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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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E. Ayers said...

CAMPAIGN (Brad and Ryn's Story)
A River City Novel
by E. Ayers

“Ryn, we can start with the fact that you’re mute.”
“That doesn’t seem to bother you when we’re making love.”
He put his elbows on the table and buried his head in his hands.

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Rose Anderson said...

Enchanted Skye by Rose Anderson. Alex and Jenna are taking in local entertainment at the pub. Alex and his siblings are regularly teased over the family legend that says they have selkie blood (it's true). Here Jenna plays along and Alex answers telepathically. Oddly, she hears the words he never spoke out loud.
In the spirit of the men at the bar, she teased, “And if I found your seal skin?”

I’d love ye forever, Jenna MacLeod.

“What did you say?”
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Catherine Kean said...

Here are a few sentences from my novella A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER, in the ENCHANTED BY AN EMERALD Anthology:

A glimmer of acknowledgment skimmed the edges of his consciousness, but swiftly vanished as his mind shifted to the significance of her words. Safe, she’d said. Yet, he was tied to the bed.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From The Adonis Touch by Romy Gemmell - 2nd novella in the Aphrodite and Adonis series set on Cyprus.

“Do you never become bored with our games, sweet Aphrodite?” Adonis plucked a bloom from the grass and inhaled its perfume while watching his lover.
Aphrodite turned her gaze from the taxis and buses depositing a new intake of guests at the low-level hotel, and smiled through narrowed eyes.
“But it is such fun helping these humans to open their hearts and lives to love."

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Zanna Mackenzie said...

From And The Earth Moved

I slam on the brakes and try to stop my car ploughing into Charlie’s which is now blocking the track up ahead. Charlie is standing in front of it, hands on hips and an un-amused expression on his face.
I notice he doesn't even flinch as my car screeches to a halt only a foot or so in front of him.

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Anne Carrole said...

This is Release Day for LOVING A COWBOY-here's a snippet:

“So you don’t deny there’s still an attraction between us?”
She took a deep breath as she felt her cheeks flush. “I don’t deny it. But it’s a physical attraction, and you’re in no shape to act on it…so we’re good.”
He shook his head. “Honey, a few things were broken, but take my word for it, that’s working just fine.”
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Marie Laval said...

This is a snippet from my historical romance THE LION'S EMBRACE.

“You are one lucky woman,” a voice called from the bank.
Still breathless, she spun round. Saintclair crouched near the water, a knife in one hand, a pistol in the other.
“How l-long have you be-been here?” she stuttered, her teeth chattering from cold and shock.
“Long enough.”
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Erin OQuinn said...

From Nevada Highlander, wherein a touring Scot falls arse-over-bollocks for a Nevada State Trooper:

“Do you think you have to make love like a bull elephant? Are you always so … abrupt in your sex habits?”

“Sex habits? I have none. And until you lad, I’ve never made love to a man.”

Who's on whose tail?

Jana Richards said...

Good morning! Here's a couple of lines from ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, book 3 of my humorous contemporary romance series, Left at the Altar:

“I was just saying hello to Daniella.”

Chantal looked her up and down. “Since when do you say hello to Dani by sticking your tongue down her throat?”

Jana Richards
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Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War holiday romance, The Christmas Ball.

She fingered the pistol tucked into the belt of her coat. She’d been in the ranks in previous battles and was skilled in both rifle and pistol. She’d defend herself if she had to.

Savanna Kougar said...

HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel.

However, her life had been so cruel at certain times, and so brutally disappointing, any hope she harbored remained in short supply.

Sherilyn thought of it as smaller than a mustard seed.

"Dontoya. Zance," she murmured, simply to hear their names, to know they were real.

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Rita said...

From a WIP. Forever and Always.

Sara slept like a baby, waking every two hours, unaccustomed to the warm, hard, plane of Nick’s body against hers. Now, she woke shifting from an erotic dream into a semi wakefulness. Or was it a dream?

I write about Extraordinary Women and the Men They love. My books are available where ever fine ebooks are sold.

Rita said...

Gaaah! forgot my web address
Rita Henuber
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Linda McLaughlin said...

From Rogue's Hostage, historical romance:

Easily he encircled her in his arms, one hand at her waist, the other tangling in the hair at her nape, pulling her head back. She couldn’t miss his musky smell as he pressed closer to her. Her knees were weakened by the quivering of her limbs, and she fisted her hands in the rough linen of his shirt.

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Ute Carbone said...

From my novella, The Whisper of Time

“This,” Slate murmured into my ear, “is what heaven is.”
“I love you,” I answered and he kissed me, softly, as though the whole world rested on the tenderness of a single kiss.

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Julie Lence said...

Luck of the Draw by Julie Lence
Western Historical Romance

He nodded and swallowed the medicine. “More,” he demanded.
“I don’t think—"
“Either give me more or I get the whiskey.”
They stared at each other a long moment before Paige finally relented. “You’re a rotten man.”
“I know,” he grinned. “And you love it.”

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Mari Christie said...

From "La Deesse Noire: The Black Goddess," releasing June 15.

Air blew hot as a leopard’s breath, forcing steam from the wastes the girl had sluiced again and again from her mother’s skin. The sandalwood smell of the rock hills infused the room, washing clean the scent of the next life, softening the sharp sounds of women gossiping in the rice fields, opening her mind to the cloudless sky. Over the chirrups and tittering of children running on the riverbank, the sound of one lonely girl chanting and keening slipped under the door.

Jude Knight said...

The first sentences of "Farewell to Kindness", releasing 1 April.

George was drunk. But not nearly drunk enough. He still saw his young friend’s dying eyes everywhere. In half-caught glimpses of strangers reflected in windows along Bond Street, under the hats of coachmen that passed him along the silent streets to Bedford Square, in the flickering lamps that shone pallidly against the cold London dawn as he stumbled up the steps to his front door.

Jude Knight said...

Nice, Mari. The last sentence is sighworthy.

Jude Knight said... for the first three chapters.

Maggie Le Page said...

Hi there :) Here's a quick snippet from THE TROUBLE WITH DYING, which released last month.


“We need to talk,” he says, and I’ve never felt more trapped than I do right now, because I’d love nothing more than to talk with this man. But he can’t hear me and the only version of me he sees is the one lying prone in the bed.


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Mari Christie said...

Oh, I so cannot wait!

Theda Hudson said...

Here's a little tidbit from The Lord of the Broken Tower by Theda Hudson

Ash kissed Della lightly on the cheek and when she reciprocated, and then drew back, unsure of propriety, he said, "Kiss me as often as you will, Della with you soft lips."
She smiled, wondering if, given his druthers, he'd bruise them with hard kisses.

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