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Monday, November 2, 2015

One Line Monday!

A lot can be said with a few well-chosen words.  In comments, share your novel's best one-liner.
Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Erin OQuinn said...

One line, eh? I'll choose something from the just-published RED, RED ROSE ... gay romance mystery with a twist ... His lover has just said, “I might hurt you.”

“And unicorns might become homicidal."
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Barbara White Daille said...

This is from The Lawman's Christmas Proposal, a "fake engagement" story that debuts 12-1.

“At Christmastime, nobody ignores the mistletoe and gets away with it.”

A new story in The Hitching Post Hotel series!

Amazon Author Page

Thanks, EQ.

Andrea Cooper said...

Viking Fire - historical romance. The heroine has just said, “I assure you, sir, we will have no wedding night.”

“You wish to wed during the day, and daylight will be all the better to see you.”

Viking Fire
Andrea R. Cooper

Kate Hill/Saloni Quinby said...

"In our ignorance and arrogance, we stole his birthright."

From The Warriors of Sir Guy by Saloni Quinby

Sophia Ryan said...

by Sophia Ryan

Matt's talking to Dani --

“The reason I want to go with you has nothing to do with doubting your ability to do the job and everything to do with not wanting to leave you alone with a man who looks at you like he wants to tear your clothes off and eat you for lunch.”

Wild Rose Press
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TamiSinclair said...

Medical Erotica, Playing Doctor. (close your eyes if you're not an erotica reader)
At the end of their sexual encounter, heroine says:
“If I’d known you had such a huge cock, I’d have gone out with you a long time ago.”
Amazon Author Page

Jana Richards said...


The worst part was knowing that another man could make Liv happy when he couldn't.

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Helen Pollard said...

From Warm Hearts in Winter (currently on sale!)

"I don't want you worrying about this, Abby. It's just somebody playing the fool."

Amazon link:

Maggie Le Page said...

The heroine is in a coma, trying to piece together who she is . . .
"He chats away about the Us I don’t remember, and I listen avidly, grasping at snippets of our childhood friendship-cum-romance like an addict in withdrawal."
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christina tetreault said...

Destiny's Plan

We have about five hours before we part in Tallahassee. You and I are going to live days in these five hours. Don’t you know I love you? AZ AZ UK BN Apple Kobo

Livia Quinn said...

From Storm Crazy, the Destiny Paramortals, book 1
"To say I was having a bad day was like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on New Orleans."