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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Kiss Wednesday

Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


Jane Leopold Quinn said...

ANCIENT TIES by Jane Leopold Quinn

He was suddenly there, his heat and masculine scent overwhelming her. His fingers brushed her cheek. His thumb pressed the side of her mouth, pushing open her lips. His face was close, and she inhaled his scent of clean male, leather, the sweet wine on his breath.

“Umm.” Her mind went blank. She tried to shake her head, to move away from him. But it wasn’t just his thumb any longer, it was his whole hand clasped around her nape, holding her in place.

“I don’t want you to go away, Janney Forrester,” he said in a husky voice.

He loomed over her so closely that his face was all she saw. All she heard was his breath rasping little puffs of air on her cheeks. “Are you going to kiss me?” she gasped softly, her heart in her throat. His eyes started to close. Mesmerized, she watched his lips open. Those firm, luscious, gorgeous lips. Getting closer. Closer. She tried to stifle her moan as his other hand cradled her cheek. God, she wanted to taste him. Wine and man. He was so large. His body hot. Dizzy with desire, she didn’t want to be a good girl anymore. She wanted his lips on hers.

He plucked the wine goblet out of her hand and dropped it onto the grass.

She missed his touch.

He growled a whispered, “Yes,” as his lips covered hers. Gently, he sipped and caressed. So gently. Smooth and moist, his lips brushed hers. His tongue touched and glided. Probed her mouth.

Rose Anderson said...

A first kiss from my newest -- Enchanted Skye

Immersed in grief, overcome by weeks of helplessness, and unnerved by Carl, Jenna clung to this stranger’s comforting embrace and cried out her heartache for a time. Loosened by scotch, the floodgates were open now.

Alex listened with his entire being, his heart aching for her. In bits and pieces, and oft-times unintelligible, she sobbed her last few weeks into his shoulder – including the cremation and selling the house she grew up in. She told of leaving friends and the only life she knew, and of fulfilling her grandmother’s last wish. He gently patted her back and rocked her from side to side. Poor little love, and ye faced it all.

With her pent-up tears spent, she settled to the sound of his calming heartbeat. All that remained was an occasional hiccupping breath. It felt good to be held and time passed in his comforting arms. Lifting her head from his chest, Jenna met gentle eyes as golden brown as raw amber, and for the first time she realized the arms that held her belonged to a very handsome, very desirable, man.

Alex tenderly brushed damp hair back from her face. In an instinctively natural move, he found himself kissing her temple before he realized what he was doing. That she didn’t reject him filled his heart with unfathomable joy, so he kissed her again. Kissing her eyes closed, he settled more on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. Tipping her chin slightly, he found her lips and lingered there. To his delight, she pulled him closer and her lips parted. His tongue pressed on and found hers. She met his kiss with a hunger that surprised him. Enflamed now, their kisses grew urgent.

Neither registered it might have been the scotch talking when her fingers delved under his shirt to caress his bare ribs…

Enchanted Sky by Rose Anderson

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I want Alex! Good work, Rose.

Rose Anderson said...

Ooh I remember reading that smoldering kiss. Nice. :)

Qwillia Rain said...

Okay, here's's a bit over 350 words...and truncated--sorry.
From my work in progress...

“It was a Christmas party, Richard. Mistletoe, a bit too much spiked eggnog. It seems ridiculous for you to run halfway around the world to avoid it.”

He stepped closer. “First, I’m not running. I have family business that needs my attention. And second, what you gave me under the mistletoe was a peck, not a kiss.”

“It was a kiss,” she argued.

Knowing he’d regret it later, Rick gave in to temptation and reached for her. He drew her close and immobilized her hands behind her by gripping her wrists in one hand. His other hand cupped her cheek as he stepped into her personal space. “This, Miss Swinfield, is a kiss.”

He settled his lips over hers and staked his claim, even if it was only temporary. Coaxing her lips to part, he tasted her, tickling her tongue and drawing a soft moan from her as he deepened the kiss and pulled her tighter to him.

