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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Peek #snippet

The Sunday Peek is an opportunity to get a buzz going for your soon-to-be released or re-released novel.  

Post a tempting 300-word snippet from your most recent endeavor. Be sure to add your website/blog link, a release date if you have one, and one link to where your other books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

Have fun!

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L.M. Brown said...

This is an upcoming release from MLR Press with a tentative release date of 28th October.

French Kissing Vampires for Beginners by L.M. Brown

“I’ll walk you to your car.”


“Because it’s late at night, and this is a rather disreputable area.”

“I’m a grown man and perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

Tom could tell he’d insulted the dentist, but decided to ignore the man’s annoyance. He walked toward the alley leading to the car park and waited for Dr Coleman to join him.

The dentist rolled his eyes and marched ahead of him, leaving Tom hurrying to catch up.

Half way down the alley, a shadowy figure stepped into their path.

“Your wallets, now,” the mugger demanded.

Tom caught the quick flash of a blade, and he flashed a smugly satisfied, albeit brief, smile at Dr Coleman.

Dr Coleman stared at him expectantly. Tom frowned. He had a feeling the dentist was trying to convey some silent message to him, but he had never been particularly good at interpreting body language. Mind reading would have been real handy right now. Unfortunately, while fictional vampires had the ability, Tom didn’t. Life as a vampire had been disappointing from day one, and it hadn’t improved over the years.

“Hurry up,” the mugger snarled. “If you poufs can stop making googly eyes at each other.”

“Excuse me?” Tom asked. “What did you call me?”

The mugger jabbed the blade toward them. “Stop stalling and hand ‘em over.”

Tom sighed, gave a moment of thanks that he had very little cash on him, and tossed his wallet at the mugger.

“What are you doing?” Dr Coleman asked. “Aren’t you going to fight him?”


“Using your, er, unique abilities.”

“I don’t have any.”

Dr Coleman frowned. “What? None at all?”


“But you insisted on escorting me to my car. Wasn’t the reason in case something like this happened?”

“I was being polite.”

Website link:

Janis Susan May said...

THE HOUSE IN THE PINES - A World of Gothic: East Texas
available in electronic and paper versions at all major online retailers
Amazon : - ebook - paperback


I checked to see that I was still alone; the house was quiet, as it should be this late. This door opened and closed without sound, and a faint mustiness trickled out. The darkness was absolute; the windows must be curtained, for there was not even the slight glow of starlight. Though it was foolish, I turned on the light. After coming so far and waiting so long, I had to see.

This was a symphony of soft pastels, pink and lilac and mauve. The furniture was light and airy, the white paint picked with gold. A golden vanity set, each piece perfectly aligned, spread across the dresser top. There were paintings, too, all pretty and soft and impressionistic. For all I knew, they were by real impressionist masters.
The only thing there I hadn’t been expecting was the portrait. It hung over the delicate fireplace. The girl had been a beauty. She sat almost sideways on a spindly golden chair, her head tilted as if you had spoken and she had just turned to answer you. Her hair was dark blonde, rippling in waves down to her shoulders. She wore an expensively simple dress of pale silk, delicately embroidered at the neckline and at the edge of the short sleeves. Gold earrings glittered in her ears, but my gaze was drawn to her right hand, casually draped on the chair’s arm.

Some might think that enormous, glowing red stone fringed by diamonds was a ruby, but I knew better. It was a pear-shaped red spinel, not quite as rare as a ruby of the same large size, but often more beautiful. And valuable. From the size of this one it had to have been worth a fair fortune in itself. I hadn’t been expecting anything so spectacular.

“Can I help you, Mrs. Grayson?”

Mona Karel said...

From A Question of Faith, A Stormhaven Love Story Available NOW

Ty looked at her steadily, and the remote look in his eyes gradually faded. “Has anyone ever told you what an unusual female you are?”
“Oh, yeah. When they aren’t telling me I’m not much of a female at all.”
At this, he pulled his head back and almost, but not quite, scanned her up and down. “I’d have to disagree with that but when it comes to ‘acting like a girl,’ you’re…different.”
“Remember Br’er Rabbit and the briar patch?”
“Sure, kid’s book. Talking animals in the South. Wasn’t that where the rabbit asked the fox not to throw him in the briar patch? So the fox did?”
She nodded. “Since I was, oh, maybe ten? I never let myself fall for the ‘don’t ask me what happened.’ I never did, and it would drive them nuts.”

Mona's Fun Place
Amazon Author Page
Black Opal Books Author Page

Savanna Kougar said...

BLACK CAT BEAUTY, a Halloween Paranormal Erotic Romance ~Now being revised-expanded for re-release~


"Bob...Bob, the Bobcat, well, how the Halloween heck are you?" Sable smiled like the Cheshire cat, and waited for fate to deliver. Nasty trick or disguised treat?

"Too bad." Bob shook his head with regret as he closed the short distance between them. His yellow-sheen gaze raised to her face, after he spied the collar, and once he'd made a lascivious perusal of her breasts. "I wanted some of that black cat booty tonight."

"Now Bob, you know I only play once with a man's sausage, then set him free to roam and fuck again."

Serious yowls, he'd been a disaster, him and his un-talented sausage. Alone and lonely—having sipped too much at the wine-tasting party—she'd given the bobcat shifter a lust tumble.

"Who collared you?" His gaze shifted to fierce interest.

"I take you it you just arrived. By invitation or did you sneak in the back-alley way?"
He grinned, displaying even human teeth. "Want to bet I arrived for the same reason you did?"

"To get collared by a gay Brykkitv?" Sable slid her hand down to her thrusting hip. "So Bob, want to tell me why you're badly masked as a black cat?"

"You don't like my costume?" He pretended to be offended.

I like your looks even less. Your sausage should be used for shark bait.

Sable gave her hair a languid shake. "If you're here for a good reason, Bob, and want to discuss it for the mutual benefit of our cat people, tell me now. Otherwise, I'm going fishing in better waters."

About to spin away from him, Sable heard...

"The Brykkitv are in negotiations to establish a permanent colony here. On Earth."

Sable waited for the proverbial boulder to roll off her chest, to stop crushing her lungs.



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