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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist.

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet, 300 words or less, from your older works. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

A Challenge Ari & Tate's Story, A River City Novel, Book 3)

They don't need to be read in order. Just jump in!
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

"Has anyone ever been nice to you?"
"Of course."
"What did you do, eat them for breakfast?" He shifted the car out of park and pulled onto the road.
"I'm not that bad."
"Yes, you are. I'm going to put this quite simply. You are one hot babe. You've got a body that turns me on. You've also got the brains to go with it. That makes me extremely interested. Now, if you don't like what I've said, I'll turn this car around and take you back to Becky's."
She laughed. "Interesting. A man who's willing to come out and say what's on his mind. I like that. I could say the same about you, an athlete with brains. You turn me on, too."
"Good. That makes the playing field even."
She stared out the window watching the city slide by. "No, it's not. What's in it for you, if I say yes to this job?"
"Nothing, other than I get to see you again and again. I don't want to see you get on that plane for Texas."
"Where are we going?"
"My place first. I'll change and we can go have lunch. I hope you like dogs."
She glanced over at him and raised her eyebrows. **You're joking.** "Hot dogs?"
"No, the ones covered in fur."
"Why? Do you have a dog?" She controlled her desire to reach over and stroke his powerful arm.
"I have two."
"Do they bite?"
He chuckled. "Do you? Just because they have teeth does not mean they'll bite."
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

Sam Cheever said...

From Honeybun at a Dude Ranch:

His lips touched hers, Nita inhaled his scent, quickly becoming intoxicated by it. Heathcliffe’s hands slipped around her waist, resting gently on her hips. He didn’t draw her in, didn’t rush the kiss. Nita relished the slow movement of his lips against hers, her system thrumming with excitement from the gentle touch.

Awareness brought her body alive, heated her skin and softened her muscles until she couldn’t help swaying toward him.

Heathcliffe deepened the kiss, his hands slipping around to pull her in, branding the skin beneath her clothes.

Lust coiled in her belly. Desire swirled in her breast. But more importantly, her self-imposed isolation slipped away in the face of his talented touch. The months of solitude and fear slid to the background of her mind.

She slipped her hands into the back pockets of his jeans and pressed her belly against the ridge of desire growing between them. In response, Heathcliffe took their kiss to the next level, driving his tongue between her lips.

His taste exploded against her tongue. Nita made a helpless little sound of need in her throat, shocked at the strength of his effect on her. She’d held herself away from men for so long. Even before she and Max divorced, she’d been afraid to talk to other men…terrified someone would smile at her, or touch her hand in conversation. God forbid they’d flirt with her.

The hell she suffered afterward just wasn’t worth the risk.

And since people had started to die—well—Nita didn’t dare reach out for companionship.

Daryl Devore said...

Sexy Red Hood - erotic contemporary romance by Daryl Devore
"Red Hood, what do you do for a living?"
She dabbed her last fry into the ketchup. "I'm a junior accountant. My job description reads - a junior accountant's responsibility is to provide accounting support to senior accountants."
"Sounds exciting."
"If you think that's exciting, you must have no life." Finished with her lunch, Red wiped her mouth and placed the napkin on the plate. "What does you do?"
"Sixth grade teacher in an all boys school."
"I was right, you have no life."
He laughed so hard his beer sprayed from his mouth. "Want to go for a walk around the deck? I've already seen a lot of the inside of the ship and now I'd like to see the outside." He stood, held out his hand and helped her stand. It was a warm hand, a strong one. As she held it, giddiness overcame her that put a bounce in her walk.
People were everywhere. Both the pool and hot tub were crowded. The tennis courts had players on the courts and others waiting to play. There were groups of golfers at every hole of the mini-putt course and some standing in line. At the giant chess set, several people were watching while two players battled it out.
Leaning on a railing, Red asked, "Why are you on this cruise?"
"Last minute booking. Cheap rate. Cheap is affordable on my salary." He gazed out at the gulf. "I was looking for a change. Something completely different from an all boys private school. How about you?"
"I was sent here by my mother to babysit my grandmother."
Chopper pointed to the crowd of passengers either swimming, or lounging in the sun. "So which of the sweet, little, old ladies is she?"
Red pointed. "That one. The one on the rock climbing wall."
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Susan Macatee said...

From 2009 time travel romance release, Erin's Rebel.


Erin groaned. Her head and neck hurt like hell, and so did her nose. In fact, everything hurt. What had happened? She reached to the back of her head, where her fingers closed around a damp cloth. When she opened her eyes, a sharp pain knifed through her skull.

Focusing her thoughts, she recalled flashes of a dark, rainy highway. A truck hurtling toward her. The tree.

She turned her head and squinted into the yellow-white glow of a lantern. She wasn’t in her car but lying flat on her back.

Someone moved beside her. A man with a heavy drawl spoke. “Are you all right, ma’am? Can you speak?”

She stared at him. Was she in a hospital? No. The gangly, sandy-haired man with the handlebar mustache wasn’t wearing scrubs. He appeared to be in his early thirties and was dressed in an oversized, striped blue and white shirt draped over tan wool pants with a set of suspenders dangling to his knees. This sure wasn’t an emergency room.

“Where am I?” she croaked. “What happened?” Blinding pain shot through her skull, again.

