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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist.

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet, 300 words or less, from your older works. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Mellie said...

Gambler's Folly--Fantasy Romance, Mainstream Sensual, M/F

“I don’t care how it happened, Dante. It happened right under
your nose.” Damiano was furious over the situation and was being
“Signor, I watched the food, I watched the preparations for the
tea. I watched the tea while it was steeping. I never thought about
bottled water,” Dante countered.
“Well maybe you’ll think about it next time!”
Enough is enough, Karianna decided. “Dam, leave him alone. It
wasn’t his fault. Nobody sane would even consider the water. It
comes purified, bottled, and sealed. Why would he look at it?”
“Stay out of it, Karianna. It’s none of your affair,” he countered.
“Actually, it is my affair, Damiano Leone. I’m the one who got
sick. Or doesn’t that count?”
He strode over to her in a fury and she thought he might slap her.
“Go ahead and hit me, if it’ll make you feel better. But if you don’t
calm down and lay off Dante and Marco, I’ll slap the living shit out of
Damiano stopped in midstride, looking completely astounded.
People rarely stood up to him or contradicted him. “I wasn’t going to
hit you, cara, but stay out of my business.”
“Your business is now my business, Damiano. When it concerns
my health and welfare, I have a say in what happens. Now stop
shouting at everybody, and stop arguing about whose is the largest.”

Barb Caffrey said...

"A Dark and Stormy Night," military SF with some sweet romance -- written by my late husband Michael B. Caffrey and edited by me, Barb Caffrey

To set up the scene, Ensign Joey Maverick of the Atlantean Union is on leave, and taking part in a low-tech sailing regatta. There's been a massive storm, and many ships are completely inoperable. He's mounted a rescue operation, and just rescued the woman who just may turn out to be the love of his life -- Belinda Simpson. But she's not exactly happy to be there...

"What do you mean, giving me orders like that?" the recently-rescued woman asked resentfully, pacing back and forth in the close quarters of the main cabin. Her eyes darted to the makeshift beds two of the injured crewmen lay in before looking back at Joey as if he was a personal affront. "I'm Belinda Simpson, a civilian, and I demand –"

Joey stifled a sigh; it wouldn't do if he showed anything less than calm, cool competence. Instead, he cut off her diatribe with a short, sharp arm movement, and replied, "You're in no position to demand anything. We're all in the same boat, so to speak." He smiled winningly. "Besides, there are many more people out there. Some of them are still in the water, and we need to get on with things or we won't find them."

Belinda Simpson was a large woman; with her long, red hair and flashing green eyes, she would have been very attractive if her loud voice hadn't been yelling nearly constantly since she came aboard, Joey admitted to himself. But that voice of hers was a liability, especially when raised in anger, as it could probably take the paint off ships at a hundred kilometers. "I agree, but who put you in charge, anyway?"

"George Shearwell," Joey said curtly.

"Shearwell isn't my skipper," Belinda said. "Why should I follow you?"

"Because I know what I'm doing," he replied. "I'm an expert sailor, a trained Naval graduate, and more knowledgeable than you are. If there isn't anything else," he hinted, and started to turn away. He really wasn't in the mood to argue; he was tired, everything hurt, and the last thing he wanted to do was argue with anyone.

Besides, he admired her spirit, even though she was starting to really get on his nerves.

Belinda grabbed his arm and pulled him back around; he shook her off and stepped back a pace. "I'm a nurse; I can help Jenny with the patients. In fact, Jenny should be assisting me. Why should I do anything else?"

Joey understood why she was upset. If there was anyone else, she would be with Jenny. But there wasn't.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Simpson," he said crisply. "There's only me, Jenny, and you who remain fully able-bodied. You need to follow my orders."

Belinda stood with hands on her hips; she had a remarkable figure, Joey thought, full-breasted, yet without the thickness some large women developed in the waist. Instead, her waist was thin in proportion, with very shapely hips and thighs; she was large, yet powerful, like a big cat.

Then, Joey shook himself into sense; this wasn't the time for dalliance. But what's wrong with admiring the view? he thought. Especially if she's advertising it like that?


What will Joey and Belinda do next? Time is running out...

Amazon buy link:

E. Ayers said...

WANTING Mac and Amanda's Story
A River City Novel
By E. Ayers

He looked at his watch and tossed his empty beer bottle in the trash. The beer quenched his thirst, but not the firestorm brewing deep inside of him. He made his way to his bedroom. A good night's sleep would be welcomed.

