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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Snippet Sunday #snippet

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet One to Four sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Snippet from BLACK CAT BEAUTY, a Halloween Paranormal Erotic Romance ~Now being revised-expanded for re-release~

"I think I should leave...up-and-coming superstar. Leave you to your guests."
His hands stroked upward, spanning and fondling her waist for several moments. Sable adored how he handled her.



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance and

Jana Richards said...

Here's a snippet from my small-town contemporary romance FIRST AND AGAIN. Bridget has moved back to her hometown, but things are not going well. Some people are very nosy:

"Tina’s right. My husband did dump me for a younger woman. But hey, my life’s an open book. Maybe there are other details of my personal life you’d like to discuss. Perhaps you want to know my bra size or maybe my bank account balance, though I’ve got to warn you, neither is very big. Go ahead, ask me anything.”

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Crane Hana said...

Here's a snippet from my M/M/M contemporary romance novella MAESTRO. Leo's birthday present from his husband Andrew turns out to be...another guy.

The violinist lifted his chin and stared right at Leo, through him, seeing only the music. Until Leo moved, and the other man’s pale blue-green gaze went from Leo’s face to the scarf draped around Leo’s shoulders. One note, not quite missed, revealed the violinist’s sudden intake of breath. Then he smiled hesitantly over the last bars of “Rhapsody.”

M. Hana Crane
Blue Night blog
Amazon Author page

Kaye Spencer said...

This is a snippet from my western romance novel, THE COMANCHERO'S BRIDE.

Mingo swung into the saddle. At the edge of the clearing, he turned for another look at the woman watching him ride away. Head held high, shotgun gripped in her hands, hair fluttering in the breeze, she met his gaze with a nod. With that, he rode away
with a whispered prayer that they would live to see another tomorrow together.

Kaye Spencer
Writing the West one romance upon a time

Kaye Spencer Website-Blog

Amazon Author Page