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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's Back! Summer Heat

The summer heat is on! Today's meme highlights those moments that uptick our pulse or make us swoon when we read them. As all desire begins in the mind, here's an opportunity to make us want...your book.  In comments, share a sexy, sensual, sizzling, or scorching snippet 200 words or less.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

by E. Ayers

That night, Cora, Ingrid, and he sat and chatted in their beds well past bedtime.

Tiago looked at Ingrid and then at Cora. He cupped his hands over his stomach. “Are you?”

Cora’s face turned bright red. “No.”

“You are lucky.” He grabbed the rope he used to tie Ingrid and, after looking at the solid headboard, he tied her to him. Something told him she wasn’t going to run, but he didn’t want to chance it.

As Cora blew out the candle in their room, Ingrid rolled onto her side and dragged his arm over her.

Tiago muffled his laugh. “Must you make it so difficult for me?”

“You are the one who tied me,” Ingrid whispered.

“Then I shall enjoy our night.”

“Don’t you dare!”

“What are you daring me to do? I’m very good with dares.”

“Shh!” Cora giggled.

Tiago chuckled. “Then tell her to go to sleep. She’s keeping me awake.”

“Go to sleep, Ingrid, before we all get into trouble with Alisa.”

Ingrid snuggled her back to his chest and stomach.

“It’s going to be a very long night,” he moaned.

“That’s your problem. Not mine.”

“It might become yours,” he whispered.

“Shh!” Cora admonished.

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Peggy Jaeger said...

There's No Place Like Home
by Peggy Jaeger

Slowly, gently, Quentin drew the thin straps of her
sundress down off her shoulders, trailing wet, open mouth kisses everywhere his fingers glided across her pale skin. When her breasts were exposed, he bent to each, and in turn, suckled, bringing them to hardened, swollen points. Moira fisted her hands in his hair, gently tugging as each new sensation danced around in her body. A coil of need sprang up from her within her and she felt herself grow wet in a heartbeat as his teeth scraped across the enlarged nubs of her areola. When he pulled her dress down further, she lifted her hips so he could remove it. Clad only in a flesh colored thong, Moira watched as he sat up, gazing down at her, his eyes dilating again, filled with a craving and a palpable longing.

“You’re so beautiful. Even ten pounds too skinny,” he added with a grin, “you’re absolutely the loveliest woman I’ve ever seen. And the most desirable.” He bent down and kissed the tiny patch of lacy material still covering her. Her hips shot off the bed as a live wire of heat so potent and electrifying blasted through her. His hands pulled the scrap of material down as his mouth trailed over her thighs, calves; even the tops of her feet as he pulled the panty off completely, tossing it to the floor behind him.

Elena Kincaid said...

UNSHATTERED (Silver Cliff #1) by: Elena Kincaid Rated R17

They never made it into the house. As soon as Nathan pulled into his driveway, Anna undid her seat belt and climbed over onto his lap to straddle him. She kissed him hard on the mouth while her hands feverishly worked to undo his pants, and when she finally released his throbbing cock from its confines, she impaled herself on him.
They both moaned loudly and stilled, acclimating to what they had both been yearning for all evening. When she began to gyrate slowly, throwing her head back, he spread open-mouthed kisses on her neck. He held her around the waist with one hand and used the other to slip into the top of her dress to caress her breast. He freed it from her bra and dress to suck on her nipple and was rewarded by a loud moan from Anna at the same time her vaginal walls tightened around him.
Anna started to move faster. She held on to his shoulders as she rose and fell above him, planting sweet kisses on his face and softly biting on his lips. She was getting close. He could feel it. Her sexy little moans grew louder as she neared completion. His own orgasm was within reach as well, but he’d make sure she came first.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

The Aphrodite Touch by Romy Gemmell - romance and mythology on Cyprus!

