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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Susan Macatee said...

From American Victorian romance, The Physician's Irish Lady.

The front seats were occupied, so she stepped down the aisle, flushing in shame at the looks she drew from the stylish passengers. A woman with two small children gathered them against her sides as if to protect them. An elderly woman sniffed and lifted a snow white handkerchief to her nose.

Anne Stenhouse said...

This is from Bella's Betrothal currently at a special price till 28th April:
Bella's Betrothal Anne Stenhouse
Charles Lindsay released her mouth slowly, and she was fascinated by the clouding of his eyes as he opened them and stared into hers. Anger melted into the moment.
The peace, however, did not last long enough for any treaty negotiations to begin.

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Anne blogs at Novels Now

Andrea Parnell said...

From the Western Historical Romance MY ONLY DESIRE

1873 Colorado

The first shot brought Sunny Harlowe upright in bed. The second zinged through the oiled hide covering stretched and nailed across the cabin’s only window and thudded solidly into the log wall behind her.

“Paul!” she screamed, grappling through still air and darkness at the empty pillow beside her.


Vamp Writer said...

From "Immortal Relations" book #1 in the "Immortal Relations" series by G. Ogan:

My love for little animals hadn't abated by becoming a vampire and I needed to do something to help the dog. I ran the mile without stopping to confront the man...moving so fast, no human could see me. As I flew past I tapped the end of his iron pipe, causing it to fly out of his hand and I caught the pipe as I continued on.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From The Highland Lass

Finding the memory box had only added to her questions. Apart from the old black journal handed down through the years, and the photograph of her mother with an unknown naval man, it was the note hidden inside a small book of Robert Burns’ poems that had
convinced her she must come back to Scotland. Part letter, part verse, the words were branded on her mind.

Website: http;//

Mona Karel said...

First off thanks SO MUCH for these opportunities
This is from TEACH ME TO FORGET, a story of two damaged souls learning to heal each other

"He hadn’t wanted to photograph a human for over ten years. Now he wanted to fill his camera with images of her and keep them all to himself"

Shauna Aura said...

From A Fading Amaranth, my new vampire romance:

"Nathaniel wanted her so badly he burned, but it wasn’t just his teeth, his blood. He wanted her in a way he hadn’t desired a woman in years. He ached to kiss her. Could he do it without biting her?

With the blood hunger riding him, could he stop himself from trying?"

Mary Marvella said...

From "Maribelle's Magic" by Mary Marvella

When the stranger stood, Maribelle heard Sadie catch her breath. The woman turned white for a second until the strange man left without a word. Now Maribelle knew why Venus had given her no man’s name to put with Sadie’s.

Bestselling anthology!

Cassandra L Shaw said...

Grave Robber for Hire (Urban Fantasy Mystery) Book one.

My eyes rolled around, trying to focus my mind, trying to escape this nightmare, trying not to see the woman's haemorrhaging wounds, her slumping body in its desperate struggle for life. (Amazon).