In the bathroom, he stared in the mirror. He didn't consider himself exactly male model material. Those guys were all slimmer, with square jaws and long noses. He had the boy-next-door look about him. His once blonde hair had turned to a dirty shade of brown. His waist had expanded from an athletic thirty-four to a thirty-six. He wasn't fat, but his abs no longer resembled a washboard. He had matured into a man.

He looked down at his hands. Once calloused from holding a baseball bat, they were now soft, and his nails well groomed. He ran those fingers through his hair. It always amazed him that women swooned over him. He knew it wasn't really him as much as it was his money. Money buys a lot of things, but not happiness.

He didn't have time for a relationship nor did he want one, until he saw Amanda. There was something very different about her. She had sweet wholesomeness about her; she was not some plastic broad hankering for a little fun or a lot of money. She did to him, something animalistic, enough to make him toss all precaution out the window.

Horny? No, it was beyond that. He stepped into the shower. The very thought of her reached deep inside him and stirred powerful feelings that he had never felt before.

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Available as a Kindle Unlimited

Evelise Archer said...

Eldridge's Release (M/M)
Evelise Archer

Eldridge surveyed the man before him with rapt attention. Damn, thought Eldridge, as he eyed the man in front of him. Large was the first word that popped into Eldridge’s mind. Even sitting the man had an imposing figure. Dalton had to be at least six feet, six inches tall. Eldridge wondered if the size of his cock would match his height. His pants become tighter than they already were and his face heated as he continued to stare from beneath his lowered eyelashes. Hair so blond, it was almost white, hung past the man’s shoulders, held back with a leather thong. The strands looked silky. But what really drew Eldridge was the eyes; cobalt blue, piercing, and the kind of eyes that could look straight into a man’s soul. Eldridge shook his head as if coming out of a fog and composed himself. This was a man Eldridge would definitely want to get to know better.

Eldridge didn’t even know if the man was gay. There was no way someone that large and masculine could be gay. And a Dom to boot. Some woman would be very lucky to land that fine specimen of a man.
But Dalton held his hand just a touch to long for a casual handshake, and something sparked briefly in his eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Dalton.”

Amazon Buy Link~

Erin OQuinn said...

From "Cowboys and Kilts" (mm fantasy) ... the closeted castle laird Graeme meets Hugh, a man from Nevada ... The ~ marks are for internal dialogue.

In a few long steps, Guthrie was on his knees in front of him, between his legs, taking the stiff cowboy boot from his hand. His green eyes looked deep into his own, and then he bowed his head, concentrating on the task at hand. He put the boot very slowly on Hugh’s foot, then pulled it up, snug. Setting his foot on the carpet, he reached for the other one. Mutely, he looked up again, asking Hugh to extend the other leg.

It was one of those moments that rarely happen in a lifetime. The answer came to Hugh in a flash of insight that put his dick on notice. His outburst a little while ago had apparently affected this man.

~Why should a man’s sexual orientation make a difference in the way he plays ball? Or puts his fucking boots on, for that matter?~

Slowly, deliberately, he put his foot in Guthrie’s hands, never taking his eyes from the man. His host pulled the second boot up gradually, felt the fit, then set his foot back down. Now his eyes were riveted on the floor, seeming to trace the intricate pattern of the carpet.

Hugh could not find words. He was convinced anything he said at this moment would break a spell, a sudden bond they shared, wordless and powerful. When at last the man lifted his head and looked at him, Hugh found he was having trouble breathing.

He was being pulled into the depths of a grotto, hidden from the paths of mortals, bottomless, a place of secrets.

~Yes, yes, Graeme Guthrie. I am gay. How do you feel about that?~

Rose Anderson said...

Lovely snippets, but please remember today's meme calls for just 300 words. Make them count. :)

Susan Macatee said...

From Civil War romance, Confederate Rose.

He wrung out his own wet clothing, then rolled it together, and shoved the soggy roll into his pack. The girl emerged from behind the blanket, wrapped in the quilt. She glanced at him, eyes wide.

"What's your name?" he asked.

She gulped, drawing his gaze to her slender, delicate throat. "I told you—"

"I mean, your real name."

She bit her lip. "Katie...Katie O'Reilly."

"Pleased to meet you, Miss O'Reilly."

"'Tis Mrs. OReilly."

"Pardon me." He studied her. She looked too young to be married. "Where's your husband, ma'am? In camp?"

"Aye…I've got to get back."

Now the disguise made sense. While serving as a lieutenant in Federal camp the first year of the war, Alex had encountered a woman who'd followed her husband into the military and pretended to be a man, sharing his tent. She wasn't discovered until ten months later when she delivered a baby girl.

