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Sunday, June 14, 2015

*NEW* Sunday Seven!

Today's meme highlights a 7-sentence snippet from your novel. In comments, share seven enticing sentences to make us hungry for more. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link.
Have fun!

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Anne Stenhouse said...

Daisy's Dilemma e-pub 16th June

Daisy kept her hand tucked into Reuben’s arm. She had suffered greatly from the bad shellfish eaten at an evening party and her head was occasionally light. It was reassuring to be on the arm of a strong man.
They reached the bookshop on Piccadilly and strolled through the tables and shelves. Reuben paused over a volume of mathematics and Daisy kept moving slowly along. She had a mind to buy something for John to mark their betrothal and was about to ask an assistant where she could view some of Walter Scott’s recent work when a voice she had no wish to encounter spoke.

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Barbara White Daille said...

Thanks to Exquisite Quills for the chance to share!

This snippet is from A Rancher of Her Own, book 3 in The Hitching Post Hotel series. We're in the POV of the hero, Mitch, who's talking with his former boss and the local matchmaker, Jed:

Jed nodded as if he’d read his mind, something he’d always been good at. Mitch found the trait much more disconcerting right this minute than he ever had years ago.

Probably because now he had twice as much to hide.

“With your family’s connection to the sheriff’s department," Jed went on, "I reckon it was a given you’d get involved in law enforcement even after you left town. Much as you liked horses and ranching, you never had a doubt about what you wanted to do.”

“No.” He still hadn’t, but his decision now had repercussions he couldn’t bring himself to confess to his parents or Jed. His long-held certainty, his downright arrogance that he could handle anything, had let him down when he’d needed it most.

A Rancher of Her Own - July 2015 - available for pre-order at your favorite booksellers.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your Sunday!

Andrea Cooper said...

When she sighed against his mouth, he pulled her to him until she fell across his torso. Her lips tasted of cherries and vanilla. God, she felt good in his arms.
His tongue swept across her bottom lip, seeking an invitation. When she gave it, he
growled and deepened the kiss. Their lips and tongues grew more insistent. He wanted to feel her skin beneath his hands. To kiss every inch and memorize her body.

Stolen Hearts Book 1 - Romantic Suspense

Barbara White Daille said...

Love the subtlety of "Scott's recent work" to clue us in to a time period.

And of course I'm wondering about who's speaking!

JoAnne Myers said...

From "The Tarot Card Murders" a crime/mystery anthology

While driving to New Straitsville, four men on three motorcycles
trailed Nick. As he speeded up, so did they. Suddenly two of the cycles passed his Ford and blocked his path, while the passenger in the sidecar of the third cycle, jumped into his truck bed. Seeing the man in his rearview mirror, Nick swayed his truck from side to side in a vain attempt to knock the man from the truck bed.Holding tight, the bushwhacker kicked out the back window, reached through, and grabbed Nick in a headlock.
Driving with his left hand and struggling to maintain control, Nick
wrestled the attacker with his right, before Pedro crawled out from underneath the seat and bit the thug’s arm.
“Ouch! You damn mutt!” the attacker screamed, releasing Nick.

Buy links:

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James D said...

From DREAM DOCTOR (book 2 of the Dream Series):

“Sara!” I nearly drop the phone. He’s never shouted at me like that, not ever. “You’re an idiot, do you know that? I mean, you really are. You think I’m going to leave you at the altar because of a stupid dream?”

“You should!” I wish he would just accept it already.

He lowers his voice; it’s very soft, very gentle now. “Never. I don’t care what you dreamed. Whatever it is, I’ll be with you to face it. That’s where I have to be. That’s where I want to be, don’t you understand?”

I’m going to cry. I’m going to cry and ruin all the work Kellyanne from the salon did this morning. I really am stupid. Everyone‘s saying it today and they’re all right. “Even if…”

“Even if anything,” he says.

“Even if it means marrying an idiot?” My heart’s starting to slow down now, just a bit. Maybe the tears won’t come after all.