He moved his hold from her cheek to her throat, his fingers slowly tightening. The throb of her pulse steadily increased under his fingertips as he squeezed harder. Harder.

The smell of roses and spice mingled with the taste of blackberries and honey. The blend of her scent and flavor surrounded him, permeated his clothes and skin to sink deep inside, stirring thoughts and needs he’d suppressed. Her breasts were soft and round against his chest, the rub of her mound against his cock sent blood south. She fit him perfectly. He increased the pressure of his grip around her wrists when she tried to pull away.

In his mind he pictured her bound, hands above her head, clothes gone, soft ivory skin striped with thin red lines from one of his whips. Cries and pleas for more would slip from her lips as her eyes slowly lost focus. Eventually the cries would become unintelligible as she slipped over the edge and began to fly. When that happened, it would be him that kept her tethered to the world; the touch of his hand, the sound of his voice, the energy of his presence. She’d belong to him and only him...

Driving Becka away would simplify his life and offer her a measure of protection. From him and what he was headed into. He wouldn’t put it past someone to use his attraction to Becka against him. Keeping his tone amused, Rick collected his box of belongings from the desk then smiled. “As sweet as it would be to train you, I don’t do vanilla.”

Sam Cheever said...

Thanks so much for this fun opportunity! The following is from Book 6 of my Honeybun Heat series, Honeybun at a Dude Ranch:

Heathcliffe lowered his head and did the only thing he could think of to stop her from talking. He touched his lips to hers.

Big mistake.

Earth shattering, world changing, catastrophic mistake.

As soon as their lips touched, Heathcliffe’s mind shut down and his body exploded with sensation. Before he realized what he was doing, he’d pulled her into his arms and was wrapped around her so tightly she had no chance of escaping unless he wanted to let her go.

Though she shivered in his arms, the heat they created together was more than enough to melt the snow around them. Her lips were as soft as he’d imagined. Her sweet breath fluttered against his face in heated puffs. Heathcliffe inhaled her exquisite essence and it made him light headed. And when she twined her tiny hands in his shirt and pulled him more deeply into the kiss, Heathcliffe knew he was lost. He didn’t have the strength to break the kiss, didn’t want to. He wanted more of the tiny little spitfire in his arms.
Right at that moment, in fact, he wanted all of her—needed—everything she had to offer him.

Qwillia Rain said...

oh my, sounds yummy!

Declan Sands said...

Here's mine. Just a warning, this one is from a MM erotic paranormal and the kiss is rated R:

“Don’t ever do that to me again.”

Rabb’s sensual mouth quivered under a smile. “Do what?”

“Nearly get yourself killed. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared.”

“What? That? I was just resting back there.”

Brant shook his head and started to walk away. “You’re an ass.”

A huge, calloused grip encircled his wrist and yanked him back. They came together hard, chest against chest and groin against groin. Rabb’s lips found his even as Brant expelled a rush of surprised air. The kiss was hard, hungry, and filled with promise.

Rabb tasted of blood and smelled of his own, delicious scent. Brant inhaled deeply, pulling that intoxicating scent into his lungs and savoring it. Brant’s cock swelled and ached as Rabb deepened the kiss, his big hand sliding down to cup Brant through the thin material separating them.

Brant moaned against Rabb’s lips. His hands slipped over Rabb’s back, feeling the hard play of muscles beneath his fingers, and he grabbed Rabb’s delectable backside in both hands, dragging him closer so they could grind against each other.

Rabb’s cock was a long, thick column pressing against his, grinding with unrelenting purpose as their mouths ravaged and clashed, teeth scraping and tongues sliding together in heated bliss. Brant’s fangs slipped through his gums, drawn by the sweet taste of blood and the sexual heat that roared into an instant inferno between them.

Brenna Chase said...

What a great idea! These are all so yummy too. Here's mine, from the upcoming North and South: Wild and Wanton Edition, Volume 1, the first actual kiss between the characters:

“Miss Hale, this is between my employees and me. I’ll thank you to remember that.”

Incensed, she rose and removed the dressing gown, thrusting it toward him. “I had better go. Thank you, Mr. Thornton.”

