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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday! #IndieThursday

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist. 

In comments, share a tempting snippet from your older works, 300 words or less. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Nightingale said...

From Sinner's Opera:

Nekeya shrugged, picked up the cards and fanned them in her hand. “The face cards—King, Queen, Jack—represent people. On the left, that King of Spades is a black-haired, black-eyed married man or man of authority, a judge or a teacher. Your light brown hair, fair skin and violet eyes make you the Queen of Diamonds, there in the middle. Your cards, they run to my hand like this. The Five of Diamonds,” she laid the card between the Diamond Queen and Jack of Hearts, “represents love. This one’s a sign of greatness—great love, great achievement. Here and here,” the cards flew down, “I see marriage and a child.”
“Will she marry the King of Spades?” Kirsty leaned into the lamplight, whispered aside to Isabeau, “That’s got to be John.”
“That, Kirsty,” Isabeau whispered behind her hand, “is my choice.”
“She won’t marry the Spade King. He opposes Isabeau and her Jack of Hearts. He is your enemy. You must be very watchful of him, for your sake and your husband’s sake—”
Isabeau’s hand shot up. “Nekeya, I don’t know if she told you—I’m a scientist.” She shrugged. “That translates skeptic, sorry. Read Kirsty’s cards now.”
“Listen to your heart, little one. It speaks the truth.” Nekeya lifted Isabeau’s chin, forcing her to meet the dark gaze. “In your heart, you know you’re on the wrong path.”
“My path—I am on the path…” That an angel prophesied for me.
“As God is my witness, I pity you, Miss Isabeau, and I envy you.” On a rustle of silk, the fortuneteller scooped the cards across the table. “You are blessed, and you are cursed. Few are gifted with a love such as you will know—”

Rosemary Gemmell said...

From my very first published Regency novel, Dangerous Deceit (by Romy Gemmell)!

“Allow me, Miss Hetherington.”
Before she guessed what he intended, his hands were on her shoulders and for a moment he gazed into her eyes. Then he gently turned her away from him. Next minute, he was expertly threading the ribbon through her hair.
Lydia held her breath as his fingers brushed her head, the light touch making her skin tingle. Too soon, he had secured the ribbon. Yet still his hand lingered for a moment against her hair and she hoped he could not hear the loud beating of her heart.
She persuaded herself that her racing heartbeat was only because of the near discovery at eavesdropping. But she was far too aware of the nearness of his tall frame and the intimacy of the moment, and especially the effect it was having on her.
Then he turned her around once more to face him. After the merest hesitation, he stepped away from her and bowed. “I trust you will be more careful where you walk in future, Miss Hetherington.”
Hoping she appeared more composed than she felt, Lydia replied as firmly as possible. “Thank you, my lord. It is my good fortune that you are so comfortable with a lady’s hair style and so solicitous of my well-being.”
Lydia returned his stare, determined not to betray how bereft she had felt as he moved away from her. There seemed little doubt he had seen her in the garden and was warning her. But against what?

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LindaRae said...

The Grace of a Duke by Linda Rae Sande

Could we truly have a life together as a married couple? Joshua wondered suddenly, his mind grasping at something other than his sister to think about. Would there ever be a time when Charlotte would honor me with affection? Perhaps even ...


Was she capable of seeing him as just a man instead of a damaged duke to whom she was betrothed? Would she ever be just a woman he loved because of who she was? The only woman for whom he had ever felt ... anything?

He stared at her reflection and wondered what their life might be like if they were true partners in marriage, rather than a couple forced to marry out of obligation and duty. They would have children, of course—he must have an heir, he considered. And they could live in the rebuilt Wisborough Oaks in the summers and in London when he had to be there for Parliament, and they could attend all the best balls and host their own soirées for friends and villagers.

And they would spend their nights together in the same bed, enjoying one another’s company as well as the kissing and coupling. He felt his loins stir at the thought of having her body next to his every night. As he did the previous night, he would keep her close, on his unscarred side, with one arm around her as her head nestled in the small of his shoulder, her breasts pressed against the side of his chest and her legs intertwined with his. Yes, that was how they would sleep together, he surmised.

