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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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E. Ayers said...

WITH THIS RING (Wedding Vows Book 1)
by E. Ayers

He chuckled. “Oh, you are quite safe with me. And you don’t have to worry about the last female in my life, I dropped her in the compost pile years ago.”
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

E. Ayers said...

Maybe I should add that Cody Montgomery is a widower with seven children and a really nice guy. LOL

Rose Anderson said...

Loving Leonardo (book 1) ~ a scorching award-winning Victorian polyamorous love story with a touch of reader-interactive art history by Rose Anderson
**Meeting Luca Franco**

From every angle, he was beautifully made: black-haired, of medium build, and physically fit. He possessed a warm hue to his skin, his lineage no doubt stamped centuries past by the darker Moors or Turks. In startling contrast, and quite handsomely framed by black lashes, he had striking eyes the color one might see in a shadow falling across snow — not quite sky blue nor exactly steel gray, but a blending of the two in gradated rings.

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Anonymous said...

The Boss's Son

The door opened and Mike stepped in behind him. The warm, sweaty maleness of him filled the shower. A flutter of nerves erupted in the pit of Danny’s stomach and his cock responded with a jerk. Mike turned on the other shower heads, put his arms around Danny, and pulled him close.



Rosemary Gemmell said...

From British regency novel, Dangerous Deceit by Romy Gemmell - intrigue and romance in 1813.

Yet, his nearness to her now and her reaction to it was proof that Lord Sheldon was wrong in one way at least. Lydia had changed. Never in her life had she wanted to be held and embraced by a man as she did when walking beside him, aware of the strength of his arm and the delicious disquiet of his presence.


Jane Leopold Quinn said...

From The Real Deal -

“Hey, Mom, I’m home.”

She ducked her head and peered over her shoulder at the sound of the deep male voice uttering a little boy’s words. A tall, lean figure strode briskly through the door from the kitchen and a sharp breath stuck for a moment in her lungs. The downright handsome man seemed to fill the room with his boisterous voice and happy grin.

Jane Leopold Quinn -

Juli D. Revezzo said...

From "Sing a Mournful Melody" (A Gothic Short) --

“Come visit,” they said one after another. “Come ease your grief with us.” Mere visitations wouldn’t lighten her heart, she knew. How could they, when the one loving balm she needed lay under six feet of cold earth? Like some mummy in the ancient desert.

Juli D. Revezzo--

Linda Andrews said...

From A Gift from St. Nick (A Historical Romance)

Leaning forward, she brushed her nose against his. Nutty-scented breath washed over him. "I love you."
Then her lips found his.
He froze just as his body caught fire.

Anonymous said...

From Royal Regard:

“We both know a woman costs more than sixpence at an Arabian bazaar,” Nick said, trying to tease her. He reached out to gently touch her face, but she literally snapped her teeth before he snatched his finger away. Then, like a simpleton, he compounded his mistake. “One with hair and eyes like yours must be worth at least ten riyals--plus a camel and a herd of goats.”

Author quintessa Turner said...

The Devil Was Once An Angel "Never Trust London"

Revenge is at an all time high. London will do whatever to whoever in order seek REVENGE. Nobody is safe, and nobody can be trusted! They say "Every dog has its day" and that "Satan was once was an angel."

Will London seek revenge or will revenge seek her in the mist of her trying to prove a point?

For Paper Back:

Ruth A Casie said...

From Knight of Runes

He stroked her hair as the charged air settled, and a warm breeze caressed them both. After several minutes, her deep breathing told him she had fallen asleep. He sat for a few minutes and enjoyed holding her. He would tell the king he would not give her back.

Erin OQuinn said...

from THE KILT COMPLEX: Nevada Highlander 2

He steals your heart, and the next thing you know, he has stolen even your will to leave the fucking bed. He … goddamn, Rory, deeper … he makes every hour feel like a honeymoon, like there’s no such thing as three squares and a paycheck.”

Gilli Allan said...

3 sentence snippet from TORN, by Gilli Allan

Jess has woken up, unable to fully recall what happened last night after the party.

He turned over and then turned back again. She remained still, feigning sleep.
It was a long time since she’d done anything so impetuous, so stupid, and she had lost some of the brazenness needed to face the stranger in the morning.

Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War holiday romance, The Christmas Ball.

She took a deep breath and lifted her end. As she struggled to straighten her legs to carry the man off the field to the waiting ambulance, a piercing pain hit her in the upper thigh. Gasping, she dropped her end of the litter and crumpled to the ground grasping her leg.

Theda Hudson said...

From Lord of the Broken Tower, erotic science fiction

"You do not understand, for all your heat, the desire that cannot be contained. I will take advantage. You have no advantage, only desire and the hope to find someone who can crack you open and release the woman you seek to be."

Amazon Author Page

Donna Cummings said...

