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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist.

In comments, tempt us with
a snippet, 300 words or less, from your older works. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Erin OQuinn said...

A throwback? I'll post a snip from THE CHASE, about two men, a homophobic father, and a crooked fed agent. It has enjoyed great success and has a brand new review on Amazon.
Young rancher Chase, flustered by his hidden attraction, has enlisted the help of his old high-school crush. Time to erect a fence post.
Chase picked up the post and leaned it strategically over the swelling in his jeans.

“Okay, Brew, here’s what you’re gonna do. As soon as we set the post in the hole, you hold it tight and straight. Yes?”

“Tight. Okay. Straight. I’ll try.”

Chase knew he could easily lift the post, but he waited until Brew was next to him. “On three, we put it in the hole.”

He watched in appreciation as Brew’s muscles seemed to strain and his breath came out a little harshly as they lifted. “Now hold it, while I fill the hole. Then we’ll make sure the wire’s taut on both sides. Good and straight, and tight. Got it?”

“Yeah. I got it straight and tight, Chase. Quit teasing me and do it.”
Two men long separated. A homophobic father and a crooked federal agent. They all add up to a #gay #erotic #romance #action #mystery

A Noble Dimensions novel

Andrea Cooper said...

The Garnet Dagger - Book 1 Legends of Oblivion
Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance

I’ve known death. For over half a millennia, I escorted many to death at the end of my sword. In the eyes of the dying, I watched it shroud them. Foolishly, I thought many more eras would pass before death came for me. It came so swiftly that I could not run; I could not escape. At a village, dressed in human clothes, I took in everything.
I delayed my return to my people as I watched human jugglers bounce torches and knifes. It was autumn equinox and the festivities would continue well into the night. Children laughed as they chased each other. A trail of leaves from their costumes twirled after them. It was dark when I reached the forest.
I hiked slower than my normal speed, so as not to startle whatever human called out. My leather boots crunched upon dried, diseased leaves and bark. Horrified, I glanced up.
Branches twisted around each other to suffocating. Lifeless limbs cracked in the wind. Flesh of the trees sloughed off in layers, exposing its bones. And gashes hollowed out chunks of warmth. Fragments of leaves clung to finger tips, marking sepulchers of the dying trees.
The trees mourned with wails like splitting wood, and I brought my hands over my ears. I must flee before I became infected, they told me. Flee before the stain of this defilement creeps into you, they warned. Trees spoke to my kind, always had. Yet these trees were in such agony of death that I could not breathe. I felt as though my lungs had folded in on themselves, like a moth unable to break loose from its cocoon.

The Garnet Dagger
Andrea R. Cooper

Nancy said...

Apple of His Eye
by Nan O'Berry
Short story published by Victory Tales Press

Callie Dalton's truck runs out of gas on the road to her family's fruit stand. When a forestry agent, Marshall Albright, comes to her rescue, little does she know that he is the grandson of her grandfather's worst enemy, Brice Huntington. It seems the Dalton's and Huntington's have been waging a feud for the past twenty-nine years, ever since Laura Huntington left Stephen Dalton at the altar.
Falling in love was the easy part, the hard part is going to be keeping their grandparents from confronting one another. Can their love bring these two warring factions together


"You bucket of bolts," she growled. Foot raised, Callie was about to let go a torrent of abuse on the bumper when the crush of tires rounding the curve stopped her. She glanced over her shoulder at the dull grey-green U.S. Forestry truck and gave a wan smile as the vehicle came to a halt. She walked to the passenger door and the driver rolled down the window.
"Could you use some help?" a deep male voice inquired.
Peeking in, the shadows revealed a single driver and Callie hesitated a moment. However, her options were down to walking ten miles to town or swallowing her pride and agreeing. The latter won. "Yes, please."
The window powered up and she watched as the truck moved back, the pulled in front, facing her. She cast a forlorn glance at the hissing steam still radiating from the grill and wondered how much was this going to cost. Hearing the door open and the driver's footsteps move closer, she turned to face her rescuer offering him a gracious smile.
"Thanks for stopping."
"Sure." He placed his hands on his hips and studied the old truck.
"Engine over heating?"
"Yes." Callie's heart gave a skip of a beat. Tall, summed him up in one word, tall and blonde. The loose waist-length, green jacket made the shoulders beneath the tan button up appear a mile wide. She pushed her hair away from her face where the wind had blown it and glanced back toward him. It was a shame a pair of aviator glasses covered his eyes for she was dying to see what color they were.

darlene deluca said...

From my debut novel "Unexpected Legacy," which became an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter finalist. Fiction with romantic elements. . .

The hostess led them to a table outside with a view of a small pond and lovely gardens. “Wow,” Kate said. “It’s incredible.” She picked up the menu and read the brief history of the Mansion. “Oh, I think I’ve heard of this place.”
“Glad you like it,” Matt said.

Kate’s heart sank at the stilted, formal tone to Matt’s words. How could they recapture the easy mood of this morning?
She ordered a salad and iced tea, glad to have the beautiful scenery to look at and take her mind off of . . . other things.
“Kate, I–”
She held up her hand and gave him a shaky smile.
“Matt, please. That shouldn’t have happened, and I shouldn’t have let it. Why don’t we just let it go, and enjoy the rest of the day, all right? I’ve had a lot of fun. You were right. I needed a day away.”
She didn’t add that she’d actually enjoyed it a little too much.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. His gaze met hers, and slowly he nodded. “Okay, we let it go today, but Kate?”
She caught her breath, held captive by the intensity in Matt’s eyes.
“This conversation isn’t over.”

The ride back was quiet. Once, he reached out for her hand. He squeezed it gently then caressed the top of it with his thumb. The soft movement sent shivers up her arm. Kate kept her hand where it was, but she ached inside. She couldn’t help but feel cheated – here was a really great guy whom she liked and was attracted to, but he was off limits. It wasn’t fair.
For her, this was a fairy tale day. She was like Cinderella, and Matt her handsome prince – only there was no ball, and no glass slipper. When the clock struck midnight tonight, she’d be left with nothing but pumpkins.

Sophia Ryan said...

My second book was In The Bad Boy's Bed. When the publisher went under, I revised and lengthened the book and sold it to another publisher, where it got a new name -- Dirty Little Secret.

A prep-school princess’ secret affair is exposed, forcing her to choose between the trappings of her privileged lifestyle and the love of the bad boy who’s oh-so-good for her.

“I really enjoyed this book…the story was well written and engaging.”

“This is the line, Angel,” he said, his throat moving hard to swallow whatever was making his voice rough. “Once we cross it, there’s no stopping. Be sure.”

I met his blazing gaze unashamedly, not wanting to hide the desire pulsing through me. “I'm standing in front of you in nothing but my panties with my hand on your dick. Does it look like I want to stop?”

His hand cupped the back of my neck, his thumb gently brushing my cheek. “I need to hear you say it. Tell me what you want.”

“Can’t you tell?”

“Say it. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding between us.”

I slid my hands up the hard muscles of his stomach, his chest, his wide shoulders, my mouth following with kisses and licks. Through it all, he stood tall, tense, as if he were trying not to feel what I was doing to him, trying not to give in until I said the magic words.

I looked into his eyes, my hands on his head, my fingers curled in his thick hair. “I want you, Nick Spencer,” I said, not in a hesitant whisper, but in a low, bold tone that could not be mistaken. “I want this.” I dropped a hand to his hard cock and caressed it through his boxers. “I want you to fuck me with it. Is that clear enough for you?"

Wild Rose Press
More Sophia Ryan Books

Mona Karel said...

From My Killer My Love Paranormal Romance

He studied the woman. Even in her sleep, her thoughts spoke to him in unclear muttering, a not unpleasant sensation. He wondered about the part he had been sent to play and knew the ending would not be as originally planned. He could no longer think of her as he had been instructed.
This small, fearful female had given him something he had forgotten existed. She had given him back his laughter. For that alone he would protect her beyond life.

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