“You were thrown from a horse. Do you remember?”

“Horse?” She shook her head, then the sharp pain stopped her. “Ow, everything hurts.”

The man pried the damp cloth from her hand and pressed it against the back of her head. “I don’t feel any broken bones, but you’ve got a nice sized lump right here. I reckon you have a nasty headache. Just what where you doing on that mare this hour of night?”

“I wasn’t on a horse,” she said. “I’ve never been on a horse in my life. It was a car crash. I hit a tree when that truck slid in front of me.”

“A bad fall like that could have affected your mind, Mrs. O’Connell.” The man eyed her. “You’re not making a lick of sense.”

“O’Connell? No. I think you’ve made a mistake, Doctor.” She scrutinized him. “You are a doctor, aren’t you?”

Adriana said...

From The Mistress of Purgatory Point

A gust of wind rattled the windows and Martha slid farther under the covers. If it could get this nippy in early September, how would she manage January?
She’d check the furnace filters in the morning. And she’d better make certain the wood yard held plenty of firewood to last the winter. She’d have to get advice about that. She had no idea how much would be enough.
Natalie might know. Daniel Ford would certainly know. She turned over again and fluffed her pillow back up. The nerve of him, to be watching her when she hadn’t even been aware of his presence!
She didn’t doubt he could wield an axe handily. She shivered. Maybe she should’ve done more research before buying the place. Perhaps she should look into getting one of those cute gas fire places.
She needed to stay warm in the winter, and she wasn’t about to flee back to civilization any time soon. It had taken all her gumption and most of her inheritance to buy Purgatory Point; she wasn’t about to give up because of a chill in the air.
That decided, she closed her eyes and welcomed the drifting sensations of dozing.
He’d have strong hands. She’d have soft hands. Dan’s fingers. Natalie’s fingers. As if from a distance, Martha recognized her own soft moans. Her loins ached. It was an old ache, yet a familiar ache.
Her nipples pebbled and strained against the flannel gown. Fingers brushed against her inner thigh. She squeezed her legs tightly together, trapping them.
Whose fingers? Hers? His? Natalie’s? She was dreaming. She knew she was. She had to be dreaming. She let herself sink farther into the darkness.


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Jana Richards said...

My Throwback Thursday contribution is from my 2007 release SEEING THINGS. David Logan's nephew has been kidnapped and he believes psychic Leah McKenna has something to do with it:

David closed his eyes in anguish, barely stifling a groan. They'd been in such a hurry that he hadn't even told Jeremy he loved him that morning.

Leah stooped to retrieve a couple of plastic toys left abandoned on the floor. She stared at the bright red brontosaurus and the purple stegosaurus as if waiting to hear them speak. David straightened the unmade bed to give himself something to do, his hand brushing against a lump under the blanket. He pulled Jeremy's well-worn Teddy bear from its hiding place.

"This is one of his favorites," he said. "Jeremy calls him Mr. Cuddles. He's had him since he was a baby. He never goes to sleep without him. He'll be missing him..."

His hands clenched into fists. Rage poured through him. What kind of monster takes a child away from his mother, from everything that's familiar to him? When he got his hands on the bastard who did this, he'd make him pay.

His gaze collided with Leah's. He sensed she read the chaotic thoughts that tumbled through his brain. Her warm brown eyes were full of compassion and understanding, and for a moment he almost forgot his belief that she had something to do with Jeremy's disappearance. He stepped toward her, wanting to bury his face in her honey-colored hair and hold her until the fear and worry abated.

What the hell was he doing? He stopped abruptly, appalled by the direction of his thoughts. How could he even consider such a thing when he was sure she was involved in Jeremy's disappearance? Yet, she seemed so innocent, the look in her eyes sincere and caring. His thoughts whirled in confusion.

Jana Richards
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Victoria Adams said...

Dancing in Circles - book 1 in the Circles Trilogy.
"Does she always talk that much?" A deep voice behind her startled her.
She turned, and stared into Robert's dark eyes. "Uh, yes." Why did her knees feel weak? "I...I'm surprised you got a word in to ask her to the dance."
"Had to ask her, just to shut her up." There was a disgruntled edge to his voice. Robert held the door open for her.
Julie's legs ignored her command to walk. She regained her composure, entered the room, and went to her seat, puzzling over what happened. What caused her hesitation? Had he noticed it? Had anyone else?
"Put your assignments on my desk." The biology teacher, pointed towards an inbox as he clicked off the student's names. Attendance completed, class seated, he looked up from his computer. "Did anyone not hand one in?"
Robert put up his hand.
"And why not?"
"'Cause I didn't get it done." He slouched low in his desk at the back of the room, isolated from the rest of the students. His long legs stretched out into the aisle.
"You were given a simple assignment. It should've taken no more than two hours to complete. This isn't high school. It's college prep. If you cannot keep up—"
"I didn't have time." Robert sat up, rested his arms on his desktop, glaring at his teacher. "I arrived here three days ago, and got handed two weeks' worth of stuff to get caught up on. Trust me, I get this ain't high school."
"Two weeks' worth can't be that much. A few extra hours after school."
"I ain't Westland. Gotta work. Been stayin' up to three in the mornin' doin' my homework. Had about four fu ─ miserable hours of sleep in the past two nights."

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