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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blog Party!

Are you an author who also blogs? It's a terrific way to show just how versatile your writing is. Today's meme highlights our blog posts for the past week. In comments, share your blog topics along with your blog link

Why not scroll through the participants and do some visiting yourself?  Have fun!

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Ruth A Casie said...

Good Morning!

We've had a great week on my blog

1. Medieval Monday hosted Lane McFarland
2. Wednesday Selfie I reported out on my Birthday Bash in Atlantic City (it was AWESOME)
3. Friday's Books, Chocolate and Wine hosted authors Elf Ahearn and Lita Harris
4. Princess of the Light (NN Light hosted me on her site where she mentioned the Surprise Sale two of my novels

Come and stop by.

Susabelle said...

I'm talking about losing my cat, and using that very real grief to boost the emotional feel of my current WIP. Come check it out and leave me a comment, if you'd like.

Love is Everything - Using Real Emotion in Writing

Here's a tweetable if you'd care to share.

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Thanks, all, and happy Caturday!

Anne Stenhouse said...

This Saturday is the monthly Round Robin of blog posts on a topic set by Rhobin Lee. What writing project(s)are you pursuing in 2016 and what obstacles might you meet. I've set mine out over on Novels Now. You can find the other links there, too, and read as many or as few as you wish.

Amazon Author Page

James D said...

This week on my blog, I had my usual Welcome Wednesday, where authors are welcome to come and share about their books on a new topic each week. And I revealed the cover to my own new book...

Writing Dreams

Rose Anderson said...

I invite you to visit my main blog, Calliope's Writing Tablet, where I've been blogging my 2016 Symbol Series. Readers are sure to find my posts interesting and writers will discover all sorts of juicy symbolism to use in your own story craft. Come see! While you're there, do check out my other pages with links and free reads.Calliope's Writing Tablet

Jacqueline Seewald said...


My latest blog on when and if you need a literary agent is now posted. For many of us who write, this is an important consideration.

Drop by for the discussion plus some detailed information:


Jacqueline Seewald

Jo Grafford said...

Two new posts on Jo's Blog:

1. Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop - over 80 books and other prizes up for grabs an only two days left of hopping...

2. DESIGNED FOR YOU (first in the For You Series) went live on preorders this week!

Deets at Jo's Blog: Jo Grafford's Blog

Happy hopping and happy reading!

Stephanie Queen said...

Queen's Quips by Stephanie Queen
Join Stephanie Queen for info and quips about romance novels, books, writing and life.
Today: Football v. Romance

Sylvie Grayson said...

Sylvie Graysons's blog -

How to be true to yourself - like David Bowie