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Friday, September 26, 2014

NEW! Tasty Genre Samples

Authors often write across genres. Today's meme offers a chance to highlight our works beyond romance.

In comments, share a blurb or excerpt up to 300 words. Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Sam Cheever said...

With my brand new release I've delved into a new genre combination that I'd like to share today. Sangui: Alphas of the Blood is sci fi/paranormal romance. :0)

He unbuttoned the blouse she wore, pulling it aside. Though he’d intended to remain clinical about the blood exchange, the first sight of the soft, milk chocolate mounds of her breasts bulging from a lacy white bra nearly made him forget what he was doing.
His mouth watered at the sight. His fangs elongated.

He closed his eyes and embraced his alpha, feeling its potency slide over him. The energy he embraced was hot and welcoming and urgent. Hungry.

His skin swelled under the change. His core temperature rose. Lust, anger, fear…every emotion he’d brought into that place intensified, flowing over him like fur over a beast when it changed. His alpha was like a beast. It was beastlike in its level of need…in the simplicity of its purpose.

If it hungered it ate. If it lusted it took, it tasted and ravished. The alpha was a sentient being with Zee’s humanoid form as its skin. But its mind was not human. Its mind was strength and power and ravenous hunger.

JoAnne Myers said...

This is from my poetry collection, "Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between"


How nice it is to see thee,
with sunshine smiles so big.
Young faces full of cheer,
like new life is to spring.
Those little brown eyed girls of mine,
can melt the coldest heart.
If I searched a thousand years,
I would still never find, any child kinder, sweeter or dear.
I hold tight to the memories,
of all their hugs and kisses.
Of how they sat atop my knee, Oh! How I miss it.
I held them when they laughed and cried.
It was my pleasure each time.
I welcomed each tear and sigh.
For they are my life and pride.
I remember each game we played,
and our silly little walks.
How simple time was back then,
something never forgot.
Never would I want a day without their jokes and tricks.
For they could do no wrong, in my eyes in anyway.
My love for them grows and grows, with passing year.
Each time I think of them, I wish they still were here.
As I watch them romp and sing, among the snowy twigs,
I thank God for their lives, and all the joy they bring.
How sweet those memories are.
I’d frame them if I could.
Or place them on a shelf safely in a jar.
To remember each one’s childhood.
Behind their house in the woods,
where grouse and buck did run.


Barb Caffrey said...

Thank you for the opportunity, Exquisite Quills!

My excerpt is from my late husband Michael B. Caffrey's military science fiction story "On Westmount Station," which is the second in the Adventures of Joey Maverick series (I am co-authoring and editing this series). A short synopsis: Newly-minted Lieutenant Joey Maverick is finally about to head out into space and is waiting for ship assignment. Joey thinks no adventure is possible under the circumstances, but he couldn't be more wrong . . . there's treachery afoot, black treachery, and it's up to Joey and his temporary crewmates to stop a saboteur before it's too late!

***** Excerpt follows *****

Cody ran to Maverick and told him what was going on.

"Plastique? Antique bomb-making material?" Maverick said. "You're sure?"

"Positive," Cody said. "We still use it on Vinland, sometimes. It's a very powerful explosive, and it's incredibly easy and cheap to make."

Maverick looked around; there were about ten soldiers in his draft hanging about, none of whom he'd ever met before today. "Cody, go get those men, and bring them to me. Quietly, please; there's civilians around, and we don't want to disturb them."

Cody went to each man, and pointed out Maverick. The grumbling from some was audible, but they listened and did what Cody asked. Soon, Maverick had them in a tight formation and explained in a low voice what was going on.

"What do you want us to do, sir?" a raw-looking able spacer asked.

"You," he pointed to the right-most trooper, "I want to go find Ensign Mayerle. Quickly, but quietly, and explain what's going on here."

"Yes, sir." The strapping young man walked off casually in the direction of the snack bar.

"You," he pointed to the left-most trooper, a small and delicate-looking young woman, "I want to find what passes for Security around here, and let them know what's going on. I'm going to do my best to distract this person and see if the bomb can be defused. Time is of the essence, but do not scare the civilians."

"Yes, sir," she said. Saluting smartly, she walked in the opposite direction.

"As for the rest of you, I want you to draw off any opposition—that Kiral Cody spotted is probably not the only saboteur—and let Cody get back in there." Maverick paused. "You can dismantle the bomb?" he asked quietly.

"If I must." Cody looked uncomfortable. "I'd rather call in the demolitions experts from Security, but—"

"We might not have time for that," Maverick finished.

***** Excerpt ends *****

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