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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tickle Us Tuesday!

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that will bring a smile, incite a giggle, or
make us laugh out loud. Don't forget the buy link and your website/blog link. Have fun! 

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Angelica Prim said...

Eastmont Clan--Jake

by Angelica Primm

“This is nothing,” said Jake, “like back home, but it’s still the outdoors.”

They’d driven over an hour to Rocky Mountain State Park and traveled through the massive park until they found a picnic area near a small lake.

“It’s beautiful, sir, but you promised me dinner.”

“And dinner you should have. I’ve come prepared.” From the cab behind the front seats, he pulled out some paper bags.

“Sorry. Doesn’t have the cache of a picnic basket, but I promise you it’s delicious. We found this gourmet deli that makes the most awesome prime rib sandwiches.”

“Prime rib?”

“But if you don’t like beef, I have a chicken Caesar salad or crab meat on a baguette. Real crab meat. I tasted a sample before I bought it.”

“Do you even know what a baguette is?”

He shrugged. “What? I can’t know what fine food is?”

“I didn’t know lumberjacks were into fine dining.”

“It looks like bread.”

She laughed. He continued to bring things out of the bags and put them on the picnic table.

“Okay, there is some awesome, and I mean awesome German potato salad and some sort of three-bean salad, pickles, and, oh yes, some wine. Now seeing I didn’t know whether you would choose beef, chicken, or seafood, I brought a very serviceable blush wine.”

“Serviceable? As in it has a handy twist-off top?”

He put his hand over his heart. “You cut me to the quick.” He pulled out a multi-tool knife from his pocket. “All lumberjacks come equipped with corkscrews.”

“Hmmn,” she said. “Are you trying to tell me that you’re like a boy scout, that you come prepared?”

His eyes lit up, hints of passion dancing in those chocolate globes. She swallowed hard. “Yes,” he said. “I’m prepared for anything.”

Miss Primm, Writer of Erotic Fiction

Amazon link: Jake-Eastmont Clan

Sophia Ryan said...

SIN CITY ALIBI by Sophia Ryan
In this scene, Dani is meeting with a man, Big W, who might be able to give her and Matt information that will help them figure out who killed her former boss and lover. Big W, who is quite the flirt, will meet only with Dani, and Matt is not happy about it. They’re in the SUV, right before she goes into the restaurant for the meeting.

She flipped down the visor and looked into the mirror as she applied lipstick.

“You know it’s not a date,” Matt said, his voice almost a growl.

“You know you’re acting jealous.” She was surprised at the power and satisfaction rushing warm through her body at hearing his jealous growl. So he didn’t like her being with another man? Good. She relaxed her mouth out of the soft grin and focused on applying her lipstick.

“I’m concerned you’re walking into something—”

She turned to face him. “Dangerous?”

“Something that will require me to step in and save you.” The corners of his mouth lifted into a sexy grin. “Like in Vegas.”

“I’m just positive I won’t be facing that same situation with Big W, so you can relax, hero.”

“I wouldn’t mind rescuing you again. Turned out pretty well for me last time.”

The air-conditioning of the SUV did nothing to lower the rising heat of her body at the thought of Vegas. Sweat beaded on her forehead, and her heart raced. Her gaze lowered to his mouth, and she could almost taste his kiss.

Taking the silent invitation, he leaned across the seat. She shifted away until her body hit the door. He kept coming.

“I better get in there,” she said and reached behind her to open the door.

“Chicken.” His whispered taunt grazed across her mouth, making her shiver with wanting. Then he closed the gap between them. He kissed her, not nearly long enough, then was back in his own seat.

She climbed out of the SUV on shaky legs. Before she closed the door, he called out, “be careful,” the teasing in his tone absent.

“Wipe the lipstick from your mouth,” she teased. “Melon’s not your color.” She closed the door on his chuckling.

Wild Rose Press
Other Sophia Ryan Books

TessaBerkley said...

Road to Glory
Tessa Berkley

“You told Travis Hargrove he could do what?” Glory’s voice carried over the fairgrounds in the early morning light.
“Shh,” Mickey hissed as he flipped the pin in place to hold the tailgate on the stock trailer. “I told him he could stay at your place.”
Her eyes widened in disbelief. “You have one too many beers last night, cowboy?”
“Honey, it’s a beauty of a plan. You got that house Alma used to live in. Why let it sit there gatherin’ dust? Besides, he’s workin’ for the rodeo. It will give him a chance to see your stock in action.”
She shook her head. “I think you’ve lost your mind.” She stared at the cattle standing calmly in the trailer. “Why would I want a rodeo gypsy staying at the Glory B?” Her next thoughts gathered, she turned to look at her foreman. “That man’s got no business being
within fifty yards of cattle, let alone a bull.” With a shake of her head, she turned on her heel and moved toward the cab of the truck.
“Now, Glory,” Mickey pleaded

Nancy said...

