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Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Heat!

The summer heat is on. Today's meme highlights sensual, sizzling, and scorching moments that make us swoon when we read them. All desire begins in the mind. Make us want...your book!  In comments, share a snippet no larger than 300 words.

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E. Ayers said...

Want some heat? Oh yeah!

Campaign (Brad and Ryn's Story) A River City Novel

Ryn’s fingers made their way to his leg. Her nails stroked his trouser-covered inner thigh as his fingers gripped the steering wheel tighter. He glanced over at her and saw her smile.
“Would you like me to do that to you while you’re driving?”

He really wasn’t expecting an answer. Her perfectly groomed nails traveled further up his leg. He swallowed hard, knowing she had replied to his question. He countered by putting his hand on her leg and sliding it up to her crotch. Her legs parted, giving him access to her.

His fingers slipped under the tiny material that covered her folds. She was already slightly moist. He listened to her breath as it flowed between her teeth.

He shouldn’t have been doing this while driving, and he knew it. It took extra concentration to control the car, but the pleasure he was deriving from playing with her made the effort worthwhile. Her hand left his leg and grabbed at his wrist. She squirmed against him. Her nails dug into his wrist.

A truck passed him. He was grateful for the cover of darkness as her hips rose and her breath hissed. A quick glance at her face told him he had successfully brought her to a climax. His own body begged for the same release.
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Rose Anderson said...

Loving Leonardo - The Quest (book 2 in the tale) ~by Rose Anderson
An award-winning polyamorous Victorian love story with a touch of reader-interactive art history.
Setting the Stage: My trio finds Leonardo da Vinci's methods for sensorial immersion quite compelling. Here they experiment exactly as he did -- with blindfolds.

My Snippet: The lavender ghost of their soap mingled with their heady musk of desire, and I tasted the salt and clean sweat of exertion upon their skin. All of it: sound, taste, touch, and scent painted a picture in my imagination. They were two exquisite dreams made flesh, and I swear I saw the glow of their souls through my blind eyes.
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Jane Leopold quinn said...

From I'll Be Your Last, an erotic M/M from Siren


With quick, sure fingers, Mack slid Woody’s jacket and shirt down his arms and dropped them with a plonk onto the floor. They stood there, staring—almost glaring—into each other’s eyes, bare chests bumping and heaving for air. Mack’s blue gaze darkened with increasing arousal. Woody dropped to his knees to the place of real importance. His mouth was at belt buckle height, but, there was no belt. Just a snap and zipper, the hiss of it lowering agonizingly loud over their heavy breathing and Woody’s wolfish growls.

Woody unclipped Mack’s gun and holster, and his, too, while he was at it, laying both on the coffee table. Then, he palmed Mack’s hips, pushing his jeans down. Commando. Oh, the pure, intoxicating rapture of that. Then a glorious erection jutted right in his face. “God, Mack.” He groaned at the beautiful, thick, pulsing cock begging for attention. He couldn’t resist flicking out his tongue and licking the rounded head with its leaking drop of seminal fluid, the musky perfume of sex filling his head.

“Suck me,” Mack ordered gruffly, flexing his hips. “Suck my cock, kid.”

Woody jerked back, almost knocking Mack over. He stood, fists clenched at his sides, and lashed out in fury, “I’m no kid, and you know it. Call me that once more, and your dick can just stay dry.”

“I’m tired of standing. Where’s your bedroom?”

He glared daggers at Mack, his breathing roughening in his struggle to keep from belting the guy. This was bad. The feral expression on Mack’s face did nothing short of turn him on even more than he already was. This was going to be so good, so fucking raunchy.

JoAnne Myers said...

This snippet is from "Loves Curse" one story in my fantasy anthology, "Loves, Myths, and Monsters".

Setting: A chance meeting one late evening between Det. Wang and murder suspect Karla at a college.

“You were furious Lloyd dumped you?”
“Who wouldn’t be?”
“But he owed you marriage.”
“You’re damned right he did. Cutting off his head was too easy for him. It should have been his balls.”
“You knew he kept a record of his sexual conquests, didn’t you?”
“You mean the journal. I knew, but I don’t have it.”
“If that’s true, you won’t mind if I check for myself?”
“Go ahead.” She held out her large purse but, Det. Wang had other ideas in mind.
He swung her around facing the locker and spread-eagled her body. “What the hell!” she said, resisting, but pressed against the locker anyway.
“When I said inspect you, I meant it.” He started at her ankles. Slowly he worked his way up her bare legs now shaking so badly her tight miniskirt quivered. “Nice calves. You’re a jogger, I can tell.”
“And you’re a sex addict, like Lloyd.”
“And curiosity killed the cat,” he said, feeling her inner thighs all the way up to her thong.
She trembled with forbidden pleasure, finding his large strong hands inviting. Her nipples hardened. “I’ll have your badge for this,” she whispered.
“No one will believe you; you’re a murder suspect.” Then he placed his hands on her firm buttocks, and, caressing her hips and back with both hands, he blew on the back of her soft, highly fragrant neck.
“You’re a bastard,” she moaned, turning over to give him better access to her oh-so-willing front.
“Yes, but the ladies love me, anyway.” He unbuttoned her white silk blouse to suckle her breasts. “And you will too.” They locked lips. The kiss was long and hot.
Karla slid her hands up his shirt and onto his sweaty skin. He then reached under her skirt and ripped off her moist panties.