He eyed the girl as she huddled and shivered in the blankets. Dry clothes would help, but they also needed a fire to ward off the cold. He didn't think building one here would be wise, though. They might alert a patrol. He didn't want to encounter soldiers of either army right now.

"On my way here, I noticed a cabin just up the road a spell. Didn't see anybody around. Reckon we could see if it's empty, or if someone's there, they might take us in for the night."

She frowned. "You can go if you want. I'll be just fine on me own right here."

"Reckon it'll get mighty cold tonight, ma'am."

"There's plenty of wood. I know how to build a fire."

"You're not afraid of alerting Yankee patrols?"

"I can take care of meself, Mr. Hart. I was doing it long before I signed on with the army."

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

From A Promise at Dawn, an erotic short story -

Autumn on the coast of Maine…

Faye Burke inhaled the rising steam from her morning coffee as she leaned against the corner post on her porch. She loved watching the sun rise from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. For someone who dreaded the days, dreaded the length of them, dreaded the nothingness of them, she loved the beginning of them. Gold and crimson and lavender streaked across the horizon, reflecting off the clouds poised low over the water.

Ten months. Ten months, one week and six days ago her husband's grand and glorious heart gave out. It wasn't that they hadn't had warning. In fact, despite years of warnings, death had still come as a painful shock. It had taken her breath away, made her feel like the loneliest person in the world. Even though, at sixty-five, he'd been decades older than her forty-three, she hadn't fully prepared herself for this. For the devastation of it.

She'd bought this beach house on the coast of Maine sight unseen except for photos on the real estate firm's website. Wanting the most picturesque cottage as close to the beach as possible and in the remotest village she could find was her plan because she had a lot of thinking to do. Fortunately, money wasn't an issue and she didn't have to continue working at her job in bank marketing. It would have occupied her mind but somewhere along the line she'd lost all interest in her career.

Some people, like her brother and her husband's sister, accused her of wallowing in self-pity and, by God, she was. That's why she was here in this small down east village of Roque Bluffs, Maine hiding out until she could see her way out of depression and into the rest of her life.

Jane Leopold Quinn -

Lesley Diehl said...

Angel Sleuth by Lesley A. Diehl
a mystery with heavenly help

Kaitlin Singer needs time off—from a philandering husband, from a writing career stalled on a buzzard as a main character, and from the stash of chocolate in her lingerie drawer. Her decision to return to her childhood home might seem like the perfect way to get her life back together were it not for her mother foisting two visitors on her, guests who claim to be guardian angels. Perhaps not all is lost, for the angels might just be the companions she needs to help her solve the murder of a local newspaper columnist. To uncover clues to the crime, Kaitlin takes over the dead woman’s work, writing the column as well as volunteering in the senior center, moves which put her in the path of the killer. She and her guests will need assistance from a pot-bellied pig and some pool skills to bring the murderer down.

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Anonymous said...

Shifter Born:

The second night out, they sat by a campfire after eating. Jacques picked up the scent of another human approaching the camp. He motioned for John to be silent.
A man stepped out of the trees with a rifle pointed at Jacques. “Everything okay, John?”
“Just fine, Joe.”
Jacques looked from the newcomer to John and found a pistol pointed in his direction. He frowned and shook his head. “You don’t really want to do this,” he said.
John laughed. “I saw the money pouch you flashed around in Idaho Falls. I’ll take it if you don’t mind.”
Jacques shook his head. “You’re making a big mistake.”
“You’re the one who made the mistake, Frenchy,” Joe said. “Now give the man your money pouch.”
Jacques stood. Only he was no longer a human, but brown bear rising to over eight feet tall on his hind legs. He batted the rifle from Joe’s hands.
“John, shoot him!” Joe screamed.
“I can’t, I might hit you.”
The bear backhanded Joe with his huge paw. The blow threw Joe toward John. Joe landed on John and the pistol went off. Both men scrambled to their feet and ran.
As Jacques shifted back to human form, he called out, “John, you forgot your horses and wagon.”



Gilli Allan said...

Cheating a bit: 'TORN' is from by backlist but it's just been republished by Accent Press.

In the following passage Jess has given in to temptation and now regrets it.

