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Monday, February 1, 2016

One Line Monday

A lot can be said with a few well-chosen words. 
In comments, s
hare your novel's best one-liner.

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Martha O'Sullivan said...

“Laney,” Mike’s eyes, sure and wet, searched hers frantically, “nothing could keep me from you.”

Chance Encounter, Chances trilogy #2 by Martha O’Sullivan

Barb Caffrey said...


"Just so you know,” she glanced up through her eyelashes, “I do love you. I did from the moment I saw you, even when I thought I was too young and you were too old, and that you’d probably not wait for me even if we were both Human, or both Elfy."

Barb Caffrey's Elfyverse

Link to Amazon US e-book

Rose Anderson said...

Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson
Meeting Luca for the first time:

In startling contrast, and quite handsomely framed by black lashes, he had striking eyes the color one might see in a shadow falling across snow — not quite sky blue nor exactly steel gray, but a blending of the two in gradated rings.
Calliope's Writing Tablet
Amazon Author Page

Janice Croom said...

Death of an Idiot Boss by Janice Croom
Kadence says how she feels about her new boss Winston.

"Let somebody else carry Winston. He's too heavy and he ain't my brother.

Death of an Idiot Boss, look inside the book on Amazon
Visit Janice Croom’s web site to see more of her books.

Helen Pollard said...

Warm Hearts in Winter by Helen Pollard

Abby arrives at Jack's house on the Yorkshire moors:

"Great. Out of the frying pan and straight onto the set of Wuthering Heights," she muttered.

Amazon uni-link:

Kelley Heckart said...

From The Wolf Queen:
“You are too late, wolf man. Aramon took her.”