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Monday, November 28, 2016

Mystery Monday! #MondayBlog

Theft, secrets, lies, intrigue, espionage, or murder. Does your novel have something to hide? 

Post your Mystery or Suspense blurb to tease us, but don't give too much away! Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your other books can be found. Share your participation with our ready-to-go tweet or make your own! Sharing expands your reach.

Exquisite Quills' Mystery Monday!  


Cathy in AK said...

Here are the blurbs for my first two Charlotte Brody Mysteries (#3 due in March!) set in the Alaska Territory in 1919.

Visit me at or on Twitter @CathyPegau : )

MURDER ON THE LAST FRONTIER--Charlotte Brody Mystery #1

There’s many who feel the Alaska Territory is no place for a woman on her own. But Charlotte Brody, suffragette and journalist, has never let public opinion dictate her life choices. She’s come to the frontier town of Cordova, where her brother Michael practices medicine, for the same reason many come to Alaska—to start over.

Cordova is gradually getting civilized, but the town is still rougher than Charlotte imagined. And when a local prostitute—one of the working girls her brother has been treating—is found brutally murdered, Charlotte learns firsthand how rough the frontier can be. Although the town may not consider the murder of a prostitute worthy of investigation, Charlotte’s feminist beliefs motivate her to seek justice for the woman. And there’s something else—the woman was hiding a secret, one that reminds Charlotte of her own painful past.

As Charlotte searches for answers, she soon finds her own life in danger from a cold-blooded killer desperate to keep dark secrets from seeing the light of day…

Available at
Kensington Books

and other fine retailers.

BORROWING DEATH--Charlotte Brody Mystery #2

Suffragette and journalist Charlotte Brody is bracing herself for her first winter in the frontier town of Cordova in the Alaska Territory. But the chilling murder of a local store owner is what really makes her blood run cold. . .

After three months in Cordova, Charlotte is getting accustomed to frontier life. She is filing articles for the local paper--including a provocative editorial against Prohibition--and enjoying a reunion with her brother Michael, the town doctor and coroner. Michael's services are soon called upon when a fire claims the life of hardware store owner Lyle Fiske. A frontier firebug is suspected of arson, but when Michael determines Fiske was stabbed before his store was set ablaze, the town of Cordova has another murder to solve.

Her journalist's curiosity whetted, Charlotte begins to sort through the smoldering ruins of Lyle Fiske's life, only to discover any number of people who might have wanted him dead. As the days grow shorter, Charlotte's investigation turns increasingly complex. She may be distant from the trappings of civilization, but untangling the motives for murder will require plumbing the very depths of Charlotte's investigative acumen. . .

Available at
Kensington Books

and other fine retailers as well : )

Toni V.S. said...

Blurb from TUESDAY'S CHILD by Icy Snow Blackstone, published by Class Act Books:

Grace McAllister has neither seen nor heard from her father since her mother left him twenty years before. Now, Benjamin Troup McAllister is dead and Grace returns to Temple, Georgia for the reading of his will. She’s in for more than the culture shock of a small Southern town, however, for not only does she inherit nothing, but her father’s will denies his paternity. Enlisting the help of childhood friend Mayfield Donovan, Grace attempts to find her real father.

The bully of her earliest years, May’s grown into a handsome stranger possessing a startling sensuality, wooing Grace while he helps her question her mother’s old friends, as well as Benjamin McAllister’s enemies, of which there are quite a few. As they sift through the facts of her mother’s life and the men who loved her, they uncover a tale of revenge, deception, and murder, and discover a truth neither wants to believe or accept.

Buy Link:

Charmaine Gordon said...

Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon

Emily Kendrick stumbles as she jumps over a hurdle at St. Augustine Beach; a runner rushes through the waves to reach her. Binoculars slam against the railing of the widows walk where two eyes had been watching the lovely physical ed teacher for months. From his well hidden perch high up on the mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, under investigation the infamous Clifford Lansdale said, "She's mine."

Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon