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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hero Highlight!

This Thursday meme is all about that leading man living in our novel, and no one knows him better than you!

Is he strong, sexy, dangerous, or heroic?  Is he tall, dark and handsome or bronzed and blond? Is he tenderhearted and romantic or are his affections subtle? Tell us about him and make us want to meet him.

In comments, describe the man he is.
 Simply describe him with all the descriptors that fit his appearance, character, wit, personality, work, etc.


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Rose Anderson said...

Enchanted Skye ~by Rose Anderson
I'd like to introduce you to Alexander MacCodrum:

Alex has bronzed skin, sable brown hair, and whiskey-colored eyes. He's also sleek-muscled like an athlete. His personality is tender-hearted, charming, and funny. And he's incredibly sexy! Native to Scotland's Isle of Skye, Alex's family owns an inn on the coast. His is a loving family with an ancient secret -- they're selkie.
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Livia Quinn said...

In Storm Crazy, Sheriff Jack Lang is still as fit as he was as a Navy pilot. Zero percent body fat, gleaming bronzed six pack, silver green eyes, so serious, so much the lawman. He's determined to find "normal" but he'll have to dig deep to accept a "new" normal.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I’m describing Mack as Woody sees him in my M/M cop romance, I’ll Be Your Last. Mack’s face is rugged and gorgeous and surrounded by lots of thick black hair constantly disheveled because he wears a knit cap when he’s undercover. Oh, and Mack has stunning deep blue eyes. Mack’s older and more experienced than Woody but Mack doesn’t do commitment and is totally scared of his growing feelings for his fellow cop. When Woody discovers that Mack has a little fluffy rescue dog named Kiki, he thinks there might be hope for a relationship with the tough cop after all.

JoAnne Myers said...

My weekly hero is James "Jim" Conners, who stars in "Is It Only A Myth", one story in my fantasy anthology, "Loves, Myths, and Monsters." Sheriff Conners, may be a 'hick in the sticks', but he is one tough and determined man, who stops at nothing to protect his small county. Tall, handsome, and fair haired, Jim is a single father, who rules his community with a velvet glove. A friend to everyone, someone always has his back. Check this book out at:

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Michele Zurlo said...

Malcolm Legato is smart and thoroughly analytical. He's the alpha male who really listens, and he takes his lady's wants and needs into account, BUT things will happen how he wants them to happen. Once you belong to him, he'll move heaven and earth to protect you. And he can cook. There's nothing sexier than a man who can cook.

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E. Ayers said...

Tall, very tall, played basketball in high school and college.Handsome - in that boy-next-door sort of way. Very intelligent with a degree in law and accounting. He knows how to keep the gears of the city turning and knows how to handle people, except when it comes to Ryn.

He’s not afraid of hard work or pitching into the situation. Honest, decent guy from a working-class background. Sometimes he questions his own ability, worries he’s not doing enough, or doing it right. He’s that rock, that kind of man you can lean on. But he still has that playful, fun side of him. He’s also extremely loyal to his friends.

Sometimes he was difficult to write because he wasn’t jerk nor did he “glow”.

Brad is just Brad. He’s your best friend, your childhood playmate, a tough cookie when it comes to business and doing what is right. The kind of guy who would love a houseful of children, but will accept just one. He’s thankful for what he has, but wants more. Accepts obstacles and faces a challenge head on. He’s quick to recognize another person’s success and to congratulate them for a job well done. The kind of guy you want at your side. The kind you want to marry.


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Anonymous said...

My weekly hero is Bruno the Elfy from my novel AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE.

Bruno is three feet tall, with brown unruly hair, blue eyes, and glasses. He is an intelligent, funny, and earnest young being -- the equivalent of a teenage Human boy of about sixteen -- whose best qualities include compassion, loyalty, and honesty.

When Bruno meets Sarah (a short Human girl), they both have different -- wrong -- names, think they're younger than they actually are, and are in a terrible mess as they're both being held captive by awful people in thrall to a Dark Elf. Fortunately, they both have magic -- but better yet, they have _each other_ -- and between the two things, they are determined to prevail over all obstacles in their way.

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E. Ayers said...

Yes, a man who can cook!