She woke early; it was still not fully light. Though she immediately knew where she was and who with, she could not quite comprehend how it happened. One minute they were hardly more than acquaintances, the next they were behaving as though bewitched – as if some powerful love drug had been slipped into the bottle of cognac, mesmerising them, altering their perceptions and their normal responses. The bed smelt musky; it was a familiar enough scenario, the faint odour of sex and sweat, but this time she felt almost scared – as if she was no longer in control.
A mild nausea washed over her. She’d been here before – too often. She had the resolution and will power of a slug! More crucially, what would his expectations be? He might be an attractive and sexy man, but he was also a man who’d suffered a devastating loss in his life. He’d admitted to one-night stands with strangers, but this? It was likely he would think there had to be more to a relationship than the purely physical? So there were two ways this could go. Either he would be filled with remorse and self-disgust, which he might well turn against her. Or he would expect that last night had been the start of something – something he would want to continue. Neither prospect filled her with delighted anticipation.
All she could see was the curve of his back and the tumble of dark hair on the pillow he embraced, but from the rhythm of his breathing she knew he was still asleep. Above all she had to get out of this room before Sasha and Rory bounced in.

Sitting in Gilda’s kitchen before six, with a herd of butterflies pounding flat-footed around her stomach, was not how she’d envisaged this morning. Last night she’d meant to go home – it was the only sensible course of action. What had happened to bring her to this?

To buy TORN:
To connect with me: (@gilliallan)

Cornelia said...

For Throwback Thursday from my backlist
The Scottish Selkie
A bow and arrow carrying Pict beauty takes vengeance on a royal target but fails at her attempt to slay the Scot King, Kenneth Mac Alpin. To save her life, she is forced to wed the king's cousin, Malcolm. Just as the Scot warrior and the Pict Princess begin to forge a bond, Malcolm must reveal his incredible secret and choose between two worlds: one with Bethoc or one without.

Buy link - ebook and audio

Savanna Kougar said...

It’s not just a legend anymore... the year, 2051


Excerpt ~ Kalypso and Zryphus meet ~

“Sheriff.” The man’s voice commanded first, and announced his presence second. “Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing.”

“Yeah, that’s me.” Turning, Kalypso’s gaze gave no quarter, hard as diamonds on the outsider. “Agent...?” Dang it to hang, he was a tall and broad drink of water. She’d expected the usual tight-ass wimp, with grim lips and eyes that were mirrors, reflecting nothing but the orders they’d been given. No, this man burned with sheer vitality. His gaze assessed, a damn force of nature. She’d bet if she struck a match and tossed it toward his eyes, they would sizzle like her birthday candles, then explode at his will. Yep, he was definitely a whole load of nano dynamite, unlit.

“Agent Zryphus Dolen Vasquoz,” he answered. “Give me your evidence retrieval. I’ll take over from here.”

Audible gasps burst from Anna and Dr. Victoria at the man’s patriarchal and patronizing tone.

“No, you won’t, Agent Vasquoz. You’re here at my invitation. Only. You follow my rules or you don’t get to play ‘Find the Hair Spray Killer’. Do you understand?”

“Wowzi Powzie,” Deputy Anna whispered, watching her vid screen light up with the sparks flying between the Sheriff and the outsider Agent.

“It’s a Federal Union case, Sheriff. I have priority investigation.” The Agent’s gravelly deep voice filled the entire room.

“You have nothing, Agent. Unless I say so. You can turn around, hit the portal. Or you can cooperate. You’ll have full access. Anna will give you all she’s retrieved so far. If you want, I’ll even act friendly, let you ‘analyze’ this bag more closely.” Sheriff Kalypso approached, a lioness with no fear. “I’ll even sweeten the pot, Agent Vasquoz—let you do a quick exam of the body before we save the fetus. As they used to say, deal or no deal?”


She’s not about to give in... He’s not about to give up...

Kalypso has had one hundred years to despise the way human males behave in relationships.

Zryphus has had a lifetime of wanting, of searching for his one woman.

***Available in Ebook & Print at the usual vendors***




Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Adriana said...

Epicurean Delites (Swinging Games, Book 13) has just come out, so here's a snippet from Summer's End (Swinging Games Book 11, April, 2013) to tempt you:

Jen checked the bedroom clock. “Our guests should start arriving in an hour.” She smoothed out the tops of her black thigh-highs and peeked at her husband slipping on a black shirt. “Don’t know why we spend so much time deciding what to wear when most of it’s going to come off anyway.”
She reached for a black mini with a zipper on the side, stepped into it and with some effort pulled it up over her butt.
“I know what you mean,” Brett agreed, grinning at her reflection in the mirror. “You look hot. At least you’ve learned not to bother with thongs or panties.”
“Learned the hard way. Can’t tell you how many I’ve lost because they were ripped off or simply misplaced. There must be some parallel universe that has a lost and found for swingers.”

Summer's End Buy Link

Adriana website:

Anonymous said...