From LORD WASTREL, Regency historical:

It wasn’t the night of hard drinking Hugh Longford, Lord Weyson, regretted in that particular moment. Nor was it the fact that the sun blistering his eyes meant night had slipped away without his knowledge, once again.

The cause of his agony, and the source of his sudden wish that he had lived his past few years differently, was standing in his drawing room, calling him "Papa".

Calisa Rhose said...

My current WIP, a romantic suspense.

Shaking off the sudden chill, she rubbed a hand over her hair one last time, smoothed her grey skirt and went to the living room to put on her flats. “I’ll be home by six-thirty. See you later, Evangeline.” Not that she’d really “see” a spirit.

Linda McLaughlin said...

From my historical romance, ROGUE'S HOSTAGE, set during the French and Indian War.

The man’s heavy black brows drew together in a fierce frown, but his voice was without emotion. "Madame, I am all that stands between you and the men who killed your husband. I can be persuaded to act as your protector."

Buy link:


Linda McLaughlin said...

Great hook!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Great dialogue, Mariana.

Marjorie Jones said...


Marjorie Jones said...

“Bullshit. It doesn’t matter if you have twenty minutes or twenty years. Life is always worth it. I am worth it.”

Dr. Hope Michaels

A Short Story from Marjorie Jones

Available on Kindle for .99cents!
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Linda Swift said...

From This Time Forever, Civil War novel available at Amazon and Smashwords (SW Coupon Code HA67M) 40% off thru Jan. 15th.
by Linda Swift
Unsure what protocol dictated, again she tentatively extended her hand. It was taken with a touch so gentle she would not have felt it except for the tremor which passed between them at the contact, causing her to look up into the most penetrating eyes she had ever seen.
For a long moment they stood, warm brown eyes lost in the depths of cool deep blue, then the captain made a visible effort to break the spell and spoke softly, "Charmed."

Trina Lane said...

From WaterColors, sequel to In Dreams He Came, Available TOMORROW!

Will walked over to Phil and raised an eyebrow. “You gonna tell me that you’ve never done it somewhere public? Somewhere slightly dangerous where you could be caught at any second, but damn the consequences? You’ve never been with someone where you had to have him, and you had to have him then and there?”
Phil swallowed slowly and shook his head.
Will captured Phil around the waist and pulled him in tight. “Pity.”
Phil’s eyes went wide, then hot. He threaded his fingers through the loops on Will’s jeans and tilted his head so their noses rubbed together.
Will breathed Phil’s breath for several seconds. “We’ll have to rectify that,” he whispered.

Buy Link:


Babette James said...

From my contemporary romance, CONVINCING CAMI, His Girl Next Door #2, releasing this Tuesday.

She caught her breath and looked up to find Jack studying her with a puzzled, serious expression that she’d never seen on his face before. The twilight added a deceptive privacy to the dim room and made Jack’s eyes appear dark and deep with—


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Teresa Reasor said...

From Whisper In My Ear and Erotic Fantasy available January 30, 2015Drew gently broke the kiss and she opened her eyes to look up at him. A gasp escaped. The normal human planes of his face had transitioned to something more angular and rugged, his cheekbones flatter and more prominent, his eyes holding a preternatural glow. He looked…foreign, majestic and…desirable. Amazon:

Trina Lane said...

From my upcoming release, Turkish Delights. The story of three very different men, from three different countries, trying to build a love to stand the test of time.

“We’ve been touring the city and sampling the local restaurants, trying to figure out the best way to seduce you. It looks like Emir finally got tired of all the subtle approaches. All I have to say is it’s about time.” He captured Garrett’s face between his hands and kissed him—hard.
Oh, bloody fucking hell! He ripped away from Kyle and stared into the man’s blue eyes. “I shouldn’t. God knows I… But pray he forgives me, because I must.”
He grabbed Kyle’s shoulders and dragged him in for another kiss. He was pinned between the two men he’d been dreaming about every night.

Buy Link:


Trina Lane said...

From Love's Return, available NOW as early download from Totally Bound Publishing. This scene takes place during a friendly game of pool.

Eric stepped back and let Dean set up. The sneaky little shit slithered right by him, a trim hand skimming his stomach. Dean stopped directly in front of him and bent over far more than necessary to take the shot. Eric’s cock pushed against the material of his jeans, wanting to come out and play. After Dean sank the first ball, he straightened and turned that tight, lean body to face him. Eric stood in front of the rack holding the extra cue sticks and Dean sauntered up to him, stopping when no more than an inch separated their bodies.
“I think I need another stick. This one felt a little soft.” Dean reached behind Eric and lifted one from the rack, letting their chests graze together.
“I hate it when I pick a limp stick.” Eric leaned back against the wall and slid one leg between Dean’s. That long cock rubbed against his thigh for a second before Dean stepped back.
“Yep, one with a good, solid thrust is far superior.”
“Well you know, some people say that it’s not the stick but how you use it.”
“Those people don’t know what they’re missing. There’s nothing like the feel of a well-formed stick in your hands.”

