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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

*NEW* Stellar Reviews!

We all know great reviews validate the story crafting we do. While single review sentences can say a lot, sometimes we'd like to share more. That's exactly what this meme is about! 

In comments, share up to 200 words from a terrific review. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Lizzie Lamb said...

This is for Boot Camp Bride - romance and suspense on the Norfolk Marshes
featured on -

"Unique meets quirky in this suspense novel featuring a teasy romance with a snappy sense of humor. When cub reporter Charlee is paired with celebrated photo-journalist Rafael, she doesn’t question why a guy like Rafael would chase a story about a Russian supermodel looking less than perfect in a boot camp for brides-to-be. She’s just excited to be the fake fiance of the man who is going to take her career to the next level. Also, there’s chemistry. With a delightful wink to the “marriage of convenience” plot of Regency novels and a dash of banter, this novel manages to be a throwback romp while remaining brilliantly contemporary. Lizzie Lamb has got it going on, and then some."

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Maggie Le Page said...

My latest release, THE TROUBLE WITH DYING, got a 5-star review from Books, Chocolate and Wine last week. In it they said:

"This book is so unique and had me hooked from the very beginning, although I just wasn't prepared for how good it is - it completely blew me away. Maggie Le Page managed to seamlessly blend urgency and drama with an air of suspense and a large helping of humour. The story compelled me to sacrifice sleep in order to see it through and ensure Faith got her happily ever after. This is a book that will stay with me for a very long time."

I was stoked! :)

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Miriam Newman said...

This is my latest 5-star review for my fantasy historical The King's Daughter, Book I of the Chronicles of Alcinia.

First of all, I am not what most would consider a typical romance reader. I like a little dinner to go with my dessert. The Kings Daughter grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go. Yes, Tarabenthia, aka Tia, was a king's daughter, but she was about to be married off to a foreign dignitary and was set to leave the country that she loved. She was a bit of a spoiled child in the beginning, but that just works to illustrate the woman she became as she matured and weathered the storms of her life.This is an thinking person's novel, not one that you can start and then check out. It is necessary to keep one's head in the game, so to speak, in order to appreciate the nuances throughout the telling of the tale. I can't wait to read the sequel.


Crane Hana said...

An oldie but goodie: AttentionIsArbitrary's review of my debut M/M erotic romance space opera Moro's Price:

"This is one wild and very deep ride. I love a good sci-fi and this delivered, but I have to say it was almost a physical workout to read. It kept me on my toes and surprised me every time I thought things would settle a bit. The enormous multi-universe and it’s intertwined political entities was fascinating. How the author saw through it all, to bring it together in the end, is astounding.

Within you’ll find vast political intrigue, manipulations everywhere and a tender, gentle and ruthlessly sexy love story."

review post:

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author site:

Anne Stenhouse said...

Bella's Betrothal, Edinburgh 1826 Review by Janice Houghland
This is the first historical romance I’ve read by a native Scottish author, but it won’t be the last. I found the dialogue to be absolutely marvelous because it was clear and concise, and at times witty and sarcastic. Ms. Stenhouse’s excellent descriptive style also enabled me to know exactly what was going on in the minds of the heroine and hero, even when their words appeared to be saying something else. The story was so realistic that I found myself discomfited by the courtship restrictions and social mores of those long ago times. The action and mystery contained in the story lent excitement to my reading as well. I recommend Ms. Stenhouse’s writing highly.
Still makes me smile.
Bella's Betrothal is attractively priced and available from most online stores. Here's amazon UK and US (where the review is) Kobo

Donna Hechler Porter said...

From Keeping Secrets, the first of my Children of the Light Trilogy:

Donna Porter's beautiful style of writing brings you a story about a plain family in the community of Friends. This is not a simple story though. She has created a depth to each of her characters, even the children, giving them their own problems to handle as their parents try to sort out theirs. She weaves her plot around each character, and has created a deep mystery in their past, that may come back to tear their lives apart. She hasn't made the story difficult to follow, rather you are pulled into the story.
I very much enjoyed reading this book, and truly I couldn't put it down once halfway through. The only disappointment I have is the ending. I wanted to see more of Amon & Mary's story. However, I still recommend this as a great read! I look forward to Donna Porter's next book about David & Annie's story, and maybe we will see more of Amon & Mary in their book.


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Rosemary Gemmell said...

For The Highland Lass by Rosemary Gemmell

'This finely layered novel evokes place with vivid realism, both in contemporary Scotland and in the past, with a compelling parallel story featuring Scottish poet Robert Burns and his “highland lass” Mary Campbell. As Eilidh searches down the clues to her own heritage, she also delves into the historical records of Burns and Campbell, teasing out a seemingly innocuous link between the two Campbell families.

Helping Eilidh with this task is her “cute meet” crush, history professor Lewis. Delicate echoes of the Burns and Campbell romance resonate for the contemporary couple, making those 18th Century chapters even more poignant. I’d not heard the story of Mary Campbell and Robert Burns, and this novelistic retelling is so splendidly wrought it could stand on its own, yet adds delicious foreshadowing to the Eilidh and Lewis plot.

Lewis is an intriguing character, both charming and mysterious, and readers, knowing how the tale of Burns and Campbell ends, will anxiously anticipate the unfolding of Eilidh and Lewis’s love. Yet there’s more: the primary reason Eilidh has traveled across the pond. Her initial goal was to find her father. Author Rosemary Gemmell does not disappoint, delivering a masterful and deeply poignant resolution.'


Anonymous said...

Ms. Zurlo craft a tautly written, sexy, action-packed tale with a fast pace, a firm, sure voice and knowledge of the BDSM scene and its practitioners, which she employs with the same devastating effect as a flogger in the hands of a skilled Dom. The emotions are real but not overdone. Her descriptions of subspace stand among some of the finest in the genre. There is plenty of action, emotion and tension. Any BDSM aficionado without this book in their collection is surely missing out on one of the modern greats of the genre!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Erin OQuinn said...

My all-time favorite review is by the inimitable Alex Akira of Rainbow Reviews for my novel NEVADA HIGHLANDER.

Jeez, what to say when there is so much, so right about this titillating, passion filled tale? First, the writing is first rate and never boring. Between highly original, innovative scenes of romance I was treated to beautiful poetic glimpses of both Nevada and Scotland.

...Alex and Rory are potent, valiant figures; courageous men of will with fiercely protected vulnerabilities. Admirable, intelligent, and hot, I loved both of these characters.

And the romance? This book holds some of the most erotic, calm before the storm, earth-shifting lovemaking scenes ever. And I mean lovemaking, not just hot sex—sizzling, passionate, tender, roll and rock, joy and pain, stuff of legend—love. God bless Erin O’Quinn for her ability to make this reader melt at just a simple phrase uttered from the lips of Rory Drummond. “Those eyes…a man could drown in them.” Okay, I just went to check on said phrase and could not stop reading the passage. Yeah, uh, I just took a seven-minute break from writing this review and I’ve read this book three times. I think I’ve written all I can without writing a spoiler...

Thank you, Erin O’Quinn, for Rory and Alex and… for your ability to steal into my senses and ignite them.

“Radiant, Visceral, Passionate!”  


E. Ayers said...

A Rancher's Dream
E. Ayers

I could happily list some of my favourite parts of this engrossing story, but I'm reluctant to give too much away. I will say, though, that events are vividly described by a consummate story-teller and I was so immersed in the story that I felt I was there, experiencing it for myself. This is a spellbinding story of bravery and determination, the grim realities of living in harsh times and the wonderful community spirit of the courageous people who came together to make that living tolerable.

International Amazon buy link
Available as a Kindle Unlimited

P.J. MacLayne said...

The Marquesa's Necklace
P.J. MacLayne

What a great, clean cozy mystery this is!! An unassuming researcher who helps authors (prior to that she was a librarian) made one major mistake--she fell for the wrong guy! Although she was exonerated from any wrong doing--someone is out to get her--her old car is fire bombed and she is being followed and all kinds of strange things and people start to come into her prior very quiet and serene life! Can she, with the help of some rather wacky characters figure out who is behind all this and why? And that necklace that she wore for exactly an hour--can she figure out where her ex hid it before she is murdered?

I read this one straight through-it was really good--I have no idea where I saw this first but I am certainly glad I took a chance and bought it--now I have to go look into Book #2!!

Buy link:

Kris Bock said...

‘Counterfeits’ is the kind of romantic suspense novel I have enjoyed since I first read Mary Stewart’s ‘Moonspinners’, and Kris Bock used all the things I love about this genre. Appealing lead characters, careful development of the mysterious danger facing one or both of those characters, a great location that is virtually a character on its own, interesting secondary characters who might or might not be involved or threatened, and many surprises building up to the climax. 5 Stars – Roberta at Sensuous Reviews blog

website sample:
Barnes & Noble:
All Romance Ebooks:
Smashwords ISBN 9781310683053

JoAnne Myers said...

5*****Star Review for “Flagitious” a crime/mystery anthology by PARANORMAL ROMANCE GUILD in January 2015

"This is a four story anthology and I will give a short review of each story".

To Solve His Mother's Murder: I loved this story, mystery, romance, lies, secrets, and betrayals.

3381 Market Street: A story full of lies, torture, rape, incest, and once again a system that seriously fails the very children they are hired to protect.

The Other Couple's Child: A very heartwarming story.

The Tarot Card Murders: This is a story of lies, betrayals, and evil.

Review: This anthology was wonderful. Each and every story was interesting and I read it in one day. I recommend this book, it was never boring.

Reviewer: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Rose Anderson said...

The Leonardo Chronicles by Rose Anderson Pre-order your copy today!

I love that this author takes what could be just another turn of the century historical romance and completely revamps it into a very sexy, smart, and scintillating read. Ellie's character is so bold and outspoken for a woman of this era, yet she easily maintains her sweetness and femininity. Nicholas too belies convention in many ways, which I feel makes his relationship with Ellie and Luca much more passionate and caring. This is a most delicious read, and I certainly hope we see more of these three lovers in the near future.
~ Coffee Time Romance & More
My Main Blog -Calliope's Writing Tablet
Amazon Author Page

Erin OQuinn said...

Yes, I agree ... this is a "thinking" person's novel, even with the sensuality and adventure. My kind of book!

Alice Orr said...

Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series Book 2
by Alice Orr

A 5-Star Review on Amazon.

Reading A Year of Summer Shadows, Book #2 in Alice Orr’s Riverton Road Romance Suspense Series was like coming home again. In Book #1, A Wrong Way Home, we are introduced to Kara and Matt, the Kalli family and the small North Country New York town of Riverton.

Book #2 features Hailey and Mark in another fast-paced thriller involving another murder, family secrets, friendships and plot twists against the backdrop of a slow-building yet intense love story.

In her characteristic street-wise voice, Orr’s characters come alive on the page through concise and vivid dialogue and sensory details. I rooted for Hailey and Mark and the love they shared. Her characters are believable and either very likable or despicable, depending on the role they played in the story. Orr’s ability to hook the reader from the first page with a dramatic incident and then draw the reader into a multi-layered plot filled with surprises and intrigue kept me turning the pages until the end.

Murder, suspense, family secrets and a love that conquers all in a town where everyone knows your business lead to a very compelling story. I highly recommend this series.

See More at:

Connect with Alice at:

Tamara Hughes said...

Beauty's Curse (the 2nd book in the Love on the High Seas series)
by Tamara Hughes

5 Star Review by Tangled Up In Books:
Intense from start to finish. It starts out on a sinking ship and immediately had me on the edge of my seat and rarely let up on the intensity from there. There were times when the characters would be in the middle of a crap storm that wasn't quiet yet resolved only to have something else happen to make an already bad situation incredibly worse. It keeps you hanging on and I couldn't have put it down if I wanted to!

I loved these characters so much! It was instantaneous with both of them. There's Amelia who has been told basically her whole life that she's cursed and that bad things follow her and happen to those around her. She's desperate to get to America and make it on her own and keep the people she loves safe from her. But despite all of that she's still able to be this very sweet and trusting person. She finds the positive in everyone but herself. And then there's David who has been through some horrific things in the year it's been since he was kidnapped by pirates. But she instantly stirs his protective side to life, he's drawn to her light.

Barbara White Daille said...

A Rancher of Her Own (The Hitching Post Hotel #2)
by Barbara White Daille

From RT Book Reviews:

Rigid ranch manager Pete Brannigan has been burned once by a career-hungry woman; his ex-wife abandoned him and their children to pursue modeling. So, when his boss asks him to help his granddaughter with a project, Pete wonders if the past is repeating itself. Jane Garland is a globe-trotting photographer with no plans to settle down. When she makes a decision that negatively affects Pete and his children, she realizes her mistake and fears she’s pushed away her childhood crush forever.

The second in The Hitching Post Hotel miniseries has Grandpa Jed once again exercising his matchmaking skills. This time, he’s going to need some help with this stubborn pair.

This slow-burning romance with an antagonistic edge addresses love, loss and learning to forgive.

Charlee Compo said...

Blayde of Darkness by Charlotte Boyett-Compo:

5 Shooting Stars from Redz World Reviews:

Blayde of Darkness by Charlotte Boyett-Compo is an imaginative story that kept me turning the pages wondering what would happen next. I love how Ms. Boyett- Compo brings in futuristic qualities to her stories and how she world builds. I find myself always wanting more of her worlds.

The characters in this story are vibrant and memorable. Blayde is strong, very alpha but he has his weaknesses too. I loved his spirit and drive. Not to mention his passionate nature.

Sage I adored because she is both kick ass tough and passionate as well. Together they are unstoppable even with the odds stacked against them.

The character connection had me invested in the lives of both Sage and Blayde from page one. I really need to go and read more in this universe. From the little I have read it is amazing wonderful and a must read. Though set in a universe you know and love this can be read out of order and as a standalone I was not lost at all.


Susan Macatee said...

Romance Junkies review for Civil War romance, Confederate Rose.

“At Sharpsburg, Rory is killed and Katie finds herself alone in the world.  With her strong Irish blood she wants to avenge Rory’s death by remaining with the Confederate Army.  Six months has passed and Katie is nearly killed when she falls off her horse and lands in a raging river.  She is rescued by a Southern man, Alexander Hart.

Unknown to Katie, Alexander is a Yankee spy.  With threatening weather fast approaching, the two find shelter in a deserted cabin.  Morning arrives and they find themselves snowed in.  When Katie comes down with a fever, Alexander once again serves as her protector.  The close quarters and the isolation bring the two together.  When they find out that their loyalties are on opposite sides, will they see each other as the enemy?

Through Susan Macatee’s words you are able to relive the past.  CONFEDERATE ROSE is a magnificent work of fiction.  Her words allow you to feel the tension that was occurring during these turbulent times.  Blended with a well developed romance, this historical is one that will grab hold of your heart and tear at your emotions.  I highly recommend this charming historical…”

Part of six book Civil War romance bundle, Whispers in the Wind.

Jami Gray said...

The Romance Reviews for Shadow's Edge, Urban Fantasy/PNR. 5/5 stars... (FREE for limited time:

SHADOW'S EDGE by Jami Gray will definitely keep you on the edge... of your seat, that is. This fantastic paranormal action novel is quite possibly the best book I've read this year. I could not put it down, and had to exercise serious self-control to keep from staying up all night to finish it. If you like anything even remotely categorized as paranormal or fantasy, do not miss out! You will love this book. It is definitely a keeper, and I highly recommend it to all.

SHADOW'S EDGE stars Raine McCord (part Fey, part Unknown). She and her Fey mother were subjected to scientific experiments when Raine was only 15 years-old. Her mother didn't make it out alive, but with the help of her maternal uncle, Raine escaped from the lab where she was being held. Still, even though she has escaped physically, years later, the effects of the twisted and brutal experimentation continue to haunt her. She has serious trust issues, beginning with a lack of trust in her own abilities, which are mostly unknown and untapped. She works for Taliesin Security, officially as a corporate and personal security officer, a convenient cover for her real job as a black ops agent, and she is tasked to eliminate threats to the Kyn community, which includes Fey, Demons, Witches/Wizards, and Shifters.

Trouble is brewing within the Kyn community. A wizard and a witch have disappeared after being approached by a human biogenetics company seeking, among other things, to create an anti-virus developed from Kyn DNA that will cure human maladies, such as cancer. There have also been inquiries into how Taliesin is organized and functions, and into the clandestine black ops Wraiths themselves. Raine is tasked to look into the disappearances and internal security breach with Gavin Durand, a Fey and every woman's dream man.

From the beginning, I was on the edge of my seat. The book picks you up and carries you away immediately. The characters and scenes are so well-written that I had no problem imagining the world in which Raine and Gavin live. The character development was flawless; the plot was unique and intriguing, and the dialogue was absolutely believable. The reader can actually feel the emotions of the characters, especially Raine's insecurities and fears, and the action is intense! This book could easily be a Hollywood blockbuster.

The only issue I had with the book was on the technical side. There were enough typos and grammatical issues to distract, and a couple places where the issues were a bit confusing. I would recommend another round of line editing. Even so, the reader can get past those issues and easily enjoy the book.

Seriously, I cannot wait to read the next book in the Kyn series, SHADOW'S SOUL. I haven't read a book this fascinating since A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Love, love, love SHADOW'S EDGE, and will now happily start reading SHADOW'S SOUL.

- See more at:

Susan Sofayov said...

DEFECTIVE offers hope for anyone who ever felt less than perfect.

“Defective submerges the reader into the heart of a mental illness with such grace and wit. The novel is written with a genuine and raw spirit that makes you feel the emotions Maggie feels. As I was reading the novel, I stood by Maggie the entire time--I experienced the journey with her.”

Kindle version for limited time $.99!

Charmaine Gordon said...

No Time For Green Bananas by Charmaine Gordon
Reviewed by Night Owl-Snapdragon
Celeste Hamlin’s suffered a loss but she’s tough. She sets off to re-traverse an old and wonderful adventure; alone this time, not entirely strong enough, but determined. Unexpected help crops up along the way, but she can’t let herself rely on others, can’t waste time on friendship, can’t imagine forward to much future.

Paul is patient and endearing but she isn’t looking for any future relationship here; in fact, she seems to be determined to live in the past. Yet, Paul is hard to ignore:

“A lone guitarist played acoustic guitar over in a corner. Jazz renditions of old songs. Beautiful and so interesting on that kind of instrument. Softly he sang, “It seems we’ve stood and talked like this before…”

Readers will fall for Paul and so hope that Celeste will stop telling herself things like “Absurd you foolish old woman” and allow herself a chance.

Kudos to the publisher here. The author definitely stepped outside the box on the character and storyline. No Time For Green Bananas is a real gem of a short story that will delight romance fans and especially more mature readers.

James D said...

For DREAM DOCTOR, reviewed by Self-Publishing Review:

"The novel is carefully put together, and has a great pacing and flow between heartwarming, heartbreaking, and everything between. The author's academic background and research has clearly paid off in both the personal and social experiences of medical school. The book is an addictive read, and even if you skipped the first book, you'll be wanting to see where life takes Sara through the rest of the series when you hit the end.

Lesley Diehl said...

The author creates a well-plotted, light-hearted mystery that has some really good laugh out loud scenes. Cozy mystery readers will thoroughly enjoy A Secondhand Murder...from Robin T., Manic readers


Jude Knight said...

Farewell to Kindness, reviewed by Mari Christie.

Her writing somehow manages to be both lush and controlled. She creates lovely, descriptive scenes that open up the place and time without overwhelming with historical detail, and the use of language is period-appropriate and provides an “old-fashioned” flavor that lingers, especially in her characters who are not aristocrats.

And on the topic of aristocrats, Knight is able to create upper-class characters whose role in the story is perfectly placed in the narrative. For instance, her heroes and their sidekicks are never unapproachable, yet her villains exemplify their class in ways that are intimidating and ruthlessly aware of their own power.

...the twists are turns were unexpected and well-paced, in both love story and action, and the obstacles were realistic and never forced for plot’s sake. Her hero, Rede, needs no love affair to distract from his purpose, a former love to avenge, giving him an authentic reason to avoid his growing passion for his love interest.

The heroine, Anne, is self-aware, protective of her family, and well able to stand on her own two feet, making herself an example for the younger women in her family to follow suit. At no time does she need the hero, which makes their eventual happy-ever-after that much more satisfying.

Buy links on my book page

Anonymous said...

Five Handcuff Review for Gabriella’s Prosecution
By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting - S.E.X. Review
Gabriella’s Prosecution, book 3 in The Black Iris Club by Skye Michaels was sexy and sensual. Gabriella and Miguel were a dynamic team both in the legal world and the bedroom.
Miguel came from a long line of Spaniards with the proclivity towards sadism and was the State’s Attorney for the State of Florida. Gabriella was his Assistant State Attorney, who for the past two years had fought her feelings for the hunky Latin.
Finally succumbing to his charm and persistence, Gabriella decided to take the plunge and the rest became heated bliss.
Add in a gang related crime, a criminal trial, and need to submit and Gabriella’s Prosecution rocked my world.
As a Latina, I appreciated Ms. Michaels’ attention to detail when describing Miguel, his family and his origins. The author created a world which took this reviewer back to her roots. Miguel was stoic and full of passion and strength. Additionally, Gabriella, although a submissive, displayed a lusty appetite rivaling her lover’s demeanor in the courtroom and the bedroom.
Gabriella’s Prosecution delivered characters with substance, beautifully written dialogue and steamy sex scenes.
Ms. Michaels’ Miguel Gatto is my new go-to hunk.
Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

Iris Blobel said...


5 stars:

New Beginnings is a sweet story about a woman in her early twenties who's had a difficult life. Sophie is strong and determined. Even though she's wise in a lot of areas she's inexperienced in others. This contradiction makes her an interesting main character. Mia is a sweetheart and she brings a lightness to the story. I wanted to see them both happy. Because I couldn't wait to find out the reason they inherited the house and if Sophie would find love I read this story in one sitting. It's a lovely, light read and I enjoyed it very much.