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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer Heat! #IndieThursday

The summer heat is on! Today's meme highlights those moments that uptick our pulse or make us swoon when we read them. As all desire begins in the mind, here's an opportunity to make us want...your book.  In comments, share a sexy, sensual, sizzling, or scorching snippet 200 words or less

Please rate your story after the title. Is it G, PG, R, or for 18+?

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page. Have fun!

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Iris B said...


This was not what she wanted, she tried to remind herself. She peeled her fingers off Mark’s shoulder and slowly pulled away. Her skin prickled, and her heartbeat throbbed in her hears.
Why did he keep coming back when he had somebody else? She needed him to leave. Yet, she also needed his help.
His icy-blue eyes fixed on her
Sophie opened her mouth to tell him that she had seen him with another woman the other day, when he leaned in again.


Claire Gem said...

From Award Winning novel, HEARTS UNLOCHED, on sale now for $2.99 (excerpt rated R):

Starting with light fingers, he caressed her from the nape of her neck, down over her shoulder blades until he reached the towel’s perimeter. With one hand, he lifted the fallen strands of damp hair and pressed his mouth into the curved space between her neck and shoulder. First light kisses, then circles with his tongue. When she moaned and bumped him again with her bottom, he nipped her gently.

“Take me to bed, Marco. Please,” she murmured, her breath coming faster as she lifted both hands to clasp around his neck.

He skimmed his hands up her arms and down her back, then around to the front where he worked the twisted edges of the towel free. As it fell open, he slid his hands under her breasts and she gasped as her head nestled into the crook of his neck.

“Oh, Marco,” she breathed, and a jolt of desire made his erection twitch.

For a moment, he simply held those gloriously generous breasts, cupping their weight in his palms. He continued to nuzzle her neck, kissing and licking and nipping her skin, all the while murmuring sweet phrases in Italian. Words he knew she couldn’t understand.

Hearts Unloched

Nightingale said...

Available for Pre-order - Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody (rated R)

I swiped my tongue over my dry lips, my throat even drier.

My hand slipped beneath her skirt, caressing her thigh. “Shall we…now?”

“Here,” she gasped, her hand closing on the hard evidence that I wanted her. “What if…I can’t risk someone seeing…”

“If anyone dares trespass, I shall take care of it.” My fingertip brushed her satin thong.

She swiveled her hips, giving me access. “I guess being a member of the House of Lords has its perks.”

In a sizzling, hungry silence, we gazed into each other’s eyes. I nuzzled her neck, drowning in the heady scents of blood and lust.

Ellen whispered, “You get me so hot.”

Her knees fell apart. I wrenched the last barrier to pleasure out of the way, slipping my middle finger into her heat. Her hips bucked up, driving my finger deeper. With the heel of my hand, I massaged her swollen trigger. My erection throbbed in the tight restraint of my pants.

“I wanted you the minute I laid eyes on you,” she groaned. “But in a car with my front door in sight and a big soft bed waiting for us?”

Amazon Author Page:


LindaRae said...

The Passion of a Marquess by Linda Rae Sande R

In the dim light, Samantha could make out the outline of
his arousal in the silk fabric. She was tempted to move her
hand down, move it down and cover the bulge and use her fingers
to explore its shape, but she dared not. Ethan’s free hand
suddenly moved to her arm, his thumb brushing the side of
the ruffled cup of her corset as he did so.

Unable to suppress a gasp at the frisson his touch had set
off, Samantha moved her hand over his and guided his thumb
back to her breast.
A bit surprised by the inherent invitation, Ethan lifted
himself onto one elbow, forcing Samantha’s head off his shoulder.
His hand moved to cover her breast, his finger tips grasping
the edges of the ruffles to pull them down. Leaning over, his
mouth took her breast, his tongue laving across the puckered
flesh in an assault that had Samantha so stunned, she almost
couldn’t breathe. Her chest arched up as his mouth released
its hold and then blew air on the damp breast. His fingertips
pulled down the ruffles on the other side, exposing her breast
to his fingers and then his tongue.

Savanna Kougar said...

New Release ~

WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ A ShapeShifter Seduction Erotic Romance Novel [18+]

Sexcerpt ~

...A "no" squeaked out, and before Keina realized it, she'd shaken her head.

"No?" Alarm, disappointment owned Drev's voice. His hold on her loosened.

"Not you," Keina hastily corrected. She raised her head to meet his gaze. "The King's visage...he...well, it's torture to remember." She pressed a kiss to his sandpapery chin. "Mmmm...I like your stubble, hunter."

"This King in your realm, I don't like him intimidating my girl."

My girl. Keina trembled within.

The truth, oh yes, she wanted to be his. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to be claimed by him—feel him lunging inside her. His stud-hard cock jutted against her jean-covered pussy.

Drev hugged her close again. His body heat warmed her sex-o-liciously, and Keina stroked her hands up the back of his neck. She slid her fingers into his thick hair, then slowly loosened the band, pulling it off, freeing his mane.

"A boss stallion. My kind of man." She throatily spoke, her lips still against his chin.

Keina combed her fingers through the long strands of his hair, and also teased him by languidly undulating against his magnificent and stud-superior torso.

"Please, kiss me again, Drev."


Blurb/Excerpt/BuyLinks: ~



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance and