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Friday, September 18, 2015

First Lines Friday!

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

by Peggy Jaeger
He should let her sleep.

She looked so relaxed, so content in sleep.

Her hair had fallen across one cheek in disarray as she lay on her side, her hand tucked under her chin. A small sweet smile clung to her lips.


Kate Hill said...

Not all demons are born. Some are conjured, and others just appear.
Sinister appeared, forming in the smoke from the hottest fire in the deepest bowels of hell.

Shadowed by Kate Hill

Sophia Ryan said...

Happy Friday! This three-sentence snippet is from Chapter 1 of my sexy new-adult book 6 DAYS OF YOU. Enjoy!

“You can come visit, but we won’t be having sex.”

Not exactly the thing a girl wants to hear from her boyfriend after suggesting that the two of them spend their week-long fall break together in his dorm room and make love for the first time.

Yet, that’s exactly what mine said—and that was after fifteen minutes of me trying to talk him into letting me come up to his college at all.

“Daryl and Lily find each other and oh man if that was the best love making. Seriously I was like... Holy gees! Wow! And Wowsers!” –GOODREADS REVIEW, 5 STARS

Wild Rose Press
Other Sophia Ryan Books

Margo Bond Collins said...

What an ass-hat.

LeeAnn Walker pushed herself up onto her hands and feet, leaning into downward dog until she felt the stretch across the backs of her calves. She tried to concentrate on perfecting the pose in an attempt to push the memory of the previous night’s teary phone call out of her mind.

Opposing the Cowboy
by Margo Bond Collins


Andrea Cooper said...

Still, he couldn’t stop thinking about those piercing emerald eyes. There was intelligence and cunning in them. Her stare felt as though she saw through the fa├žade he often wore as prince and to please others, and into his kajh.

Allie Kincheloe said...

Talia bumped in to him, teasingly, and an intense longing rose up within him. Crap. He thought he'd squashed that.

Sean's Sweetheart by Allie Kincheloe

Chanta said...

When the first blow slammed into the old man’s head, his decrepit body crumpled to the earthen floor. The amulets draped around his neck for protection from evil spirits clattered together as he fell. It had been many years since his ancient bones had been tested in battle.

Rise of Queen (Medieval African Historical) by Chanta Rand

Sandra Cox said...

The door opens and my breath stops. I’m not sure my pounding heart hasn’t as well. Inside a five by four foot tube, filled with a blue aqueous substance, I see her.

Anonymous said...

Sally struggled to open her heavy eyelids. Her body was heavy too; she couldn't even scratch her itchy nose. Why can't I open my eyes?

Planting the Seeds of Love: A Novella by N. N. Light



Rachel Leigh Smith said...

Three hundred sixty-six days and the images continued to haunt him. His screams and cries. Master’s whispered final words to not lose himself, no matter what.

My Name Is A'yen, futuristic/paranormal romance
Nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc:

Helen Pollard said...

Laura watched him clutch his lower back as he strode away.
Remembering the heap of sheets and bedcovers in his room, she
grinned as she and put two and two together. From the look of it,
Daniel Stone had slept on the floor last night.

Holding Back by Helen Pollard

Dee Ann Palmer said...

The thunder and lightning roared off into the distance, leaving only darkness and the sound of rain beating against the adobe walls of the hacienda.

Outside Jenny Dalton's bedroom door, hammering and shouts intensified until they rose above the angry night sounds and finally wakened her. Heart pounding, for no one would have summoned her unless it were an emergency, she fought against sleep and stumbled out of bed.


Dorothy Callahan said...

Three minutes until the break in. Three. Only one hundred eighty seconds. T minus one seventy-nine, one seventy-eight.... Maggie stared at the front door to her penthouse, watching, listening. He’d already gotten past the front desk staff. Neutralized some of the security cameras. Evaded others. If he made it into her home—
If he made it in—

IMPENETRABLE: Let No One In... coming out Monday 9/21/15