He stood as well. “It’s still raining.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Then I wish you good day, Miss Hale.”

But she made no move to gather her hat and shawl as she looked up at him. Instead, she found herself wanting to smooth the frown from his brow, and she tore her gaze away, unable to understand the feeling. She cleared her throat and glanced back at him. He was suddenly closer, and his expression had grown more intent, his eyes darting from hers to her lips and back again. Her pulse began to race again and heat flared in her stomach. “Mr. Thornton.”

“John,” he said, his voice a little deeper and more rough than usual. “My name is John.”

Before Margaret could reply, his hands cupped her face, and his lips brushed hers. Her eyes, which had drifted closed, opened wide and she stared at him, her tongue darting out to taste where he had kissed. Mr. Thornton released a harsh breath and his lips covered hers again, moving over them with slow, lingering caresses. Margaret was too astonished to push him away. She was further stunned to realise she did not want to. She liked this kiss: from the light tingling pressure of his mouth on hers, to the soft scrape of his stubble against her face. She liked it very much! Heady excitement rushed through her veins, warming her as it spread through her limbs, her body. She began to kiss him back, answering each ardent stroke of Mr. Thornton’s lips with one of her own as she sought more of the wonderful feelings.

Susan Macatee said...

In my new historical, The Physician's Irish Lady, the first kiss happens only after the couple is married, as it's a marriage of convenience to protect the heroine from the villain.

Keara and Jeff stepped into the room, arm in arm. Keara caught Elliot’s gaze, a becoming blush creeping up her face and blending into her scalp of reddish-golden hair. Millie and Katie had woven flowers into her braids, and she carried a bouquet from the small garden Millie maintained.

Jeff grinned as he handed Keara over to Elliot and stepped toward his wife and children. They all settled into their seats as Elliot, Keara, Alex, and Katie faced the minister.

He smiled and opened his prayer book. “We are gathered here today to unite this couple in holy matrimony…”

“You’re beautiful, Keara,” Elliot whispered from the corner of his mouth.

Her smile was a bit wobbly, revealing her anxiety.

Toward the end of the short ceremony, Elliot recited his vows to love, honor, and cherish. Keara did likewise.

By the time they’d both given their “I do’s” Elliot finally noticed the occupants of the room. Alex nodded and grinned, Katie dabbed at her eyes, and the seated guests beamed.

“I now pronounce you man and wife,” Reverend Altman intoned. “You may now kiss your bride.” He held up his hand.

Elliot gazed into Keara’s eyes. She licked her lips and tilted her head up to meet his lips as he bent down. The kiss was chaste and quick, but sweet and enticing all the same. What would it be like when they were alone? His pulse beat quicker as his thoughts raced ahead to the marriage bed. This had all happened much too quickly. He didn’t know if Keara had ever been with a man.

He’d done this to protect her. How would she react to any advances he made? He’d have to take things slow.

The Physician's Irish Lady available exclusively on Amazon

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Great idea! Mine is from my sweet Victorian novella set at Twelfth Night: Mischief at Mulberry Manor by Romy Gemmell

She nodded, in complete agreement with his summation. “And now?” she asked, softly.

“And now, we shall put all such matters from our minds, for I have a mind to do something much more earthly.” And before she knew his intentions, Richard Carmichael bent his head and gently touched his lips to hers.

All thoughts of the past few days fled as Maryanne stopped thinking of anything at all and allowed her senses to take over. With every kiss, their arms tightened around each other until Maryanne’s intensity of feeling threatened to weaken her legs so that she could not stand.

At last, he released her and they regarded each other. “I knew such passion rested beneath that sweet exterior, Maryanne, but I had not thought to be so stirred by it.”

She could not look away, even though his words made her blush. Not for shame, but for the thought that she wanted him to continue kissing her until she had no breath left. But then the thought of parting from him the following day made her finally turn away in distress. To be awakened like this and to return to her everyday life was suddenly untenable.

“What is it, Maryanne? Have I offended you?”

She shook her head but was afraid to turn round lest he see the threatened tears.