Once Upon A Dream
by Nan O'Berry

He opened the door and escorted her in. Karleigh glanced around the room, and to her relief, Alice wasn’t there, only Ellie West.
“Can I help you?” Ellie asked. Turning from her computer, she looked up and smiled. “Well, hello, Jason. I see you’ve got Karleigh with you—does this mean what I think it does?”
Jason stepped forward holding on to Karleigh’s arm. “Yes ma’am, we’d like to apply for a marriage license.”
“Did you fill one out on line?” Her fingers flew over the keys on the computer.
“No, ma’am,” Jason gave her a look of pure adulation. “We sort of decided this afternoon on the spur of the moment.”
“Oh, my.” She sighed and looked at them both through star-studded eyes.
“True love finally triumphs.”
“Yes, ma’am, you could say that.” Jason lifted her hand and kissed it.
“Hm, you do know there is a seventy-two hour waiting period, right?”
Karleigh blinked and looked at Jason. “No, we–we didn’t.”
“Look,” Jason leaned on the counter separating them. “We’ve waited a long time and today is right, is there any way you can go around this?”
“Are you active military?”
“No.” Jason shook his head.
Ellie bit her bottom lip and stared at the screen. “There’s not much I can do. We enacted a law in 2008 that requires a sort of ‘cooling off’ period. You can do a petition to the judge. I’m sure he’d grant it, but…”
“But what?” Karleigh asked.
“He’s out of town fishing.”
She turned to Jason. “Then, we’re done.”
“Ah, Karleigh, don’t give up, honey.” Ellie stood up and put her elbow on the counter and leaned against her hand in thought. “You two need something quick.”
“Right.” Jason sighed and put his elbow on the counter and dropped his chin on to it.
“Something that doesn’t require the waiting period.”
Ellie’s eyes danced. She looked between the two and wiggled her fingers for them to come closer. Karleigh stepped in.
She blinked. “You mean Las Vegas?” Karleigh’s voice squeaked.
“Las Vegas, baby.” Ellie gave a mock Elvis impersonation and shook her head in agreement. “We get the paper work filled out, you run to Vegas, get married, come back, and in two or three days your marriage license will come in and you can have a big ole Texas wedding.”

Mary Marvella said...

Cheerleader Dad by Mary Marvella (Romantic Comedy)
In the theater Jesse reached into the popcorn bucket. The girls couldn’t have planned this seating arrangement. By the time they’d finally arrived at the movie theater there had been no four seats together.
He removed wire rimmed glasses from his pocket. He wasn’t vain but he’d considered leaving them in the car. They’d come in handy driving home after dark. They’d come in handy seeing the movie, too.
“Excuse me,” Lily said. Her hand collided with his, for the sixth time. He’d been counting.
Lily shivered when the soft hairs on his hands and arms brushed hers. She could hardly swallow the buttery fluffs she’d managed to get in that last handful.
“No problem,” Jesse said.
Watching the movie and sharing popcorn would’ve been easy if the adults knew each other better. As the story on screen heated, Jesse and Lily heated. Good thing they weren’t sitting with the girls.
“Lily,” Jesse whispered, “don’t apologize.”
“Okay,” she whispered back. “We could nudge each other when we’re ready to reach...”
“Don’t you dare,” Jesse warned, “you know how I am with drinks. Besides I feel like a teenager, sharing my popcorn with my date.”
“Shhh, up there,” the couple in the row behind them hissed. “Some of us are trying to watch the movie.”
Turning to tease Jesse, Lily found his lips where she had thought his ear should be. It was dark, but she could see his mouth. A fraction away from kissing him, she couldn’t move. Jesse parted his lips, licking them. They’d taste of butter and popcorn, but so damned sexy!
“Yes?” he croaked.
“Would you go ahead and kiss her so we can watch the movie?” an old man behind them grumbled
Lily jarred the popcorn tub. “Oh, no!” White spots covered Jesse’s lap.


Livia Quinn said...

Eve of Chaos, Destiny Paramortals 3
His eyes swirled, heated. “I saw you earlier, in your medical unit ‘caring’ for your man.”
Her mouth dropped open. She’d no idea he’d reached this conclusion. “He’s—”
“Careful, Victoria. I will know if you lie.”
Really, Montana’s eyes narrowed. How?
“Rafe is my ambulance partner, not my man.”
“Looked like you were partners with—how do they put it—blessings?”
“Benefits. And it wasn’t what you thought.”
The Knight’s handsome face broke into a grin. Which alternately made Montana want to kick him in his metal plated shins or clear off the bar and have him right there. The sword fighting last night had been exciting; for a warrior almost as good as sex, but—who was she kidding—she didn’t want to fight with him. She leaned in. His head tilted to match the angle of hers.
“I want to ride your dragon.”
His chin dropped, both eyes flashed then reduced to gold slits, as they’d done in his dragon form, but the heat receded when he got her true meaning. “This is not a carnival, and I am not your carousel horsey.”
Montana waved her hand. “Well, don’t get all offended like. I’ve just been daydreaming about seeing Destiny from the back of a magnificent fire-breathing dragon such as yourself, but…” she shrugged. “You’re not the only dragon in the sky.”
She willed herself to keep a straight face as tendrils of smoke oozed from his ears and nostrils, escaping in small erratic puffs as if his fire was percolating like Kilauea. The temperature in the bar rose about ten degrees. Then she was slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes as he exited the bar.