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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Throwback Thursday! #IndieThursday

The internet takes a step back in time every Thursday as people around the world share old baby pictures, vintage prom and wedding photos, and other assorted oldies. Authors can share too! 

This Thursday meme highlights those books in your backlist. In comments, share a tempting snippet from your older works, 300 words or less. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun! 

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1 comment:

Paty Jager said...

Spirit of the MOuntain
historical Native American romance

“Wren, you should not be so close.” The plump maiden’s voice shook. She stood her ground a good distance from him, while the maiden called Wren continued talking.
“There, now. Let me see to your wounds. I will not hurt you.” The soft spoken words made him forget his injuries and his past encounter with a mortal. He stared into her caring eyes. Fear was not evident in her gaze, her poise, or her words. Her melodic voice beckoned his gaze to meet hers and allowed her to take his paw. He’d never connected with a mortal before. Her touch tingled his nerves.
“I do not wish you harm, only to make you better.” Nimble fingers moved the fur and examined the blood soaked gashes on his leg. Her gentle touch caressed his skin like a warm summer breeze.
The last mortal to touch him… His stomach pitched. Fate could not repeat itself. He trembled and forced his mind to push the past in the far reaches of his memory.
“Wren, we must go. He could be harmful.”
“I cannot let a creature of this mountain go hurt when I have the ability to help.” The maiden glanced at her friend before pulling a small leather pouch from the beaded belt around her waist.
“You are a beautiful creature. Who would want to cause you harm?” She held up two fingers pinching a white substance. “This is willow bark. It will ease your pain.” Her slender fingers sprinkled the powder in the wound. Her gentle hands and compassionate words puzzled him. Why would a Nimiipuu maiden care about a wolf? Even one she believed to be her spirit wolf?