Val Tobin said...

From The Experiencers, my first novel:

Michael arrived home just before one-thirty. He went into the house and called to Jessica. Everything was quiet. He checked the kitchen. She wasn’t there. Her car was in the driveway. She couldn’t be far. “Jess?”

He moved on to the living room when there was still no response. Fear streaked through him. He reached under his jacket, pulled out his gun, and cocked it. He made his way up the stairs, eyes darting around, watching for an ambush. At the top of the stairs, he stopped and listened. He thought he heard a sound from the bedroom.

He went to the open bedroom door and listened. It sounded like someone was retching in the en suite bathroom. She’s sick. That’s all it is. He exhaled loudly, relieved. Still, he scanned the room before entering, and continued to hold his gun up and ready. After verifying the room was empty, he made his way to the bathroom.

She was there, hunched over the toilet, wiping her lips with a tissue. He slipped his gun back into its holster as she turned to face him. She spoke before he could say anything. “Where have you been?”

“I had to go to the office.” The old standby. But it always came out sounding like “I needed to get the fuck away from you.”

Her eyes showed disappointment.

“I’m back now.” It was such a useless thing to say. He hated himself for saying it. What he wanted to do was hug her, but he feared she’d push him away.

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.” That was better.

She acknowledged it with a nod.

He thought of what he needed to do. “Why don’t I help you set up outside on the lounge chair? You can relax there, read a book. I’ll bring you whatever you need.”

She continued to stare at him, wary.

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Mona Karel said...

From my first book: My Killer My Love

Once the woman slept, he moved more freely. With the stealthy tread of a stalking wolf, he searched the darkening rooms, letting his senses hunt for a specific location. He settled in a corner window seat, bathed by the moonlight inching its way toward her bed. Many puzzles existed here, and he knew he was not yet prepared to face them.
He breathed deeply, then more slowly, his body becoming motionless. The atmosphere around him thickened, a silent wind lifting his hair away from his face then dying abruptly. After a long moment of hushed tension, he emitted a sound of exasperation. The answers had never come to him easily before, why should now be any different?
He studied the woman. Even in her sleep, her thoughts spoke to him in unclear muttering, a not unpleasant sensation. He wondered about the part he had been sent to play and knew the ending would not be as originally planned. He could no longer think of her as he had been instructed.
This small, fearful female had given him something he had forgotten existed. She had given him back his laughter. For that alone he would protect her beyond life

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Andrea Cooper said...

STOLEN HEARTS - Romantic Suspense

Crystal shimmied down the drainpipe with her trophies tucked inside her backpack and computer files loaded onto her USB, hung around her neck disguised as a locket. This was too easy.
She landed on the concrete with a thump, then removed her mask.
A blind date.
Her sister’s fiancée had called earlier that day to let them know his cousin from Texas would join them for dinner and would Crystal come along? As far as Crystal was concerned, it was the closest thing she’d come to as a real date in a long time. She’d take it.
Thunder boomed as she weaved through alleys, stinking of rotting food and urine. She barely made it to her car before thunder rumbled.
Crystal checked the time on the dashboard, almost seven. No time to waste. Paul and his cousin, Kade, were picking up her and her sister at seven-thirty. Her car hummed to life as she stashed her backpack behind her seat. The stolen cash, including a recently purchased blood diamond necklace, lay inside. Hopefully the money and necklace would throw off Westridge’s Sales Manager to the fact that computer information had been the real prize. And hopefully, they wouldn’t discover the truth until it was too late. For now, another piece of the puzzle to exonerate their dad and lock Westridge away lay on her chest inside her locket.
She whipped into traffic and hit the wipers as fat drops of rain slapped against the windshield. Great.Ahead, a red light flickered as taxis and cars lined up behind it. She debated taking Ninth, but decided against it. Construction was still ongoing and traffic would be worse than this.
Maybe squeezing in a job before dinner wasn’t such a great idea.
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Mona Karel said...

So much fun...I'm finding new books to order
THANKS to Exquisite Quills