“The heat’s quite oppressive away from the sea, isn’t it?”
“I think I know where we can escape it for a while,” Jamie said, with a wicked grin.
Intrigued, she followed as he led her down the age-worn theatre steps toward the rock-cut tombs and caves. No one else was about in the blistering heat. Climbing down the stone steps, they soon were inside one of the gloomy, cool chambers. It was a welcome respite from the sun, but she would not want to be down here for long, as she had never liked enclosed spaces. She turned to tell Jamie as much, but paused at his expression in the gloom.
“Come here.” Jamie took Carla's hands, pulling her against him. “I've been longing to do this for a while.”
His lips gently found hers and he kissed her softly at first. Then, as she responded in the ancient, secluded surroundings, his kiss deepened. She pressed herself closer to him, her senses ignited by his intensity. This reminded her of the Jamie she fell in love with, whose kisses had awakened a depth of passion in them both, and this one she wanted to keep for as long as possible.


Erin OQuinn said...

In all four Gaslight Mysteries, Michael pursues surly, angry Simon. The first take-down was a pyrrhic victory only ...
“I rise early. You will find an extra flat key under the wingback seat cushion. Good night.”

He fled, while Michael stood cursing his own adamant need.

A heartbeat later, he was following Simon across the plush carpet. He caught him in the middle of the floor and brought him down from behind—hard—laying all his superior weight into Simon’s back and wedging one massive calf between his knees. Simon fought back, jamming his shoulder and elbow into his solar plexus. Michael, laughing, caught his arm and twisted it behind, knowing he had the advantage of surprise and of the other man’s sudden passion.

He twisted the man around to face him. Simon, trying not to breathe hard, lay in front of him, his eyes a molten metal, his robe open. Michael looked down at the jock strap, filled to bursting with Simon’s own insistent erection.

“God, Simon, I want ye.” With both hands he pulled the scrap of cloth down, letting it catch on the bulb of his cock, then sliding it past his balls. He left it somewhere around his calves, a reminder of the man’s athletic promise.

Here on the luxuriant carpet lay the lover he had wanted his entire life. He was tall, muscular, full of storm and fight. His cock lifted like a cudgel, a warning. His knees were up, his balls tight, hiding the sweetest part of the pie. Michael licked his lips and descended on Simon.

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David Russell said...

"Undo me," she half-sang, raising her arms. Hudson's unerring hand tended the clip of her bra, which tumbled asunder and fell on the chair. A breeze kissed Selene's rising breasts as they were bared. Her own hands removed her briefs, finalising her own nakedness. The execution of those actions had been faultless on both sides. "What a fantastic sense of timing!" cried Selene. Each, to the other, became universe god and goddess. After so many times in their pasts when the brakes had been applied, when both had been frozen by reticence, or had their yearnings derided, the soul's - the universe's currents now galvanised their bodies. Now words could be uttered in acceptance of total immersion. With their slow speed they generated maelstroms, their every part revealed with deep exuberance, two bodies showing themselves as two complete presences. Now there was a full, tight-clinched embrace - thigh to thigh, torso to breasts, groin to groin. Hudson, a bit taller, took Selene round the shoulder with his right arm; his left beneath her buttocks, as he swung her on to the bed. "Now for the real backstroke" cried Selene.

from Self's Blossom by David Russell

Sophia Ryan said...


“Since that first night I saw your breasts, I’ve wanted to see them again. Wanted to taste them,” he said when her shirt hung open almost to her navel. “I’m going to do that tonight.”

She was nearly breathless from his words and his actions, so she simply nodded her acceptance.

He slid a finger under the flap of material and moved it aside. He lowered his head and brushed his lips along her jaw line, against her neck, across her chest, but made no move to touch the two rounded breasts heaving over the lip of her lacy bra.

“I want you, Kristin,” he whispered into her feverish skin.

“I want you, too,” left her lips just as his mouth reached her breasts, and she gasped and grabbed his head in anticipation.

His mouth swept across each half-moon in a languid crawl, his tongue tracing the path his parted lips traveled. He rolled his tongue around her hard nipples through her bra, sucking and nipping each in turn.

Fingers in his hair, she held his head to her breast in case he was tempted to stop. Then he did stop, and she heard herself whimper a protest.

Biting the front clasp of her bra with his teeth, he twisted it until it popped open, releasing her breasts. He nuzzled his face between them and turned his head side to side to nudge aside the cups with his nose and chin. Her breasts exposed, nipples reaching up to his mouth, he stared at them, a hungry grin on his shadowed face.

Then his eyes met hers. They were soft and drowsy as if he were drunk on the taste of her. “Ready, darlin’?” he whispered.

“Loved the book…spicy, a good story line, romance, drama, a page turner.”

Wild Rose Press
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Savanna Kougar said...

This is from my shapeshifter erotic menage, HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS.

His mate's smoky green eyes settled on his face. "How do you want me?"

Every which way but loose, Zance's mind answered.

"How about lettin' this big bad wolf mount that beautiful ass of yours?" Zance felt his wolf growl with need low in his loins. "But only after I get a long taste of those pearly breasts of yours, sweetheart."

A wild little moan escaped her. Her breaths quickened, and she raised upward rolling toward him. Zance stared, appreciating her trembling voluptuous breasts.

"Rough as she can handle, right, darlin'?" Behind her now, Dontoya stroked her back.

"Looks like you're the big bad wolf for the job," she crooned, playing the seductress.

Yet, Zance heard her shy side. Rising, he knelt on the bed, his shaft bobbing near her rosy mouth, swollen from Dontoya's kiss.

"Lollipop," she sultrily murmured. Reaching out, she daintily slid her thumb and forefinger up his length.

Zance's breath jerked inward, and his abdomen muscles tightened, looking like an old-fashioned washboard. She stopped at his engorged head, then slipped her fingers down his shaft.

Dontoya moved off the bed, silent as a big cat. "Headed for the bathroom. You're on your own, pard, till I get back. Careful, darlin'. Looks like Zance-dog's six shooter is about to fire."


Blurb-Excerpt-BuyLinks: ~

Have a sexy week,


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Babette James said...

From LOVE BURNS (The River #3), a steamy contemporary romance:

“They looked real good, Nate and Kay. Took ’em damn long enough to figure it out.” He sighed, his smile brimming with honest happiness for their friends. “Everyone’s fallin’ in love…” His low words rolled out tuneful, as if he sang for her, sweet and deep and sad.
His smile faded into pensive serenity, and he softly touched his lips to her cheek.
A shivery gasp escaped her.
Easy, it’s just a kiss…nothing to raise a fuss over, simply an innocent, inebriated goodnight kiss. One moment, then you’ll step firmly away, and he’ll free you.
However, as he traced his firm, warm lips curiously from her cheek to jaw, his breath and the sandpapery burr of his dark evening beard teasing her skin, allowing one moment drifted into more. A man shouldn’t smell this good after a July day in Vegas and a night of drinking.
Dave settled his mouth on hers. In no hurry, he played with her lips, cleverly caressing with surprising sweetness. She’d never imagined the irritable, impatient man could be leisurely, affectionate, but…
Is stealing one moment’s respite from the pain so wrong?
He coaxed her mouth to open to him and innocent ignited to sizzling. He tasted of scotch and heat, and she forgot why she wanted to push him away. Why she should.

Love Burns on Kindle

Nancy said...

From Prince Charming Wore Spurs by Nan O'Berry

Her knees went weak, and to hold herself aloft, Delaney swept her hands around his waist, clinging to the loose folds of his shirt. She leaned against him and relished in absorbing the heat from his body. The gentle press of his fingers angled her head to the side, allowing him greater access as his tongue swept between her lips to plunder her mouth. She met his attentions with equal enthusiasm. His groan of delight encouraged her to be bold and when his tongue retreated, hers advanced. As if he thought she could pull away, his other hand cradled the other side of her head and held her in place. With a groan, she gave in to her desires and concentrated on bringing his senses to a similar frenzy.

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