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Friday, May 29, 2015

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with
the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Maggie Le Page said...

Here's the opening line of my latest release, THE TROUBLE WITH DYING:


It's one of those falling-to-your-death moments; the kind where you hope it's just a dream but have a nasty feeling you're going to wake up dead.


Want to know if it's a dream or real for Faith? Read a bit more over at Amazon.
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Maggie Le Page said...

Oops. Sorry, not sure what happened there - UK store is actually this link:

Anne Stenhouse said...

Daisy's Dilemma by Anne Stenhouse, e-pub 16th June

London 1822
“He comes as a conquering hero.”
“What?” Daisy Longreach lifted her chocolate coloured gaze from contemplation of a hothouse peach to her companion’s more sanguine stare. “Who comes?”

On pre-order from amazon and others

Iris Blobel said...


Jared's mood was still at an all-time low when they arrived in Salt Lake City the next day. He had hardly slept the previous night with his mind going over and over what he had done wrong in the relationship with Ally. Why had she been so adamant about marriage?

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...


If Billy asks me one more time if I’m all right, I’m going to thump him, Charlie thought as they walked from being debriefed to the Officers’ Mess. They were first into the room so he slammed the door and turned on his friend. “I’m fine, before you ask for the millionth bloody time.”

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Susan Macatee said...

From opening of American Victorian romance, Cassidy's War.

“Help! Help me!”

The high-pitched, plaintive cry drew Cassidy Stuart’s attention from the pots she washed in the basin on the table. She strode to the kitchen window, drying her hands on a towel, and scanned for the source.

Sharleen Scott said...

Caught in the Spin by Sharleen Scott
romantic suspense

Tallie filled the coffee pot and the soft gurgle of water filling the machine soothed her nerves. It was humiliating Clay already knew she and Tom had slept together. She hadn’t had time to digest it herself yet. Apparently, she and Tom were throwing off signals any radar could pick up. Low-flying pilots probably knew she’d slept with him.

Alice Orr said...

Lifted to the Light: A Story of Struggle and Kindness
Memoir by Alice Orr

I've always loved the Statue of Liberty because she stands so powerfully erect even though she's profoundly alone.

Available at.

Or Alice's Author Page:

Erin OQuinn said...

Hi, all. These opening lines of a chapter in THE KILT COMPLEX foreshadow events in the next book in the sequence, HUNTER'S POINT (in progress):

Alex had listened to Rory talk about the famous Montrose Estuary and the nearby Wildlife Reserve, and now his eyes searched a cloud-streaked sky as they drove, trying to spot a formation of swans or geese, or any of the several thousands of birds which made this place their winter home.

“Rory, I want to walk here sometime. Together. Follow the birds to kingdom come.”

The series is Nevada Highlander. The USA and UK links are:

Erin OQuinn said...

Love your book title, Maggie. It tells me something about you and your book. Great job! Wishing you great success.

StellaMarie Alden said...

“By God, drag her down here! Naked if you must! Bread and water from now to eternity if you can’t!” Sir Marcus Blackwell slammed his fist on the well-worn table and the sound echoed back from every direction. Of all the bad luck. Forced into marriage with a foul-mouthed, murderous widow.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

The Adonis Touch by Romy Gemmell - romance and mythology on Cyprus!

“Do you think they will come here today, fairest Aphrodite?” Adonis lazily trailed his fingers through the cool water and glanced at his lover.
“I sense they are already on their way, my love. Our powers of suggestion have never let us down before and the woman is undoubtedly susceptible to your considerable charms, of course.”


D'Ann said...

Coming July 1st!

Falling Hard:

What the hell?
He was supposed to be the only client.

Andrea Cooper said...

Crap, Kade had called the cops! Their uncles wouldn’t willingly go to jail again. How many would die because Kade couldn’t give them the time they needed?

Stolen Hearts Book 1 - Romantic Suspense

TessaBerkley said...

How? Better yet, why had she agreed to this? “I am forever jumping from one fire into another.”
Standing in the foyer of the town chapel, Juliet waited for her cue.

Lord Heartless

Kim McMahill said...

Grace Talbot gripped the steering wheel of her white four-wheel-drive truck. Every muscle in her body tensed as she leaned closer to the windshield, straining her eyes, searching the blowing snow for the reflector poles, which lined the road, or for any tire track, which would indicate someone else had driven through recently.

Traveling the remote rural Wyoming road in a blizzard was risky, and she would have avoided such a stupid act if her Uncle Moss wasn’t in the hospital fighting for his life and Butch, his only hired ranch hand, wasn’t dead.

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Savanna Kougar said...


[December 2012]

“Have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year,” Sedona badly sang, just to dryly entertain herself. “Especially if you’re seasonally depressed and have no vitamin D,” she sarcastically stretched. “Oh by golly, 2012‘s not Christmas holly, oh by golly, the endtimes aren’t jolly.


Blurb/Excerpts/Link [Ebook and In Print]: ~




Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Rosemary Morris said...

False Pretences A Romantic Regency Mystery
By Rosemary Morris

Still outraged about the marriage that had been arranged for her with such high-handedness, Annabelle joined her bosom friend, Viscount Hampton’s stepsister, Fanny Greenwood.
“What did Chally want?” Fanny demanded, using their soubriquet for Miss Chalfont
Fanny perched on the edge of the sofa without pausing to smooth her white muslin gown to prevent it from creasing; the omission indicated intense excitement, since Fanny never neglected her appearance. “What did Chally want?” she demanded, using their soubriquet for Miss Chalfont.

e-book available from: and B009YK1MFO

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Aidee Ladnier said...

The Klockwerk Kraken
by Aidee Ladnier

Jimenez’s clothes scratched at him like printed cardboard instead of cloth. He ran a finger under the collar of his shirt and swore a paper cut sliced him.

The Port Authority Judiciary sat in front in their tiered seats, plugged into the hive receiver that facilitated deliberation and joint decision-making.

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Kate Hill said...

She smiled and turned away. "It's too silly."
"I want to know."
"Okay." She drew a deep breath and released it slowly, her eyes glistening with humor and desire.

Rediscovering Thor
by Kate Hill

Jude Knight said...

Rede passed through the lychgate on his way to church, and the bell tower of St Martin’s Under the Edge didn’t fall on his disbelieving sinful head.

Farewell to Kindness, by Jude Knight.