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Thursday, July 16, 2015

*NEW* Blog Party!

Are you an author who also blogs? Today's meme invites readers to our blogs and websites to see what else we've been writing. 

In comments, share your blog topics for the week and website/blog link, then scroll through the participants and do some visiting yourself.  Have fun!

Share your participation with a ready-to-go tweet.
Or make your own.

Blog Party on Exquisite Quills!   #Thursdaytreat


E. Ayers said...

Oh, this is fun! Can't wait to follow everyone around the web!

Barbara White Daille said...

My blog, The Daille-y News, is a mix of motivational posts, visits from special guests, my writing news, and sometimes whatever strikes me.

Yesterday's and today's posts are Spotlights of two authors celebrating their new releases - and I know they'd love to have you drop in!

Saturday, I'll be announcing a guest interview of my own.

Hope to see you over there.

”The Daille-y News” Blog

Peggy Jaeger said...

Peggy Jaeger
On my blog, I talk about writing topics, host visiting authors, and try to provide some insight into the crazy mind of a writer and how we work. Stop on by, because Writing is my Oxygen.
This week I'm talking about the upcoming RWA conference in NYC next week and first kisses.

Erin OQuinn said...

I have four or five blogs. But this week, I am running an article on my publisher's site that some folks might find enlightening ... all about how the real-life writer Dashiell Hammett became a character in my latest Gaslight Mystery.

See photos and read an eye-opening excerpt from the novel THIN AS SMOKE. Did Hammett put himself in the characters he created? Was he a kind of Sam Spade?

The link is

Rose Anderson said...

I've had a busy week on my blog. Do stop by. I'm sure you'll find some of these eclectic topics interesting:
Calliope's Writing Tablet
Today ~ Hotdogs!
Wed. ~ Ven­tril­o­quy
Tues. ~Town Criers
Mon. ~ Barbershop
Sun. ~ A hilarious pet
and come back for Friday's post ~ Flitch Day
and Saturday ~ All about ice cream

Come see! Subscribe for more. :)

Rose Anderson said...

Just in case that link isn't showing ~

Jacqueline Seewald said...

I actually write for two blog sites. My personal one is:

Tuesday marked the release date of GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee. Hope you will join me as I discuss this novel and start a summer reading list to which you can contribute if you like.

Jacqueline Seewald
DARK MOON RISING now available for pre-order!
Sensual paranormal romance from Luminosity

P.J. MacLayne said...

I've been taking part in a weekly blog hop for a few months now. This week's topic is vacations.

Daryl Devore said...

On my blog I have author spotlights 2 or 3 times a week and the other days I am on weekly blog hops.

Erotic Notions
Mon 13 – Author Spotlight – Clare James - Caught
Tues 14 – Author Spotlight – Annabeth Leong - Challenge Accepted
Wed 15 - WIP It Up Wednesday #Wipitup
Thurs 16 – Author Spotlight – Melissa Keir - Crashing Into Love boxed set – Crash and Burn
Fri 17 – Friday Snippets #FridaySnippets
Sat 18 – My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday
Sun 19 – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday

Daryl Devore said...

Although it didn't turn blue - you can click on my blog title to visit blog.

Rose Anderson said...

What hop is that, PJ?

Anne Stenhouse said...

I love blog hops. It's so interesting to see what others are up to. I've been at a conference and just posted a few paras about that with pictures.
Novels Now is my blog and it's at

Donna Cummings said...

I usually blog at my site -- All About The Writing -- about a variety of writing topics. But my muse Endora (yeah, that one!) wanted to visit a friend's blog. So before she vanishes in a cloud of smoke, I'm doing my best to interview her. I'm also giving away a copy of my latest release to each commenter (up to 20). Hope you can stop by!
Interview with My Muse Endora

Donna Cummings said...

Looks like I managed to goof up the link. LOL No wonder Endora torments me all the time. Here's the right one:

Interview with My Muse Endora

Sophia Ryan said...

