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Monday, March 9, 2015

One Line Monday!

This new Monday meme is about perfect sentences: the single line we read that makes us say, damn, that's good!

In comments, tempt us with a single powerful sentence from your novel.
Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Penny's Tales said...

Jesse’s Find – 99 cents!
A tiny hand came up to grasp his finger, dredging up painful memories that Jesse quickly shook away.

bluemistlizzi said...

A Long Trail Rolling by Lizzi Tremayne

'It might have been the mare that did it, stopping dead in her tracks, nearly dropping Aleksandra over her shoulder, or maybe it was the flies that buzzed around the blood pooling beneath the butchered man in the Pony Express station doorway, but whichever it was, it got her full attention.'


Donna Cummings said...

You just don't expect to see gunfire at a wedding.

I DO. . . OR DIE

Maggie Le Page said...



I have a sudden image of Rock Chick Gran diving into a darkened doorway, gun in hand, Catwoman jumpsuit clinging to her octogenarian figure.


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Tianna Xander said...

~Why didn’t they teach me that when some lunatic accosted me in a deserted parking lot that I would stand gawking at them with some kind of stunned incredulity?~

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