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Sam Cheever said...

From my brand new Romantic Suspense, Honeybun on the Run

His lips touched hers and Emma blinked. Heat flared between her thighs despite her very real fear of passing within inches of one of Randolph’s men. Clovis stopped and walked her backward, pressing her against the wall and holding her there with his body as his kiss gained heat, his tongue slipping through to tangle with hers.

Despite her fear, Emma’s arms went around him, her fingers tracing the hard lines of his broad shoulders. Her body flared like a match, heat searing along her nerve endings as Clovis’s incredible scent encompassed her and the hard bulk of his big body completely surrounded and overwhelmed her.

Emma made a little sound of pure, surprised need in her throat. Clovis responded by deepening the kiss and stepping closer, tucking his hips and pressing intimately against her. There was no mistaking the hard ridge of flesh pressed against her belly. He might have started the kiss as an act, but he’d quickly gotten right into the spirit of it.

Footsteps passed by within feet of them. “Get a damn room.”

The door to the third room from the end slammed closed and they jerked apart. Emma quickly swallowed the plaintive sound of her disappointment and let Clovis pull her toward the end of the building. “Come on, let’s get out of here before he realizes there isn’t a second car parked back here.”

Emma followed along in a semi-daze, her lips tingling and her body clenching with residual lust. Her ego ached from the apparent ease with which Clovis had shaken off their impulsive clutch. Which had stirred her to the core.

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christina tetreault said...

From my upcoming release Redeeming The Billionaire due out in September

“So that’s how it’s going to be tonight,” he said with a wicked grin. Before she offered up any kind of answer, he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her underwear down in one movement. Then he picked her up and deposited her on the edge of his desk. Spreading her legs wide, he stepped between them, his T-shirt rubbing against her nipples, which missed his earlier caress. “The next time we’re apart I want you to think about tonight.”
Without another word, he kissed her his tongue sliding into her mouth as he drew her closer to him his erection pressing against her. As he kissed her, his arms kept her locked against him. Then just like that he pulled away and switched his attention from her lips to her neck. As if he had all the time in the world, he worked his way down her body. When he took her left nipple in his mouth she signed. When he switched to her other side and lavished that nipple with the same attention she closed her eyes. Once he’d driven her a little mad, he began to pull away, but she dug her fingers into his hair in an effort to keep him there.
“Don’t worry, I’ll come back to here,” he whispered and started trail of kisses downward.
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Andrea Cooper said...

Here's mine from Cursed Book 1.5 Legends of Oblivion - Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance:

When we arrived in Tamlon, I hoped to show Celeste the wonders of my land. And bask in the sun naked with her.
After the others slept, I laid down beside Celeste. She turned and snuggled her head under my chin. “Your language is so beautiful. Almost like music with its rhythms and melody.”
My hand traced circles up and down her back. “Emir voulan sptrea.”
“What does that mean?”
I eased her chin up and she looked into my eyes. “We are one heart.” I kissed her and relished in the sweetness of her mouth for we could do little else with company.


Savanna Kougar said...

This is from my shapeshifter erotic menage, HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS.

His mate's smoky green eyes settled on his face. "How do you want me?"

Every which way but loose, Zance's mind answered.

"How about lettin' this big bad wolf mount that beautiful ass of yours?" Zance felt his wolf growl with need low in his loins. "But only after I get a long taste of those pearly breasts of yours, sweetheart."

A wild little moan escaped her. Her breaths quickened, and she raised upward rolling toward him. Zance stared, appreciating her trembling voluptuous breasts.

"Rough as she can handle, right, darlin'?" Behind her now, Dontoya stroked her back.

"Looks like you're the big bad wolf for the job," she crooned, playing the seductress.

Yet, Zance heard her shy side. Rising, he knelt on the bed, his shaft bobbing near her rosy mouth, swollen from Dontoya's kiss.

"Lollipop," she sultrily murmured. Reaching out, she daintily slid her thumb and forefinger up his length.

Zance's breath jerked inward, and his abdomen muscles tightened, looking like an old-fashioned washboard. She stopped at his engorged head, then slipped her fingers down his shaft.

Dontoya moved off the bed, silent as a big cat. "Headed for the bathroom. You're on your own, pard, till I get back. Careful, darlin'. Looks like Zance-dog's six shooter is about to fire."

"Yep," Zance groaned out, but couldn't move for the life of him, even as his cock turned into an achy torch.

"Suckable," she praised. Her fingertips caressed his crown, her touch so delicate Zance thought it rivaled the touch of an angel. And he damn well liked it. Too much.


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Have a sexy week,


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Mary Magdeline said...

One Dance with a Stranger - Mary M. Forbes. 5.0 out of 5 stars

Hades... hot? Heck no! WADE HART IS HOT!!
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