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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday! #IndieThursday

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist. 

In comments, share a tempting snippet from your older works, 300 words or less. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Nightingale said...

Cardinal Desires - Linda Nightingale - Paranormal Romance:

Most people never got the chance to love like this. If she let the moment slip away, she’d regret it for the rest of her life. He would walk out that door, and she’d never see him again. She’d rather have a sweet memory than the empty comfort of ethics. Deaf to the whispers of right and wrong, she took his hand and led him upstairs. One night would have to be enough to last for a lifetime.

They undressed each other slowly, savoring each glance and caress. She kissed every inch of the body she'd craved for nights without end. She'd left the light on to memorize each detail of him. His hands were magic on her breasts, his fingers tweaking her nipples, his succulent lips branding her neck. Shivers of delight chased over her... If she held on tight, maybe the night wouldn't end.

<a href="</a>

LindaRae said...

The Seduction of an Earl by Linda Rae Sande

“Brava, my lady.” Henry Forster bowed deeply, not wanting to take his eyes off the beauty at the piano-forté. He did so to complete the courtesy. Then he had to force himself to breathe. Lady Hannah was far more beautiful up close than she had appeared in the garden the night before. The pink muslin gown she wore complemented her skin as well as her figure, the bodice fitted enough to display the fullness of her breasts. With her slender arms and long fingers uncovered, it was apparent to Henry she had long since left the schoolroom. Twenty, perhaps, he thought as he allowed his gaze to rest on her face. Had Devonville mentioned her age? If so, he couldn’t remember. His brain was suddenly a bit addled.

Hannah stood up from the piano bench and curtsied. Where is Harold? And why hadn’t he warned her there was a man awaiting her attention? She dared a quick glance at the fireplace and saw that the hairy beast still napped in front of her chair. Some guard dog you are, she thought with a bit of annoyance. As if reading her thoughts, Harold opened one eye for a moment before yawning and closing it again. “Thank you, my lord. I’m afraid it’s the first time I’ve played that piece ...”

“And yet you played it perfectly. Bach himself would have to agree, I’m sure,” Henry stated with a nod as he moved toward her. He stopped directly in front of her and reached for her hand. Lifting it, he brushed his lips over the back of the knuckles. Even her hands are beautiful, he thought as he held the one a bit longer than propriety would allow. “Henry Forster, Earl of Gisborn,” he said by way of introduction.

Hannah blushed, the pink spreading over her cheeks in an instant. “You are too kind,” she answered, daring to return the man’s gaze. Gisborn? That made no sense. The Earl of Gisborn was an old fart of an earl. A wrinkled, disagreeable, mean old man. So old he was ... dead, she suddenly realized.

And this man was his heir.

Anne Stenhouse said...

Mariah's Marriage by Anne Stenhouse, May 2013, sweet regency

Mariah reluctantly led the way into the house and was not surprised to find
Tilly opening the inner door as she entered the tiled vestibule. The girl had been
spying through the side-light.
“Tilly, is Papa in the downstairs study?” she asked the maid, who was agog at
the appearance of her escort. Mariah had forgotten how circumscribed their lives
were. Of course Tilly would be interested in the earl’s tailored wool coat with his
spotless waistcoat and carefully tied neck cloth. The men who normally visited
here wore ill-fitting garments which were often stained with food. Not only that,
but the earl had a clean-shaven face and the hair of his head was trimmed into a
neat style that allowed his strong bones to be seen easily. Seen and admired, she
Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Page

Toni V.S. said...

FOR THE LOVE IN ADLER'S BRAIN, available from Class Act Books

"You want me to do what?"
With more than a little disbelief, Luc Kai’Leel looked at the young woman sitting across from him. She’d appeared sane enough, a definitely attractive little blonde looking boringly normal, until she made the statement now forcing him to question his assessment.
“You heard me!” she snapped. “You may not be Terran but you understand our language well enough! Why should I repeat myself?”
Luc flushed and felt a slight angry surge. He might have been born on war-conquered Felida, but damn it, he was a naturalized citizen of Earth now, having given up all ways of life as practiced on his home planet and done everything possible to make himself accepted here. Under casual inspection, he could even pass for a Terran, and now this ditz was looking down her pert little nose at him!
“Would you mind doing it anyway?” he asked, swallowing his anger and attempting to keep his voice at a higher pitch than his usually gravelly growl. “Just to make certain I didn’t miss something in the translation?”
“Oh, very well.” She made a sound between a gasp and a sigh of impatience. “What I want you to do, Mr. Kai’Leel, is find my fiance’s brain.”
“That's what I thought you said.” Luc looked a little unhappy. He, too, sighed. “It isn’t inside his head, I take it?”

Tony-Paul de Vissage said...

VAMPIRES ARE FOREVER, from Class Act Books:

Conor was waving for silence and saying
into the murmured stillness, “I’m thinkin’ we should
welcome our guest... Mr. Karel Novotny...”

Immediately, all eyes swung to the table where the
newcomer sat beside Brigid. He nodded and looked a little wary and self-conscious. Slowly, one pale hand crept to the wing collar and bow tie, a finger hooking inside as if it had suddenly become too tight.

Conor’s voice drew their attention back to him.
“...who’s come to live in th’ old manor, “So... I’m thinkin’ we should let our guest serve himself first, an’ then we’ll all eat!”

“Here,” Brigid was on her feet. “I’ll fill plates for both o’ us. You just wait here.”

He seemed a little relieved at that, probably not wishing to be watched by everyone as he went through the tableline.

“Make certain he gets some o’ m’potato dumplin’s,”
Maeve called. “A double helpin’!”

Brigid was back with two plates piled high with
food, the largest helping of which was Maeve’s potato
dumplings. Novotny thanked her, picked up his fork,
shoved it into the potatoes... and Seamus was subjected to the sight of a suspected vampire with a mouth filled with garlic-laden dumplings.

Novotny’s eyes widened. The fork fell to the plate with
a clatter as he drew in a harsh and heavy breath and just sat there, cheeks puffed out. For a moment, his eyes roved frantically... searching for somewhere to spit the mouthful of food? Then, he chewed, swallowed, and turned to Maeve, who was watching his reaction closely. “Mrs. Flannery, you cooked these?”

“That I did,” she affirmed, frowning slightly and tensing as if expecting some kind of attack. An accusation of trying to poison him, perhaps? Seamus unconsciously braced himself, also.

“Dear lady, they’re delicious,” came the astonishing
statement. “I haven’t had anything this good since the last time I visited my mother!”

While Maeve looked at Seamus in surprise, Novotny
proceeded to finish the rest of the dumplings and request a second helping.

Stephanie Queen said...

For Throwback Thursday, how about a snippet from
THE THROWBACKS by Stephanie Queen

“I don’t know where to start. All these men look the same to me,” Grace said.
Then her gaze caught on a tall man in a dark suit out in the entry hall. He’d just walked in on a breeze with dried maple leaves floating to the floor around him. He strode into the room and straight into the clutches of several blue-haired ladies and shiny-headed men. They embraced him with cheek-kissing and backslapping affection. Grace watched as the mystery man withstood the onslaught with aplomb. Now there's a man...