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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Review!

Choose the best one-liner from a review (a single sentence) and share in comments. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

"...this was a fabulous novel." Victoria at The Romance Reviews on Only You by Lorna Peel.

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Berengaria Brown said...

"This was a really good book and I loved reading it" rhondavb
"Undone by Her Two Masters" (MFM) by Berengaria Brown

Maggie Le Page said...

"Stayed up until 4am reading this when I had to be up at 8!
Brilliant read, laugh out loud moments throughout!"

The latest review of A HEAT OF THE MOMENT THING on Amazon UK. :)

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Susan Macatee said...

For Civil War romance, Confederate Rose, part of six Civil War romance book bundle, Whispers in the Wind.

“CONFEDERATE ROSE is a magnificent work of fiction…Blended with a well developed romance, this historical is one that will grab hold of your heart and tear at your emotions...."

Anne Stenhouse said...

Mariah's Marriage by Anne Stenhouse attracted this sentence from Marjorette:
Mariah and Toby are real flesh-and-blood characters and I loved their story - look forward to hearing more from Anne Stenhouse.
Amazon author page

Erin OQuinn said...

I like this single line from Joyfully Jay Reviews for my gay romcom THIN AS SMOKE:

“[O’Quinn’s] style of writing has a thick sensuous tension running throughout."

The book is here:
The blog is here:

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Snippet from one of the lovely 5* reviews for The Highland Lass:

This finely layered novel evokes place with vivid realism, both in contemporary Scotland and in the past, with a compelling parallel story featuring Scottish poet Robert Burns and his “highland lass” Mary Campbell.


JoAnne Myers said...

Sue1958's 4 Star review for "Flagitious" Apr 22, 2015

Review: "Highly recommended".

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Jo Anne’s Postings:

Sherry Ewing said...

Only For You by Sherry Ewing. Review by Swedenmom

"The only downside I can see on this author is the books are not coming fast enough!"

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Veronica Scott said...

Kickass Chicks said:
Warrior of the Nile by Veronica Scott "HAD ME FROM PAGE ONE!!!!!"

Vijaya Schartz, author said...

White Tiger - Chronicles of Kassouk book One: " exceptional tale that belongs in a place of honor on keeper shelves everywhere." Johnna Flores - Coffee Time Romance - 5-cups

Jacqueline Seewald said...

DEATH LEGACY--sensual romantic suspense

Positive Review form PUBLISHERS WEEKLY:

"This thriller keeps moving from its very first pages, while the palpable sexual tension between new cohorts Daniel and Michelle fortifies the story's intrigue with romance."


James D said...

Here's a review just today of book #5 in my Dream Series, WAKING DREAM:

The author has created a unique and fascinating plot that keeps readers intrigued through each story.


Toni Kenyon said...

From a reader of PUBLIC LOVE IN A PRIVATE PLACE on Goodreads: "It will leave you wanting more and excited for the next, without the stranglehold of a cliffhanger."

Jude Knight said...

From a reader of Farewell to Kindness:

It includes so many different twists and turns and I love the story of humility, strength, kindness and romance.