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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Anonymous said...

“I’m not trying to put you off him, Kate. It’s just that those pilots don’t know if they are going to be alive the following day. They try to cram as much living as they can into a very short time. Be careful, that’s all I’m trying to say.”

Into The Unknown - A World War Two romance by Lorna Peel

Andrea Cooper said...

Her lips tasted of cherries and vanilla. God, she felt good in his arms.
His tongue swept across her bottom lip, seeking an invitation.

STOLEN HEARTS Book 1 - Romantic Suspense

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From British Regency intrigue, Dangerous Deceit by Romy Gemmell

Yet, his nearness to her now and her reaction to it was proof that Lord Sheldon was wrong in one way at least. Lydia had changed. Never in her life had she wanted to be held and embraced by a man as she did when walking beside him, aware of the strength of his arm and the delicious disquiet of his presence.


James D said...

From DREAM VACATION (book 8 of the Dream Series):

When Brian begins to stir, I put it out of my mind and give him a kiss to wake him up. It definitely does the trick, and before long, we’re all wrapped up in each other, his hands all over me – until we hear it.

First, the TV next door, much too loud, and then it goes quiet and Steffy’s voice rings out, perfectly clear through the wall, “You’re gonna wake up Mom and Dad!”

Susan Macatee said...

From American Victorian romance, The Physician's Irish Lady.

As the train lurched to a complete stop, Keara’s head spun. “Oh, my.” She stepped back into the seat, but another departing passenger jostled her, and a wave of dizziness sent her reeling.

Babette James said...

From my contemporary romance, LOVE BURNS

He coaxed her mouth to open to him and innocent ignited to sizzling. He tasted of scotch and heat, and she forgot why she wanted to push him away. Why she should.

Love Burns on Kindle

D'Ann said...

Falling Hard (coming soon):

What the hell?
He was supposed to be the only client.

D'Ann said...


Savanna Kougar said...

THE MOUNTAIN LION KING, ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel ~ By Pat Cunningham

From Chapter 1 ~

This was no dream, no illusion. This was reality. Once that iron gate closed behind her, she would never emerge again.

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Kathryn R. Blake said...

Deep into her thoughts, Felicity did not see the door to the bedchamber being nudged open, but she sensed movement and presence. Despite all that she suspected, she still let out a small gasp when a white leopard slipped through the crack in the door. Then it turned and stared at her through deep-green eyes that were aware, intelligent and ravenous.

DEADLY ENCHANTMENT - A Victorian Paranormal Romance

J.M. Maurer said...

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Seeking Love (Emerging From Darkness Book 1)
by J.M. Maurer

"I don't own anything pale pink or with white fluffy feathers."
"I'll buy your a blouse, you don't need nightwear."


Amazon US:

*Seeking Redemption (Book 2) is also available

Kate Hill/Saloni Quinby said...

Maybe it was because she arrived at ten minutes to midnight that Wildberry Hill looked ominous. Tangles of bushes lined both sides of the walk leading up to the mansion silhouetted against the enormous autumn moon.

May shivered in her worn cloak and made her way toward the house.

Starving Artist by Kate Hill