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Friday, October 21, 2016

First Lines Friday #FridayReads

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination. In comments, tempt us with the first five lines of any chapter.

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Lorna Peel said...

Sophia knew Cathy wouldn’t like it, but instead of driving her six-year-old goddaughter to her best friend Molly’s house for a sleep-over, Sophia insisted that the two mile walk through the frost would do them both good. It would also go some way to easing the Easter egg mountain in Cathy’s stomach, and the new job butterflies in her own.

New Blood by Lorna Peel - Coming 3 November 2016

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Savanna Kougar said...

Just Another ParaNormal Halloween ~ THE TIGER'S MASQUERADE

Stacy slipped her hands over her gown’s full skirts reveling in the feel of the shimmering pink satin. Picking them up as elegantly as she knew how, she moved toward the mansion’s ballroom.

Excitement pounded her heart. Expectation had shadowed her all day and now it heightened. For what, she wasn’t certain, except that her boss had teased her with promo pictures of the tiger men she’d hired for her Call of the Wild Masquerade ball.


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Savanna Kougar ~ Run On the Wild Side of Romance &

Helen Henderson said...

Windmaster - Ellspeth, captain of the Sea Falcon, is determined to make her own destiny, but fate decrees she has to decide between the sea, magic... or love.

Here's a Friday Five.

Ellspeth and the first officer moved among the men, not only to help dispel the growing restlessness, but also to see if any of them had ever encountered the unusual weather they found themselves in. For three days and three nights, an unearthly fog kept the Sea Falcon trapped in an endless sea of muted sounds. Crewmen clustered together and spoke only in whispers. Her uneasiness grew so strong Ellspeth ordered weapons distributed to all hands. The thick curtain of gray covered the area from white-capped waves to the banner that hung limp from the center mast.


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