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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Snippet Sunday!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet one to three sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Rose Anderson said...

The Changeling by Madeline Archer / Rose Anderson
Something's brewing, and it's not tea.
She poured a cup of tea and set it before me. I knew that mannerism as well as I knew my own name. Tea was the proverbial calm before the storm.
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Elaine Violette said...

My dear, I am an avid collector of the myths of the moment, relics of rogues and rapscallions and tales of meek mice, married to old bores, who give extravagant parties then scamper around at night in guest rooms, nipping on the tail of their newest catch.”
~Spirited and mischievous Aunt Cornelia in Regal Reward

Anne Stenhouse said...

Bella's Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse
Lady Isabella Wormsley did not squawk. It was below the dignity of an earl’s daughter. If Bella could not scream loudly enough to wake the inn, and the dead in nearby St Nicholas’s kirkyard, she would be quiet and wait for opportunity.
Anne Stenhouse author

Stephanie Queen said...

I LOVE Snippets! Here's mine:
from USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen
Beachcomber Investigations - Book One
Shana darted a glance at Dane leaning on the doorjamb, oozing his ridiculous brand of sensuality, all casual and strong. Visits to the hospital were usually nausea-inducing events in her life experience, but this visit had a whole different vibe. With all her might she resisted crediting Dane with the reality-defying mood she felt standing in the middle of this room overwhelmed with the scent of antiseptics.


LindaRae said...

Linda Rae Sande

A moment of daydreaming had him imagining her in a red satin ball gown, her brown curls piled atop her head in an arrangement he would take great delight in watching fall down in a cascade around her shoulders when he pulled the pins from her hair. A cascade of curls he would see on his pillows as he bedded her.
Christ! If he wasn’t careful, he wouldn’t make it the rest of the way home given how uncomfortably tight his buckskin breeches had become in the last few minutes! It was time he think of something else. Something less ... arousing.

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Helen Pollard said...

From Warm Hearts in Winter by Helen Pollard:

A house of forbidding dark stone, dusted liberally with snow, stood silhouetted against the grey sky. Abby glared at her satnav and back at the house. Well, this must be it. There was certainly nowhere else in sight. "Great. Out of the frying pan and straight onto the set of Wuthering Heights," she muttered. or

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy said...

Clumsy as a bear, desperate as a drunkard in search of drink, he grasped her shoulders and took her mouth with his. From the first impact, want triumphed over common sense and tenderness drowned under the powerful rush of aching need. In those moments, Jude sought to fill his emptiness, to erase his loneliness with Nicole’s vital presence.

Rose Anderson said...

Heart of Stone by Madeline Archer / Rose Anderson
Find this story and others in the multi-author Entice Me anthology for 99¢!
“Please help me, Mama, the charm needs be set in stone to see these terrible times through.”
So distraught was the pair, they forgot that the familiar spirits standing near would magnify their protective charm. To her great dismay, Finola would later discover that such a charm was unbreakable.
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Paris said...

I'll Be Seeing You by Paris Brandon
Find this story and others in the Entice Me anthology for $.99

USO club dance, May 1944

She placed a hand on his solid chest. “Did somebody put you up to this? Did you lose a bet or something?”
He loosened his grip and took a deep breath right before he slid her left hand to his shoulder. When his fingers brushed over the third finger of her right hand, and detected the evidence she was a widow, he uttered a harsh, whispered word that might have been a vehement curse in another language.
“Or something,” he said very clearly, his breath warm against her ear. “Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your mind?”

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jean hart stewart said...

Desire's Dilemma: Also in the Entice Me anthology...a wonderful buy.....

Why couldn’t Marcus be the one who wanted her love? Why did he always freeze and walk away, and always when she thought she was about to finally reach him?
But most important, what could she do to break down his formidable reserve?

Jacqueline Sinclair said...

Renegade by Jacqueline M Sinclair

Some couples bond over conversation. Some manage to do it in silence, letting unspoken emotions seal their fate. For me and William, it would be stealing a car.

Author Page

Jana Richards said...

From my contemporary, small town romance FIRST AND AGAIN. Bridget responds to someone's nosy questions:

"Maybe there are other details of my personal life you’d like to discuss. Perhaps you want to know my bra size or maybe my bank account balance, though I’ve got to warn you, neither is very big. Go ahead, ask me anything.”

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Jude Knight said...

From 'All that Glisters', a short story in Hand-Turned Tales, coming in December.

“Uncle says the Bible is the only proper reading for a pious woman.”

“Which bits?” Mr O’Bryan enquired with interest. “The Song of Songs? The story about Lot’s daughters? Or Tamar?”

Janice Seagraves said...

Werecat Love from the Entice Me Anthology:

“What you need is a hot toddy.” He straightened. “It’s excellent for when you have been exposed to the cold or had a shock to the system.”

Morgan arched an eyebrow. “Are you buying?”

Marianne Stephens said...

Operation Man Hunt from Entice Me Anthology:
“Yes, I want time alone with you, too,” she whispered.
“I want to explore our kiss again, but this time without wine on our clothes.”
With a naughty tone, Chris added, “Maybe without clothes.”

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Cindy McDonald said...

From Into the Crossfire, Book #1 First Force Series

Rayne picked the table from the floor. "Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?"
"Leave me to my nightmares, Dr. Lee."

Purchase link:

Sharleen Scott said...

Caught in Cross Seas - book one in the Caught Series
by Sharleen Scott
romantic suspense

"So, you’re consumed with lust for me and I’m willing. What’s the problem? I’m missing something here.”
Harlie let out a frustrated huff. “The problem is I’ve only known you since Wednesday. I do not sleep with men I’ve only known since Wednesday.”
Clay frowned. “So, you’re saying we wouldn’t have this problem if we’d met on Tuesday? Damn. I should have got here quicker.”
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