“Especially if it means that,”

Maggie Jagger said...

Historical romance ebook - Lizzie Tempest Ruins a Viscount

Aunt Tempest’s hand pointed in her direction from the carriage window.

Lizzie’s legs froze.

Lord Felmont turned towards her. One man hurried after him. She forced air into her lungs and waited for them to approach.

She wasn’t afraid of him! Long gone were the days when she had struggled to not show her fear, or worse, faint at his feet. To her shame, she had done just that the day the Felmonts had celebrated her betrothal to him. Even her mother had found it vastly amusing, but those days were long gone.

Anne Stenhouse said...

Oh good, Barbara, that's exactly what this hook is about - preventing the reader leaving the next chapter till later. anne

Anne Stenhouse said...

It's always a good moment when the hero realises arrogance can be an encumbrance. anne stenhouse

Susan Sofayov said...

It was pathetic to hear your therapist say that you need a psychiatrist ASAP. I opened my car door and tossed my bag onto the passenger seat. Sliding behind the steering wheel, I grumbled to myself, “Earliest appointment.” It wasn’t like I was bleeding to death or needed 911-rush service to the psych ward.
During the drive back to campus, I mulled over the possibility of being Bipolar 2. I’d always considered my depression to be a misdemeanor in the mental health legal system, just like panic attacks and compulsive hand washing. Bipolar Disorder, of any type, was definitely a mental health felony.

Kindle version for limited time $.99!

Nancy said...

From Prince Charming Wore Spurs...

Water dripped from the tangle of short curls down his face. His expression held as much surprise as hers, she was certain. He took a step toward her. The towel flapped. One protruding muscular thigh insinuated that there were no briefs hidden beneath. She shrank back and felt the throb of the dryer pulse against her backside.
“I didn't know you were here.”
Obviously, she mused. “Um, me either.” Unable to disengage her glance from his face, she pointed toward the door. “I came in for Mrs. Saunders. You know, um, the dryer.” Lord, did her voice just squeak?
He stepped closer and seemed to tower over her. Delaney pulled her arms tight to her chest. He said nothing else, just kept closing the gap until he stood an arm's length away, blocking her path to the door.
Her lungs labored to breathe in the oxygen. She was becoming lightheaded. He was so close, he could easily put his arms around her—should he so desire.
Oh, yes, and she did desire.

Prince Charming Wore Spurs is available in ebook and print.

LindaRae said...


Sarah Wellingham, Countess of Trenton, speared her fingers through her husband’s butter blond curls. “Why, give me a glance with those beautiful blue eyes and toss me a sovereign and I’ll give you a tumble right here and now.”

Gabriel Wellingham, Earl of Trenton, straightened at his desk and regarded his wife with widened eyes. “What?” he replied in shock. “It didn’t cost me anything last night!” he claimed in mock dismay.

Grinning in delight, Sarah shrugged. “It’s those blue eyes and that blond hair,” she whispered as she ruffled up his hair with her long fingers. A gold filigree bracelet dotted with sapphires encircled the wrist at the base of her hand.

THE DESIRE OF A LADY is available in print and ebook formats.

Alice Orr said...

Mark & Hailey's Story by Alice Orr

"Julia matters most."

The pleading tone in Hailey's voice clicked a memory lever for Mark. He remembered his mother saying almost the same thing in almost the same tone when he and his older brother Matt were having one of their frequent fights.

"Family matters most."

Those were Angela's exact words, and Mark could see from the torment on Hailey's face that Julia was family to her.

Available at:

Visit Alice's Website:

Susan Macatee said...

From American Victorian romance novella, The Physician's Irish Lady.

“Yes.” He glanced at the station. “Did you wish to disembark here?”

“’Tis to York I be needing to go.” She leaned forward clutching her stomach.

Elliot studied her. “Are you ill?”

Mona Karel said...

Sydney has attempted to calm the stallion she took care of in Los Angeles. Devin stops her, for her safety

“From now on, stay away from Mosby.”
“Because he’s no longer a pet horse. Ty’s started using him, probably this morning.” Devin spoke as to a dense child. His restless gaze flickered across her face, settling on her mouth, then looked away.
For a moment she frowned, attempting to decipher his meaning. Then Kyle’s comments came back to her.
“You mean you think he’ll be dangerous just because he’s been bred? Was he that way before, or are you making assumptions based on general knowledge?” She tilted her head to get a clearer look at his face. It was a useless effort. Devin had effectively wiped out all expression except for stern patience.
“It’s the way stallions are, Sydney. During breeding season they can’t be trusted.”
“Male horses get cranky because they’re getting sex? Isn’t that contradictory?”

Helen Henderson said...

Hatchling's Mate - Everyone assumed Lexii and Talann's futures lay together. Fate decreed otherwise.

A Sunday Seven Preview from Book Three of the Dragshi Chronicles--

My father couldn’t order me not to try to save those trapped, whether man or beast,” Talann growled. “Dragshi or not, Lexii won’t stop me.”

Out of the darkness, panicked bugles and terrified screams rose over the pounding of water.

Glances at his friends told Talann of their readiness to support whatever decision he made. “Bring the ropes.” A tug stripped off his rain-logged tunic. “And the grease.”

Coming Fall 2015.

For excerpts, complete distribution list, or a free read of the first chapter of the other books in the Dragshi Chronicles, go to and click on the covers for Dragon Destiny or Hatchlings Curse.

Kathryn R. Blake said...


Engaged to be married, Kyle sees if Tiffany will be willing to try something new. If she truly wants him to stop, all she has to say is "apple," Until then, he continues.

They'd just made love so there was nothing between them as they lay on their sides, face-to-face on Kyle's bed. And because neither of them wore clothing, Tiffany was also quick to notice that Kyle was quickly growing erect again. Leaning forward to give her a kiss, he reached behind her.
Tiffany immediately stiffened and drew back. "No, Kyle." However, the hand she was most worried about remained stationed at the upper crease of her buttocks.
Kyle merely arched an eyebrow and slipped his hand even lower.

Jude Knight said...

From Farewell to Kindness

“No, Rede,” she interrupted firmly. “There can be nothing between us. I will not put my family at risk for the sake of a passing lust.”

“Do you think it a passing lust then? Not for me, it isn’t. I have never before felt this overwhelming compulsion to be with someone. There is lust, I don’t deny that. But there is more. I want to talk to you, spend time with you, meet you at dinner, sweep you into the dance, dress you in clothes that set off your beauty and—yes—and then remove them from you one layer at a time.”

Carolyn L. said...

From Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos...A sexy new mystery now available on Amazon:

Cyndi heard light switches flip, door chains sliding and the announcement that the house emergency alarm was being set. Jason rushed through his nightly round of safety checks as he yelled to her from various locations around the house.
"Do you have anything on you that might hurt me?" Snap went the deadbolt on the front door. "Needles, knives, or guns?" Click went the security latch on the sliding door to the back yard. "Do I need gloves or cuffs...?"
"Not sure you're gonna need gloves but cuffs might be fun," she called back as she climbed out of her clothes and dropped into the cool sheets.

Barbara White Daille said...

There you go, then, Anne - excellent!

Barbara White Daille said...

Definitely, Anne. It's also great to watch the transformation that follows eventually.

Dee Ann Palmer said...

From MIDNIGHT RIDER (In Indie-Pub Coming soon!)

If Rafael wakened, Jenny thought he at least had the privacy of that blanket. If he wanted it. Would he guess she had seen his entire, beautiful body...naked? Probably. And would he like the idea? No doubt. He was a man, a man's man. Actually, she'd liked the idea herself...when she'd stripped him.

Dee Ann Palmer said...

Great sentences!

Dee Ann said...

Should have read: "An Indie-Pub Coming Soon"