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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Seven!

Today's meme highlights a 7-sentence snippet from your novel. In comments, share seven enticing sentences to make us hungry for more. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Erin OQuinn said...

BURNS TOO DEEP tells the story of a Police Scotland cop and a mysterious Scot he meets along a lonely highway.

Burns felt the acrid tears welling behind his eyes and tried to turn his head. Too late, he tasted them on the lips of the man he was welded to, bound tight as feathers to a bird.

He knew he should have been seeking physical release before now, before he’d met Thomas … instead of letting it explode tonight out of his heart as well as his slit.

Is this all I feel? Sexual detonation … my balls blowing up? Or something much more?

He had measured this man for wings and could not stop now.

#gay #erotic #fantasy #mystery #novella

Peggy Jaeger said...

First Impressions
by Peggy Jaeger

“Have you ever been friends with a girl before?”
she finally asked.
“Yes. Friends.”
“Have a beer and shoot some pool friends? Or the kind with benefits?”
She laughed out loud, shook her head and grinned. “Have you ever been friends with a girl without having sex mixed into the equation?”
“Not since I was sixteen,” he admitted and then felt his neck heat. “Why?”


Susan Macatee said...

From American-Victorian romance novella, The Physician's Irish Lady.

She nodded not sure what she should say. Her gaze drifted over the other diners, and her stomach grumbled at the aromas of soup and cooked meats the passengers had set before them.

The waiter returned with a tray and placed bowls of soup and spoons on the table. “I’ll return with your plate of meat and other delicacies in a moment.”

Keara glanced at the doctor and wrinkled her nose. “Other delicacies? You shouldn't be spending so much on me.”

Helen Pollard said...

From summer romance HOLDING BACK:

"Excuse me. You've picked up the wrong bag."

Deep and decisive, the voice startled Laura from behind as she loaded her luggage onto her hard-­won airport trolley.

"No, I don'สนt think so." She swung round to confront the voice's owner. Unnerved to find him towering over her, she took a step back, stumbling over her trolley in the process.

With lightning speed, he reached out to catch her arm, his grip strong as he helped her regain her balance.

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Scott Berger said...

From "Quite The Catch", a romantic suspense just released:

In shock, Gabriela leaned against the wall for support. There were bodies―dead bodies―in her bedroom. Blood stained everything —the floor, the walls, her bed, Royce, and herself. She stared at her hand, which still kept a tight grip on the gun. Time stopped completely. Gabriela shut down. Only when she felt Royce pry the gun from her hand did she emerge from her daze.

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Sharleen Scott said...

Caught in Cross Seas
by Sharleen Scott
romantic suspense/mystery

“You should meet him,” Harlie said.
Clay frowned. “Who would that be, darlin’? I was busy admiring the view across the table and missed what you said.”
Her cheeks flushed. “My friend Buck. You kind of met him already. He’s the older guy who was in my car the day of the accident.”
“I thought you said it wasn’t an accident.” He leaned on his elbows and smiled. “It was some sort of detour, you said. Not sure where you planned to detour since it was a good drop down the cliff to the ocean. Do Smart Cars float?”

Gemma Juliana said...

Autumn Masquerade
by Gemma Juliana

Anna stared at her friend, her mouth hanging open. “When did you become a detective, or are you psychic as well? Maybe you just forgot to tell me for the past twenty years.”
They laughed, and it released some of Anna’s tension. She waited for dessert to arrive before replying.
“It’s my boss,” Anna felt naked as she exposed her soul to Gina. “Don’t tell anyone.”

Livia Quinn said...

Cry Me a River by Livia Quinn
Isn’t it just like a man to exit a relationship when he finds out a woman has a few little secrets?
The last time I’d seen my almost boyfriend, Jack Lang, he’d been out cold on the floor of the Enchanted Glen clubhouse—not from drinking, he’s the sheriff after all. No, he’d tripped and hit his head when he was… uh… enlightened about Destiny’s true nature.
It was the shock that made him stumble—finding out that Destiny is not Mayberry, the quaint ordinary town where he’d planned to raise his daughter, shielded by Plain-Jane humanity from all crime or weirdness. Jack had just gotten his first real look at the underbelly of Destiny, and right now, I’m the face of that underbelly. Those few tidbits he’d learned earlier at the clubhouse were like snow crystals on the slopes of the Alps, or like raindrops in an ocean of well… extra-normal details.
I tend to think of things in weather terms since I’m a Tempestaerie; some of my human friends just shorten it to storm witch, though I’m not actually any kind of witch.

Maggie Le Page said...

This excerpt is from THE TROUBLE WITH DYING, a romantic suspense that has just earned an Honorable Mention at the InD'Tale RONE Awards :)


“We need to talk,” he says, and I’ve never felt more trapped than I do right now, because I’d love nothing more than to talk with this man. But he can’t hear me and the only version of me he sees is the one lying prone in the bed.

His fingers continue to play with mine, stroking, caressing. And as I feel the repeating twist of ring on finger, I suddenly see what I should’ve seen straight away: that band is on my ring finger.

I’m married.

I look at Nate Sutherland—my husband—with fresh eyes; eyes that understand precisely how much this man means to me, how much I mean to him, and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

The only question is: do I still have one?


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Jude Knight said...


All along the river front, people stopped to watch, as Chirbury began to edge crabwise across the face of the hill.

The rockfall happened in slow motion: a tree on the top of the falls slowly bent towards them, then trickles of stones became gushes, then the large rock that topped the cliff tilted, slid, and finally fell, thundering down the hillside, pushing its way through the scrubby growth and dragging more rocks and earth in its wake.

Anne heard screaming, and realised that she was one of those who had called out. When the dust began to settle, Lord Chirbury became visible, still clinging to the hillside at the right of the gouged earth left by the fall. She sank back onto the barouche seat, suddenly weak.