight and yet relaxed. If her dress and the horse's rich caparison hadn't told him, he would have recognized she was a royal just by her carriage and dress. That she would be traveling without knights and outriders still puzzled him. Did some enchantment protect her?

A silence had settled over the meadow at her appearance. The buzzing of bees and the calls of birds quieted. The breeze died away. It was as if the entire meadow and its creatures held her fresh beauty in awe.

Dee Ann Palmer said...

Love it...especially when you shock us by "had to take the stake out of my waistband--"

Veronica Scott said...

From DANCER OF THE NILE by Veronica Scott, a 2014 Golden Quill Finalist:

The curtain between the halves of the tent twitched, drawing his attention. A moment later, Nima slipped through the narrow space. Barefoot, she was dressed in an unusual outfit, constructed from pieces of shimmering red fabric, cleverly draped and knotted strategically on her body to show flashes of skin, tantalizing glimpses of her sensuous figure. The costume was accented with filmy scarves. A jeweled sash rode low on her hips, anchoring the slit skirt, golden tassels bobbing with every step. Her jet-black hair was braided tightly in classic Egyptian tradition, waist length, soft end brushing the luscious curve of her bottom.

Nima came to the center of the tent, eyes focused on the floor, then chimed her finger cymbals once and lifted her head, eyes seeking his face. Kamin swallowed hard. Raising both arms above her head, fingers cupped as if to catch raindrops, she assumed a classic dancer’s pose, one foot planted solidly, on tiptoe with the other. A moment later, unseen musicians seated in the outer chamber played the first measures of music. Kamin heard a hand drum, flutes, other instruments he didn’t recognize, playing a version of a tune known as a standard in taverns along the Nile. She must have practiced with them on the march, during the day.
Keeping her eyes locked on his face, Nima rose effortlessly onto her toes, signaling the beginning of his private dance.

Kaye Spencer said...

This scene is from my *really* steamy western romance, Gambling with Love. The setting is moments before a high-stakes poker game is about to begin...

Lainie seemed to be stalling, which prompted Nick to watch her with deeper interest. She was clearly up to something, and he cringed at what it might be. The seconds ticked off; then, as if cued, Larnell unclasped the hook of her black velvet mantle and removed the garment with a gracefully flamboyant sweep.

A collective gasp, then low admiring murmurs rumbled through the room. Waitstaff stopped and looked. For several moments, Lainie was the center of complete and rapt attention as she turned with slow and deliberate care, offering every person in the room adequate opportunity to look upon her.

Nick nearly stopped breathing himself. Never in his life had he seen a more strikingly beautiful sight. Her sapphire blue satin gown flared out in yards of material, gently draping and flowing as a shimmering waterfall over her hips, enhancing the feminine gifts the good Lord had bestowed upon her. The low-cut bodice revealed the ample swells of her breasts with distractingly tantalizing cleavage. The pouf of her sleeves poised at the delicate points of her alabaster shoulders, and her black lace fingerless gloves covered her arms well above her elbows. A jeweled broach woven through a wide ribbon the same color as her gown encircled her trim, slender throat.

His gesture broke the moment, and Lainie’s southern drawl lifted in a sweet melodious timbre. “Well, now that I have your complete and total attention, shall we begin?”

Several people laughed and applauded, and Lainie gave Nick one more smile as Larnell pulled out her chair. She arranged her skirts and carefully placed her small black velvet handbag in her lap.

A.J. came up beside Nick. “Puts on quite show, doesn’t she? Even if she’d wanted to, there’s no place to hide an extra ace in that dress.”

Sharleen Scott said...

snippet from Caught in Cross Seas:

At seven, Clay knocked on Harlie’s door. The temperature was cool and he wore a leather coat and cowboy hat in case it rained. Harlie opened the door and Clay swore his heart stopped beating.

“Hey, Clay. Come in. Spud needs food before I leave. I’ll be a sec.” She sauntered into the kitchen, her liquid hips swaying in a seductive rhythm.

Clay tried to remember how to breathe. He never dreamed Harlie looked like that under the jeans, T-shirts, and Converse tennis shoes. He stepped into the room to grab a clandestine peek through the kitchen door. The way her red dress fit had his nerve endings jumping like theater popcorn. When she bent to pour the cat food, the slit revealed a beautiful thigh. He groaned. Her dress would ping the radar of every guy on the Oregon coast tonight. It was already bashing him like a sledge hammer.

Jana Richards said...

In this scene from ALWAYS A BRIDEMAID, Dani tries to comfort Zach after his disastrous wedding ceremony and her wardrobe malfunction:

Her heart cried for him. Zach was a good guy. He didn't deserve the humiliation Chantal had heaped on him. She wanted to tell him how badly she felt for him, wanted to let him know that she would gladly listen if he felt like talking. But their relationship had always been superficial, one that didn't include intimate heart to heart conversations. Offering sympathy would only embarrass him more.

So she'd do what she did best. She'd make him laugh.

"I realize you've had a bad day, but hey, look at me. I got squeezed into a dress that makes me look like an overstuffed Barbie doll. My shoes are killing me, and then to top it all off, the dress from Hell splits across my ass so the whole world can see my underwear."

One corner of Zach's mouth quirked in a brief grin. "Yeah, you've got it all over me. I've only been cheated on and humiliated on my wedding day. For the record, the whole world didn't see your underwear, just me."

She did her best to keep a straight face. "I happen to take my semi-nakedness seriously, even if there's only one person to witness it."

He chuckled, a deep rumbling sound that did funny things to her insides. But despite his laughter, his blue eyes were full of pain. Dani wished there was something more she could do for him.

"Thanks for the loan of the jacket," she said. "Can I hang on to it for a while?"

"Of course. Thank you for providing a diversion."

"Always glad to provide comic relief." She sneered at the neon pink satin spilling out from beneath the tuxedo jacket. "It wasn't a much of a stretch, seeing how I was already dressed like a clown."

For excerpts and blurb from all my books, please check out my Amazon Author Page. Thanks for reading my snippet!

Elaine Hopper said...

From Cooking Up A Storm by Ashley Ladd

Buy link:

Nodding in rhythm to Leticia’s ranting was Sue Ellen, a butterball of a woman who he guessed to be at least sixty. She wore her gray mop short and layered. Blue glasses with Coke bottle lenses sat propped on her up-tilted nose, and the hearing aids protruding behind both ears whined without provocation. Whereas Leticia sported a garish amount of bling and makeup, Sue Ellen didn’t wear a bit of foundation, eye shadow, or jewelry, the epitome of boring in her button-up man’s shirt, stretch pull-on pants and clunky gym shoes. Her stubby white eyelashes were almost invisible against her large, bulging muddy-brown eyes. She could’ve been a nun.

Lord, how he longed to give both women makeovers.

See more at Ashley’s blog: