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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Seven!

Today's meme highlights a 7-sentence snippet from your novel. In comments, share seven enticing sentences to make us hungry for more. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

Tiago stared at Ingrid. Wisps of long light-colored hair hung over her cheeks and clung to her moist skin. He should have known. Had she not looked at him with hunger in her eyes? Had he not returned those looks? But she was a lady, and in an odd sort of way, she was innocent. He had already stolen her first kiss.

A Rancher's Dream
by E. Ayers
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Rose Anderson said...

The Leonardo Chronicles by Rose Anderson ~ featuring Loving Leonardo ~ an award-winning, polyamorous Victorian love story. Pre-order your copy today!
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At this point in the story, Newlyweds Nicolas and Ellie are aboard ship. Here Nicolas sees Luca for the first time and feels an immediate attraction.

My 7:
When in the presence of true beauty, my mind often imagines the person unclothed as the artists of the ages might have seen him. At my table was a statue carved in marble by Gian Lorenzo Bernini; an artist known for his remarkable ability to capture the essence of a narrative moment. I found Luca Franco to be exactly that — a moment indelibly captured in time — a moment of meeting the mind could revisit in its entirety.

From every angle, he was beautifully made: black-haired, fit, of medium build. He possessed a warm hue to his skin, his lineage no doubt stamped centuries past by the darker Moors or Turks. In startling contrast, quite handsomely framed by black lashes, he had striking eyes the color one might see in a shadow falling across snow — not quite sky blue nor exactly steel gray, but a blending of the two in gradated rings.

I rose to shake his hand and felt the unmistakable current of compatibility.
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JoAnne Myers said...
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JoAnne Myers said...

From "Is It Only A Myth?"

Slowly they advanced toward the creature, hugging the side walls. “Ah! It’s sitting on its eggs. This may be our sole chance to prove the Mothman exists,” Page said. “Please let me keep one of the eggs.”
“We’ve been through this already, Page, and the answer is still no!”
“Listen, Jim,” she whispered. “I know a man who will pay a mighty high price for a live specimen."

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Andrea Cooper said...

Stolen Hearts - Book 1 Romantic Suspense

Crystal shimmied down the drainpipe with her trophies tucked inside her backpack and computer files loaded onto her USB, hung around her neck disguised as a locket. This was too easy. Not like the Warren job where the COO kept changing the menu and supervised their catering to ensure they had followed the strict rules of kashrut. How were they supposed to steal anything with Warren always an arm's length away glaring at them?

She landed on the concrete with a thump, then removed her mask. Usually she worked at night when the catering gig didn’t provide the necessary cover, but she had a date this evening.
A blind date.

Alice Orr said...

Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series Book 2
by Alice Orr

Hailey spent a great deal of time in this house back in those days. At first they were happy days, and fun too. But that was when she and Julia were still friends.

Before the happy times changed into something else, Hailey and Julia’s favorite game had been to keep her mother from finding out how close they really were.

They’d put their heads together, the smooth-haired one and the wild one, and giggle while they came up with ways to make Virginia think Julia couldn’t stand Hailey.

That was what Virginia wanted and Virginia was in charge. Hailey and Julia called her the empress and giggled about that most of all, but only when there was no chance she’d hear them.

Hailey felt really sorry for Julia back then.

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Barbara White Daille said...

Seven sentences from: A Rancher of Her Own

Pete noted the rueful twist of her lips. She was baiting him. The idea gave him a rush of pleasure he wasn’t sure how to handle. “So, you do recall all those times you gave me grief.”

“I might have a faded memory or two,” she admitted. “That was way back then, when I was just a kid asserting my rights.”

***You’re sure not a kid anymore.***


Thanks for reading, and thanks, EQ, for the chance to share!

A Rancher of Her Own releases 7-1 in e-book and 7-7 in print:



Rosemary Gemmell said...

From my British Regency novel, Dangerous Deceit by Romy Gemmell

After the merest hesitation, he stepped away from her and bowed. “I trust you will be more careful where you walk in future, Miss Hetherington.”

Hoping she appeared more composed than she felt, Lydia replied as firmly as possible. “Thank you, my lord. It is my good fortune that you are so comfortable with a lady’s hair style and so solicitous of my well-being.”

Lydia returned his stare, determined not to betray how bereft she had felt as he moved away from her. There seemed little doubt he had seen her in the garden and was warning her. But against what?


Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a lovely excerpt, Rose!

Jude Knight said...

A Baron for Becky

She lost her next thought as he whisked her into a curtained alcove and proceeded to kiss her. She thought she knew kisses. Rough and clumsy connections, rude invasions of her mouth as the man who had purchased the right violently mauled her breasts and buttocks. Those weren’t kisses. This; this was a kiss: a firm but gentle invitation to a duet, patiently coaxing a response and then turning to a dance, a partnership of giving and taking that spun music through every vein in her body. Becky forgot where she was, almost who she was, as she melted against him, lost in a world of sensation.

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