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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stellar Reviews!

We all know great reviews validate the story crafting we do. While single review sentences can say a lot, sometimes we'd like to share more. That's exactly what this meme is about! 

In comments, share up to 200 words from a terrific review. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Anne Stenhouse said...

Bella's Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse 99p
Review by Tina Williams at release
Fans of Regency Romance are well advised to grab hold of Anne Stenhouse's recent release, Bella's Betrothal, an exciting and engrossing read, which gripped me from the first page. It contains murder, attempted kidnap and evil intent, family secrets, malicious gossip and mayhem, plus much wit and humour and engaging characters, not least the hero and heroine, whose sweet romance is at the heart of the plot.
Bella's Betrothal amazon UK and US

Andrea Cooper said...


Viking Flame is a fast, amazing read that will leave you wanting more of Bram. Bram arrives in a new land to marry a nobleman's daughter, but he finds himself attracted to another, and she's a very fiery girl indeed. I won't give too much away, but this short novella is the perfect tease before diving into Viking Fire. Highly recommend this to all historical romance lovers, especially those who can't stay away from sexy Vikings.

Gilli Allan said...

From FLY OR FALL - last week of 99p/99c offer.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. This is Eleanor’s story, and she is a woman one can easily relate to. Married young, to the selfish Trevor and with teenage twins, her life seems mapped out and fully controlled for years to come. A house move - prompted by Trevor of course - certainly stirs things up when the family move into a dilapidated property and a team of builders more or less live on site, including the enigmatic Patrick. Changes are afoot as Eleanor makes new friends and starts work.
The complexities of all these relationships, new and old, are cleverly and convincingly drawn. Eleanor experiences several discoveries about the people she thought she knew, and more importantly, about herself. Does she find the courage to fly, or will she fall?
The narrative is compelling, the characters are real and I believed every single word. (@gilliallan)

Erin OQuinn said...

About COWBOYS AND KILTS, a gay fantasy novella, by a reader called Greebo:

“Wow. Just wow.”

"Cowboys and Kilts" has a little bit of everything. You want strong Alpha men? You got it! Sweeping landscapes? They're there! Interesting history? Check! A bit of the paranormal? Yep! A beautifully written love story between the aforementioned strong Alpha men? Oh...YES!

…”Cowboys and Kilts" is mysterious and exciting. It's sexy and romantic. It's a [novella], but just so...epic. The descriptions of the scenery are expansive and sweeping. I felt like I was on that bus tour, and it left me Googling parts of Scotland that I never knew existed. I don't want to give anything else away. I want you to buy this book. You won't be sorry. I highly recommend it.

Margo Bond Collins said...

About Sanguinary

"Is it possible to have too many vampire stories? SANGUINARY shows there is room for one more. Cops with stakes and vampires intent on ruling--only problem is that love is stronger than blood. A nicely written vampire cop romance." 5 stars ~ Robert E. Vardeman, author


Boroughs Publishing

Margo Bond Collins

N. N. Light said...

About Planting the Seeds of Love: A Novella

"Ultimately, this is a cute little novella with a good, solid romance. Sally’s situation is drawn honestly, and she makes a few mistakes, just the way most normal people would. She’s not a larger-than-life personage at all, which actually gives more depth to the plot — people should relate to her, as she tries to figure out whether she should go back to college (and Trevor), or stay on the farm with Jack. And both guys are decent fellows, which makes Sally’s choice that much harder.

You see, in life, sometimes there are no wrong answers. But the reasons you make your choices show exactly where your character lies.

Bottom line: I enjoyed PLANTING THE SEEDS OF LOVE. It reads quickly, has a solid romance based on compatibility and respect rather than being merely about sex, and the love triangle was realistically drawn, and earned four very solid stars — and a recommended tag."



Helen Pollard said...

HOLDING BACK by Helen Pollard

"If you fancy a pleasant journey and holiday romance in sunny Portugal in summer, this is a novel for you . . .
I read it in one enjoyable sitting. The main characters are authentic and likeable, the plot is plausible and unassuming. The setting is idyllic, small coastal towns in northern Portugal, and the happy ever after ending brings a tear of relief to the eye. What's not to like about it?"

Amazon US:
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Blog & website:

Sherry Ewing said...

A five star review for my free medieval romance If My Heart Could See You by Sherry Ewing

Truly another Magnificent Medieval story! By Nicole Laverdure

What a beautiful story is this book, If My Heart Could See You, nicely written by Sherry Ewing, it's stunning, powerful and emotional! I loved the characters Dristan of Blackmore, a knight with a heart of gold and Amiria of Berwick, a proud and stubborn lady, their story stole my breath away!

After reading many Medieval romances, Ms. Ewing's book, took me by surprise, I could not put it down, she got me hooked to Dristan and Amiria's romantic and perilous story! If My Heart Could See You, is the love story, of two beautiful souls, along a journey filled with twists and turns, loyalty, betrayal, honour, trust and passion. The story starts, after the invasion of Berwyck castle, by Dristan, as the champion knight of King Henry II, when Amiria, decides to hide under the identity of her brother, dressed as a young man. Slowly, he will notice her trickery and challenge her in combat which will create awkward but beautiful moments, making it harder to resist her. Is there any hope, for love, when both are enemies? Only time will tell!

We meet other interesting characters such as Lynet, Ian, Sabina, Patrick. I'm looking forward to read the next story A Knight to Call My Own, which will be Ian and Lynet's own story. It's a real page turner to devour! Another amazing tale to recommend!

Sherry Ewing Website & Blog

Sherry Ewing's Amazon Author Page

Jude Knight said...

This review of A Baron for Becky is wonderful.

An absolute masterpiece, this book should come with an insomnia warning label as once started it is impossible to put down.

The heroine Becky, is a delight. The male characters were not the only ones to fall under her spell. Jude Knight creates a leading lady with such courage, wit, intelligence and compassion, that I too fell in love with her.

Knight defies ordinary romance conventions and in doing so, elevates the genre. The story takes place over time, and takes the reader on unexpected journeys with characters that were real, believable and compelling. I got caught up in their pleasures and pain, and felt genuine concern for their outcomes.

Imperfect though they were, the flaws in the characters only served to make them more alive and interesting. The sexual antics of the men laid bare double standards, that exist then and now, between the sexes. With a most dexterous pen, Knight illustrates the hypocrisy without judging the characters themselves.

No fan of Regency romance should miss this unique and master(or should I say mistress)ful tale. Sheer brilliance.