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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Reviews!

Choose the best one-liner from a review (a single sentence) and share in comments. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Kayelle Allen said...

"Ms Allen portrays the love between Luc and Izzorah with such defined subtle detail that it comes across affecting every sense as I read the story." Forbid My Heart by Kayelle Allen. Available at Loose Id

JoAnne Myers said...

Goodreads author James gives "Murder Most Foul" 5***** on March 2013
Review: What can I say about this book? I absolutely loved it. It is one of those books that when you start it is very hard to put down. Everything is very descriptive and exciting it will always keep your interest peaked for more. Maybe the only way it could be better for me is reading it aloud to others around a campfire. It is a wonderful read. Well done Jo Anne Myers, well done.

“Murder Most Foul,”

Here is the link to buy it directly from LULU:


Vijaya Schartz, author said...

Snatched, by Vijaya Schartz:
"I loved this book... a great Sci-Fi Romance... action packed... mysteries and surprises everywhere... keep you wanting to continue reading to find out what happens..." PNR

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Mischief at Mulberry Manor by Romy Gemmell (Victorian novella)

'This is an atmospheric read, with an enjoyable mix of romance and ghostly goings on keeping the reader hooked until the end!'


Helen Henderson said...

To read more on a book about which a reader said, "If you appreciate spells, wizards, blood sacrifices, and sword fights, this is the book for you!" go to

A spell kept secret for generations.
A brotherhood thirsting for power.
A father's demands that can't be met.
A woman who stands to lose everything.
Four paths--one destiny
With the power to bind souls and control all magic in the balance

Available at Barnes and Noble and elsewhere ebooks are sold. Paperback available at Amazon.

Helen Henderson
Stories of romance and adventure in worlds of imagination

KT Bryan said...

USA TODAY - Loving Logan -- Love, lust, laughter and the luck of the
Irish -- this heart-catching contemporary has it all.

Anonymous said...

"I loved watching her discover and use her amazing powers--kicking demon-butt, yet never losing her humility or femininity."

Princess of the Light by N. N. Light


Check out more at my website:

Susan Macatee said...

For short paranormal romance, Dreaming Josie.

Well-executed and entertaining.
5 star review at Smashwords

E. Ayers said...

Available as a Kindle Unlimited
Amazon international buy link

Well done, E. Ayers for taking a little-explored but nevertheless extremely serious subject, treating it with sensitivity without excessive sentimentality and weaving your magic around it to create this heart-warming story.

WARNING: This book is not for teens. It contains explicit scenes. It's a romance that deals with overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED affects over thirty million men in the USA, and most men before the age of forty have experienced it at least once.

K. R. Bailey said...

Can You Trust A Cowboy? is a fast, fun, steamy read, with a twisty mystery, a dollop of thrills and a whole lot of romance - by Snapdragon, Long and Short Reviews.

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Bookstrand.
Bookstrand buy link:
Amazon buy link:

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Jules Court said...

Rescuing Love by Jules Court
MF Contemporary Romance

"It’s sweet, funny, and also poignant with two flawed but basically likeable main characters backed by lots of secondary characters who became individuals and not just cardboard movie theater cutouts." -Jayne, Dear Author (
Amazon buy link:

Ana Raine said...

Avery (Kline 3) by Ana Raine

If you’re looking for a slightly quirky story, if you like dark, mysterious artists, and if you’re looking for a fun story with lots of sexual tension and heat, then you will probably like this short story."-Serena Yates, GoodReads


Ana Raine

Rosemary Morris said...

Far Beyond Rubies by Rosemary Morris
Set in Queen Anne Stuart’s reign 1702 – 1714

“Rosemary Morris has penned a magnificent historical romance with superb, intimate descriptions and politico-religious conflicts of the era which immerse us into an elite society, and the inclusion of snippets about Indian customs, religion and cuisine give the story a unique flavour.

Waheed Rabbani. Historical Novel Society,

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Sherry Ewing said...

If My Heart Could See You by Sherry Ewing
Historical Romance

"I would recommend this book to whomever loves a great medieval conquest romance where not only does the hero conquers the heart of the heroine, but of the reader's as well."

Barnes & Nobel:

Mardi Maxwell said...

Zane's Choice by Mardi Maxwell
Contemporary Erotic Romance

"Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, Mardi Maxwell’s Doms of Club Mystique series keeps on getting HOTTER!!!"

Erin McRae said...

by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae:

"The realities of life, love and self discovery that are presented in this highly character driven story are exceptional."

- 5 Star review from Carly's Book Reviews:

Noe available on Amazon:

Anonymous said...

By Starlight by Lindley-Gauthier. Reviewer says: "By Starlight" is a compelling read, a roller coaster of danger and suspense, rich with description and filled with action.