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Thursday, July 23, 2015

*NEW* Blog Party!

Are you an author who also blogs? Today's meme invites readers to our blogs and websites to see what else we've been writing. 

In comments, share your blog topics for the week and website/blog link, then scroll through the participants and do some visiting yourself.  Have fun!

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Blog Party on Exquisite Quills!   #Thursdaytreat


Peggy Jaeger said...
this week I am at RWA 15 in New York City and I'm blogging 2-3 times a day about the comings and goings of the romance writing world here. Click on at
and thanks for sharing the blog link with your peeps!

Aimlesswriter said...

Writers, Slackers & Motivation
I have several blogs but my writing blog is the Aimlesswriter

Daryl Devore said...

Erotic Notions -
This is what will be feature in the next 7 days
23 – Author Spotlight – Melody Parks – Claiming Crystal
24 – Friday Snippets #FridaySnippets
25 - My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday
26 – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday
27 – Author Spotlight – Abigail Lee Justice - Heart Series
28 – Author Spotlight – D.L. McCleary - A Good Day
29 – WIP It Up Wednesday #Wipitup

Erin OQuinn said...

THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF GAYS: Did you know that words like camp, drag, dish, and brandy all have specific gay connotations—and that they've been part of an underground cant for more than 100 years?

Read this article, complete with vintage photos ... some eye-popping watercolor art ... a gay glossary ... and even a YouTube vid showing gays speaking the secret language! The blogstie of Charles Raines

Erin OQuinn said...

Author Richard S Charles (Charles Raines) might not be happy to see his site referred to as a "blogstie" in my post above. Sorry for the typo, but take a look at the provocative blog! THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF GAYS

Victoria Adams said...

Victoria’s Pages of Romance – but I feature all kinds of books – romance to mystery to children’s books
July -
23 – author spotlight – Ashlyn Chase – The Cupcake Coven
24 – Friday Snippets #Friday Snippets
25 – My Sexy Saturday - #MySexySaturday
26 – Weekend Writing Warriors - #8sunday
27 – author spotlight – Barbara Lamplugh – Secrets of the Pomegranate
28 – author spotlight – D'Ann Lindun – Falling Hard from Crashing Into Love boxed set
29 – Book Hooks - #MFRWhooks
30 – author spotlight – M.J. Moon - The Girl With the Twirl

Liz Flaherty said...

About circuses and writing books...

Sophia Ryan said...

Good morning! As I said before, I don’t blog, but I love to read other authors’ blogs. One of my favorites is Writer Unboxed. There, various writers take turns filling the blogger hot seat, providing the reader with great tips on how to strengthen his or her writing. I particularly enjoy Barbara O’Neal’s writings – she’s got a zen-like quality to her that calms me, lifts me, and inspires me. Check it out! Sophia Ryan

Sophia Ryan said...

blogstie - a blog that is messy and disorganized. HA! I think you just created a new word! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like an interesting topic, and I'll be checking it out. Sophia Ryan

Rose Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing, Sophia. A great idea. I might make another meme!

Savanna Kougar said...

FLASH SCENE BLOGGING ... Come on by...

Durk and Zeo, Crunch Time
by Savanna Kougar

Leo Sun howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yep, once again: *Continued from last week, a short flash scene 'cause that's all I can manage.* ... To Quote: "Our Talbot's Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch."

Finally ... Operation Crunch, It's a Go!


Durk and Zeo, Crunch Time

"Smells like Blade Runner -- our own alien Bugs Bunny -- scared the piss out of those revenuer agents," Durk yelled to Zeo. The wind ripped away his words, but Durk knew his motorcycle buddy heard him. They were a team on the roads and the highway that led out of Talbot's Peak.

"What a stink!" Zeo roared above the wind, even as he roared his speed racer, zooming toward the UFO-stopped car. "What do those guys eat? Smells like they bellied up to a carcass with the buzzards."

"Wahooooo! Look at them suits run." Durk pumped his fist, yet didn't come close to losing control of his cycle.



Wishing you romance on the wild side…

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

Rose Anderson said...

Today for #ThursdayTreat I'm blogging about scarecrows on my Calliope'sWritingTablet blog. You won't believe the lesser Greek god who started that trend.

Scroll down for:
Wednesday~ Dog Days of Summer
Tuesday~ Apologues & Rats
Monday~ Lollipops!
Sunday~ an adorable #SundayFunday!
Saturday~ Make Mine a Double

Authors! I blog every day and often have interesting facts to add to your stories. I always offer links to more with each post. Subscribe and they're all yours!
Calliope's Writing Tablet (this link is active, blue or not)

Fiona McGier said...

My most recent blog on my website was about how good/evil the heroine/hero can be before they are too unbelievable to keep reading. I have some strong opinions, and welcome comments telling me your views. http://www.fionamcgier.vom

I also blog on the 16th of the month on the Sweet'n'Sexy Divas site, and my most recent blog was on relaxation: are you a restful relaxer, or are you like me, a "busy relaxer?"

Dee Ann Palmer said...

This week my blog and website are devoted to NIGHT TRAIN, now on pre-order for Kindle. #HistoricalRomance #EarlyCalifornia

Last week romance author of all things Egyptian Janis Susan May was my Guest Author. We had a giveaway.

I've shared the death of our precious dark tortoiseshell cat, Ella, and the recent thunderstorms here in drought ridden, thirsty southern California.

Kate Hill/Saloni Quinby said...

My Compelling Beasts Blog is dedicated to antiheroes, antagonists and villains. I host guest authors there as well. Zombie week will be starting on Saturday. For seven days the blog will highlight books, movies and series that focus on the zombies' point of view.

Anonymous said...

My blogs this week are dedicated to a special place in NZ which completely changed the finale of Book 3 of The Long Trails Quadrilogy, called The Hills of Gold Unchanging! See:

Check out my blog for the two blogs I've posted on at:

Come on by!
Lizzi Tremayne!

Alicia Coleman said...

I have two blogs. This week I blogged on my travel bucket list first destination at Alicia Coleman Romance Author blog
. The second blog, I referred to the blogger blog and I also posted a book spotlight at Alicia Coleman's Blog
. My website is

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Thanks for this opportunity!

I blog at Joanne Guidoccio

On Monday, I introduced a new series - Mondays for Mermaids. I'm preparing for the August launch of The Coming of Arabella.

On Wednesday, I featured author Lois Winston. She chatted about Anastasia, the protagonist of her mystery series.

I like having different voices on my blog. If you're interested, visit my Be My Guest page.

Joanne :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone!

This week on Once Upon a Story

I'm blogging about my Kindle Scout winner "Love Me Forever," a Civil War time travel romance.

It's up for pre-order this week on Amazon and already has a 5-star review (I'm thrilled!).

Love Me Forever on Amazon

Check out the graphics I designed about Lollipop Day and Ice Cream, too, on my blog.

Thank you for this opportunity!