U.S. Marshal Trace Castillo is committed to keeping the peace, but no badge can protect his heart when it comes to a fiery Texas Rose.

“Querida,” he whispered again, this time with growing reverence, and rose to extend his hand and pull her into his embrace. “You have every right to be scared.” His left arm surrounded her, holding her tight. The tremor of her voice filled him with remorse for his sharp words. He closed his eyes as her head found his shoulder. When he felt the shudders rolling through her
body, he slid his right hand down her left arm and brought her hand to his lips. The acrid smell of
gunpowder stained her flawless skin. “It is all right, my sweet,” he murmured once more and pressed his lips to the tips of her fingers. Then, turning her hand over, he kissed the velvet of her palm.
Beyond the gunpowder, she tasted of honey, the sweet intoxicating nectar of the gods. His tongue pressed past his lips and traced a line beyond the heel of her palm to the juncture of her wrist. He swirled against the sensitive skin and brought a moan from her lips. “My sweet Irish rose,” he whispered, gazing into her heavy-lidded eyes.

Martha O'Sullivan said...

In Second Chance, star-crossed lovers Lindsay Foster and Brian Rembrandt get a second chance at love amid the brilliant blue waters of Lake Tahoe. In Chance Encounter, (Chances Trilogy #2), Delaney Richards and Mike Savoy’s quest for love takes them from Tahoe’s fawn-colored shores to the serpentine streets of San Francisco....Renowned ladies man Mike Savoy hadn’t counted on seeing Marketing Executive Delaney Richards again at his best friend’s wedding, let alone find himself falling in love with her. Convincing her the feeling is mutual--and unfailing is one thing. But when blackmail turns to ransom, Mike is the only one who can save her. To survive, Delaney must trust the heart that once betrayed her. The Chances Trilogy by Martha O’Sullivan. Visit for excerpts, reviews and more!

E. Ayers said...

Congratulations on the re-release. Bringing an old favorite forward always feels good.

Linda Swift said...

Excerpt: That Special Summer
In the silence just before dawn, Paula awakened with a strange
sensation of heaviness. It was a moment before she became aware that the
weight of a man's arm held her captive, and moments more before she
realized that her captor was Derek Vogel and that she lay naked in his bed
at the Coach House Inn.
"Oh-my-God," she whispered, lying perfectly still so as not to wake
him while she tried to think what to do. She might be able to find her
clothes and slip out of his room without his knowledge, but then what?
She had not driven herself here last night, so she would have to call a cab.
Someone might recognize her, and then word would spread all over town
that Amy Howard's mother had shacked up with a strange man at the
Coach House Inn the night of her daughter's wedding.
Not a pretty story, she didn't dare risk it. She could try walking home.
Two miles, in the dark, in a pair of high-heeled bedroom slippers? Hardly.
The only other alternative was to wake Derek and ask him to take her
home. And soon, before it got daylight. But first, she would get out of his
bed and make herself a bit more decent. She winced at the word that had
come unbidden to her mind and revised it to get dressed.
Gingerly she moved out from under Derek's arm and the comforter
that covered them. He groaned softly, but his deep even breathing resumed
and on hands and knees, she groped about the floor until she found her bra
and panties and hose. Nearer the door, she finally located her dress. When
she stood up, her head began to throb and she resisted the urge to lie down
Ebook: 2.99

Kelley Heckart said...

A short excerpt from Cat's Curse, Celtic historical romance set in Dark Age Scotland. Blurb: Cardea is cursed to live an eternity as a blood drinker. Aedan mac Gabrain, prince of Dal Riata, trusts no one after suffering a curse that keeps him from touching any females. Can two tortured souls find love while battling a dark goddess determined to destroy them?

The baying of hounds tore through the night.

She froze. Fear struck her like a resounding hammer blow. Could they be demon hunters coming for me? Demon hunters used hounds because animals could sense her even when she became one with the shadows. In her haste to hunt the human, she failed to notice the scent of hounds. Before she could react, two hounds the size of calves had her pinned to the ground, stunned. They licked her face, showering her face with drool.

A man’s deep voice shouted out a command for the dogs to back off. Cardea sputtered, struggling to get the slavering beasts off her.

“Fian, Donnan!” The two hounds backed off, obeying their master’s stern command.

Cardea pushed on her arms to sit up and faced the sharp edge of a sword blade, the sight of which made her draw in a sharp breath and remain still. The splash of pale moonlight revealed a man with long black hair standing over her, his great height matching a towering oak, his arms thick and muscled as oak branches.

“I would not move if I were ye, lass.” The man’s thick brogue washed over her, sweet and honey-like.