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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Stephanie Queen said...

from USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen's upcoming release--now on Pre-Order:

Beachcomber Investigations Book 3

Dane sat across from her in their special semicircular booth at the Lucky Parrot. Shana stared at him. She squirmed.
They were partners for pity’s sake, not lovers.
She flipped her middle finger at him.
It was extreme, but she was extremely out of sorts.


D'Ann said...

Falling Hard (coming soon)

She wrinkled her nose like he smelled bad when he moved toward her. Tough shit. He had as much right to sit as she did.

Margo Bond Collins said...

LEGALLY UNDEAD (A Daphne du Maurier Award Finalist):

When you stick a wooden stake into their hearts, vampires don't disintegrate into dust. They don't explode. They don't spew blood everywhere. They just look surprised, groan, and collapse into a pile of corpse.


JoAnne Myers said...

From "The Crime of the Century"

The Newsome County Grand Jury, after two days of testimony, and 56 witnesses, handed down an indictment against Richard Allen Lloyd. The stepfather was now a murder suspect, for two counts of aggravated murder with mitigating circumstances.
What the grand jury heard was all the evidence that pointed to Richard Lloyd being the killer.

Buy Link:

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Donna Hechler Porter said...

From my new release "Breaking Promises" (Children of the Light 2)

He was at the end of the drive when the words washed over him like cold rain.

"Your wife gives really good kisses."

His blood turned to ice.

Buy Link:

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Marek Benin Verus had never run from a woman in his life -- and he hadn't this time either. But what had he done? Shaking -- he was shaking!

From Ancient Ties, due out May 28 -

Jane Leopold Quinn -

Judy Knight said...

From A Baron for Becky, currently on prerelease:

She had her revenge a few moments later, when she brought him a cup of tea and leant her breast on his shoulder as she passed it to him. A small incline of the head, and he would be resting his cheek on that smooth flesh. Rede was watching them, though, and he contented himself with saying quietly, "A dish very much to my taste, Rose."

Blurb and buy link on my blog:

Kate Hill said...

It was like stepping into a fire-lit room after trudging through an ice storm. His gold eyes widened a bit, their black pupils nearly filling the iris. His lips parted, revealing the tips of his gleaming white teeth.

Sating the Lust God
by Kate Hill