Buy Link:


Rose Anderson said...

Great snippets, everyone! Remember -- only 1 to 3 lines. Pick some with punch!

Erin OQuinn said...

from SPARRING WITH SHADOWS (Gaslight Mystery 2)

Michael, head bowed, saw the limp suspender lying on the bed, a shadow of Simon’s despair. Then his lover’s hand began to inch toward his own.

Still in his rude trousers, Michael rolled to where Simon lay on his back. He pulled the naked shoulders into his own chest and let the man’s tangled hair spread there, a dark wound.

Sharleen Scott said...

Caught in the Spin, Book 2 of the Caught series
by Sharleen Scott

He smiled. “I’m fine, thank you…now we have the pleasantries out of the way…may I…” She nodded, closed her eyes, and tilted her chin up, ready to be kissed. “Have this dance?”
She opened her eyes. “What?
“Dance,” he said with a soft laugh. “You know, two people, up close, moving in circles…” Bodies rubbing, breath mingling. So, why didn’t he like dancing?

buy link:

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards
A paranormal Regency endorsed by bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick

“Is this a rough diamond that you wear?”
“Part of a crystal,” she answered. She would not tell him more than that. He need not know about her.
“Unusual, like its owner.”
He pulled her close again and she felt the raw power in him, the strong virile energy of the man. God help her, she found him as attractive as he was intimidating.

Kelley Heckart said...

A snippet from The Bear Goddess:

She shifted her gaze and froze at the sight of a naked man standing before a tub of water. He rubbed a thick, glistening paste all over his muscular body. Her mouth opened in awe. Having grown up among satyrs, she had never seen such a handsome man.

James D said...

A snippet from DREAM DOCTOR (book two of the Dream Series):

Still, I’m going to keep a close eye on her. And if she so much as puts a hand on him, I'll cut her heart out. I know how to do it, too. I’ve been reading ahead - the instructions are right there in Grant's Dissector. Page 75.

Dee Ann Palmer said...

From Christiana's Choice, a medieval sensual novel. Reg $2.99 but $.99 on amazon 2/14-2/16.

Incense filled the hushed chapel, its scent as familiar and comforting as the ritual use of the holy water and the sign of the cross.

Christiana’s upturned face as he turned to hand her the lighted shaft glowed in the soft light, as angelic as a fine painting. Their hands touched as he passed the candle to her, and he felt a small hot rush jolt through him that had nothing to do with the heat of the candle’s flame. He felt her start and knew she’d felt it too for her gaze locked on his own, her face a study in surprise. He held her gaze, fighting desire as it welled up inside him, creating the need to taste the sweetness of that innocent mouth, brush her eyelids with his kisses, crush her tight against him so she could feel how his body swelled with wanting.

Carolina Valdez said...

From AMEN TO LOVE, a January ARe Top Fifty Best Seller

Gunfire. Four shots. There was no mistaking the sound.

Bond dove off the jogging path and belly crawled to hide in the mountain forest’s undergrowth. The leaves had begun to turn fall colors on some trees and drop, but the firs and pines here were thick and green. He lay flat with his ball cap bill pulled low to hide the reflection of his skin until he heard a car peel out and its motor grow fainter and fainter until it disappeared.

Realizing he hadn’t been the target, he duck-walked out of the trees and scanned the lake and shore.

Joan Reeves said...

Set in January, SCENTS and SENSUALITY, about a perfume designer and a computer genius, is hot enough to melt the frozen tundra!

"Your friend doesn't know what she's talking about," Harrison said. He stopped moving. Now they weren't dancing. They were just swaying in time to the music. "There's nothing wrong with the real you, sweetheart."

With that one sentence, he had her. She could smell him, and his scent was strong. Musky. Maybe it was just physiology, she thought, with the tiny part of her brain that still worked. Something about her female pheromone receptors went bonkers when he was near. He'd said sweetheart. Amanda didn't know if it was how he'd said the word or the endearment itself that warmed her so completely.

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Jana Richards said...

This snippet is from my soon-to-be-released (February 6, 2015) contemporary romance ONE MORE SECOND CHANCE from The Wild Rose Press:

He stopped abruptly, his lips clamping shut in a thin, angry line. Averting his gaze, he took a deep breath. When he turned back to her, his steely control was back in place. “So yeah, if I have even the smallest suspicion that a child has been abused, I’m going to ask questions. And I’m not going to apologize for it.”

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Helen Henderson said...

For your perusal,a snipped from IMPRISONED IN STONE.

The murderers of his family once again stood before him, as they had time and again. Dylan prepared to fight. His hand closed around the hilt of his sword. Nothing was there. A moan grounded in despair echoed through Dylan’s soul. His spirit was still bound to the stone... his powers still chained by the magic of his enemies. He was helpless.

Available at Amazon and elsewhere. Go to for excerpts, complete list of buy links, and a free read of the first chapter.

Helen Henderson
Amazon Author Page