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Monday, August 31, 2015

One Line Monday!

A lot can be said with a few well-chosen words.  In comments, share your novel's best one-liner.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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E. Ayers said...

E. Ayers

**The elusive dream of his own ranch rested before him, a reality still shrouded in a morning mist that reflected the green of nature, of money, of success, and of a future.**

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Margaret Fieland said...

This is a line from "Rob's Rebellion," fourth in the Novels of Aleyne series, available soon from MuseItUp Publishing:

General Kazarinoff pulled an old-fashioned cloth handkerchief out of his pocket and blew his nose with a honk loud enough to rouse any goose who might have been catching a nap.

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Erin OQuinn said...

Well, each MM novel has it's, um, peaks and valleys. Here's one of the opening lines from my latest #gay #romance #thriller HUNTER'S POINT:

Silken fire lashed the crack of his ass.

Sophia Ryan said...

by Sophia Ryan

She had never been one to believe in fairy tales—not with the childhood she’d had—but he was the first man who made her wish she did believe in cotton-candy sentiments like love at first sight and happily ever after and true love always wins.

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Elaine Violette said...

“My dear, I am an avid collector of the myths of the moment, relics of rogues and rapscallions and tales of meek mice, married to old bores, who give extravagant parties then scamper around at night in guest rooms, nipping on the tail of their newest catch.”
~Spirited and mischievous Aunt Cornelia in Regal Reward

Janice Croom said...


The voice came from the true object of his desire, a blonde bionic woman: collagen lips, silicone breasts, and no way the Lord gave her that "sista-girl" butt.

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Kyra Halland said...

Lainie, the heroine of my fantasy-western series Daughter of the Wildings, dealing with a man who has double-crossed her (from the forthcoming City of Mages, book 5):

She moved her gun to press the muzzle against the base of his skull. "The next lie you tell me is going to be the last thing you say."

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Andrea Cooper said...

VIKING FLAME - historical romance novella and prequel to Viking Fire and #99cents.

Bram, answering an Irish sailor when asked if he's come to Ireland to rape their women and pillage their monasteries:

“No.” Bram tucked the small blade into his boot. “To find my bride.”

Crane Hana said...

From my M/M space opera romance Moro's Price, when Val meets Moro:

"You just saved my life, and all you want to do is die?"