I don't blog, but I do read blogs. I'm impressed by so many authors who find the time to keep one up, and I look forward to visiting yours!

Sophia Ryan

Rose Anderson said...

I've stopped at all of them up to this point. Lots of good blogging!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Lovely idea! My blog is where I've been talking about the RNA conference I attended last weekend.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I primarily write paranormal romances (both historical and contemporary) as well as contemporary spanking/BDSM romances.

I use my blog to help promote my work along with those from other authors whose work is similar to mine, To that end, I participate in 3 weekly excerpt blog hops where I share excerpts from my published books (Wed-MFRW Book Hooks, Sat-Saturday Spankings, Sun-Sneak Peek Sundays)

Tuesdays are usually reserved for Guest promo posts.However, for the next five weeks I'll also be sharing excerpts from other authors' works on Thursdays as well as Tuesdays.

Friday is Frisky Friday where I share excerpts from mostly my published works, though I'll do an occasional pre-release excerpt, if I have something coming down the pike in a few weeks.

Lastly, Moony Mondays are a free-for-all day, which I usually take off to set up my posts for the following week. I will do an occasional guest post, share a bit from one of my WIPs, or post an article on Mondays as well.

This week my schedule/is was/is:

Monday - Guest Post/Promo for Corinne Alexander's newest romantic release "Melissa's Saving Grace" from Corbin's Bend Season Three.

Tuesday - Guest Post/Promo for Ravyn Rayne's First Federal Agent Chronicles Romance "Burning Desire"

Wednesday - my Book Hooks excerpt is from my first published novel, "Mortal Illusions," a vampire romance

Thursday - A Guest Post/Promo excerpt from Maggie Ryan's newest Erotic Western Romance "His Passionate Pioneer"

Friday - for Frisky Friday I'm posting an excerpt from "Past Interference" a novella sequel to my Corbin's Bend Romance "A Simple Misunderstanding"

Saturday - for Saturday Spankings I'm posting an excerpt from "A Simple Misunderstanding" a romance which highlights the difference between abuse and Domestic Discipline

Sunday - for Sneak Peek Sunday I'll be sharing an excerpt from "Acting Lessons" my Domestic Discipline story based on the musical "Kiss Me Kate," which in turn is based on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew."

Because most of my posts revolve around spanking romances, I keep my blog behind an adult warning tag, but it's really pretty tame as far as that goes. No one needs to poke out their eyes after visiting.

Come visit me at

James D said...

I've got a blog set up at my website

Writing Dreams

I've also got pages set up for original artwork about my books, and some of my own photography - please drop by and chekc it out!

Iris Blobel said...

My blog is ~~ ~~

My schedule is usually:

Sunday - Sunday Snippet
Monday - Music Monday
Tuesday - Tuesday Tales
Wednesday - MFRW Book Hook
Thursday - "May I introduce..."

"May I introduce" is a book / author feature, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to take part.


Maggie Le Page said...

Hi :) What a neat idea! I've recently updated my website and to coincide with that I reinstated my blog. I don't have a schedule, and all my posts are very random. :) Go take a look if you dare!

My blog:

Cora said...

...writing through time

I blog about my thoughts, my life, my trips, my books. This month I had a guest author and poet bring her thoughts and poetry. Before that I blogged about my trip to San Francisco to the ALA conference, where Gloria Steinem spoke, and my parking lot kurfuffle. I try for fun, information, artistry and info about my books and short stories--romantic suspense with past life connections..

Cora Ramos Blog

Cora said...

Great blog. I 'liked' your Facebook page. Good luck.

Cora said...

Your site is clear and easy to read. I need to take some cues.

Cora said...

Wish I could have gone to the RWA conference in London. Must have been fun.

Cora said...

Your blog site is nice and clean; easy to read--love the background picture.

Cora said...

I enjoyed that post on Dashiell Hammett. I recently gave a talk on Hammett and noir writing of that era. Fascinating history.