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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Blog Party! #blog

Are you an author who also blogs? It's a terrific way to show just how versatile your writing is. Today's meme highlights our blog posts for the past week. In comments, share the titles of your blog topics along with your blog link. Why not scroll through the participants and do some blog visiting yourself?  Have fun!
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1 comment:

Helen Henderson said...

Topics for this past week
o-- Using pictures to help establish setting
o-- Showcased the new book Abandoned Asylums
o-- teased people with a snippit of Lord Dal cooling off in a mill pond as part of the MFRW Book Hooks hop
o-- Showed off Dream World, Erin A. Jensen's new contemporary fantasy

Invited readers to Linda Mooney's - 100th Titles Party. The party is at Join Linda and a cast of talented friends. I'm one of the hosts.

Hope you stop by to join my special guests.