“Look at me, my love.” His hands touched her shoulders and turned her round to face him. “Tell me, for we should have no secrets, or misunderstandings between us.”

Maryanne knew it was no use denying her feelings. She loved this man and nothing would ever alter that fact, whether she saw him again or not. “I am afraid we shall never see each other again, and I do not know how to bear it.”

Rose Anderson said...

I'm really enjoying these glimpses into your novels. Are we scene crafters or what?

Elysa said...

Here's the first kiss from my short Christmas romance A KITTEN FOR CHRISTMAS.

Though Jackson stirred her in ways she thought had died with Gerald, Dani hesitated. Was she ready to risk her heart again?
"Things are happening too fast." She turned her face away from his hand. Immediately she missed the contact.

"Then we'll slow them down. There's no rush. Let's go shopping."

He took her hand and tugged her out onto the sales floor.

Warmth curled through her as they moved through the store picking out gifts for his son and the kitten. At one point he disappeared for several minutes. When he popped back up at her side he attempted to conceal a store bag behind his back.

"What's that?"

"You'll have to wait for Santa to come to find out."

"Santa?" She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to stare him down, but the mischievous twinkle in his eyes reduced her to giggles.

"Got something we can use to wrap stuff?"

She pulled out the holiday paper the store used to wrap customer purchases during the Christmas rush. While he wrapped the mystery gift she went back to the office and poured some eggnog. She put on one of the Santa hats she found, and despite his protests plopped another on his head.

Laughing, they sat under the tree at the front of the store and wrapped everything. Once they were done, and the packages were arranged under the tree, he settled himself against the wall and pulled her back against his chest. Together they watched through the front window as the snow continued to fall.

Peace and contentment washed over Dani. His solid warmth weakened her resolve. When he tipped her face to his and slanted his lips over hers she didn't object.

Katie Kenyhercz said...

This is the first kiss from the second book in the Las Vegas Sinners Series, Full Strength. It comes out early next year!

Adrenaline and emotion carried him to Allie’s office, and when he opened the door, she stumbled forward as if she’d been leaning against it.
“Shane?” A mix of confusion, happiness and something like regret played on her face. “You were amazing out there. You—”
He scooped her up and swung her around. She gasped and laughed, holding onto his shoulders, and it felt even better than the win. He smiled so hard his cheeks hurt, and when he set her down, he backed her against the door and kissed her. Her lips were soft, warm, and moist. She tasted like cherries, and the citrus-vanilla of her perfume filled his head. Her body stiffened, but she didn’t pull back or push him away. Because his palms rested against her neck, he could feel her pulse trying to out-pace a German train. He slid his thumbs lightly along her cheekbones and nudged her nose with his. When their foreheads touched, her lashes fluttered, and her breath rushed warm against his lips. She met his gaze and whispered, “Shane…”
Since peewee hockey, no one had called him anything but Reese at his own request, but God, he couldn’t get enough of the sound of his name from her mouth. In the next second the enormity of what he’d done sunk in, and he took a step back, eyes wide as he tried to catch his breath.

Find me at:


Joanne Stewart said...

What a fun post. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Here's the first kiss between Emma and Dillon, from my novel, The Playboy’s Baby.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, his head came down and his mouth touched hers, the briefest of kisses, merely the brush of lips, light and electrifying. She froze, standing on the precipice of something that would alter everything between them. It would force her to face the feelings she held for a man she shouldn’t want.

Heart pounding against her ribcage, she closed her eyes. She needed to push him away. It was the right thing to do. His mouth touched hers again, sipped and tasted, and she lost the battle. A tiny, shuddering exhalation of defeat slipped from her lips. She pressed into him and shamelessly offered herself up to him. God help her, she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, couldn’t deny the need that fluttered hot and tangible in her belly, or the sweet pleasure rocketing up her spine.

A quiet groan rumbled out of him. A sound of surrender, of needs too long denied. His other hand slid into the hair at the base of her skull, and he deepened the kiss. His mouth moved over hers with a gentle insistence that weakened her knees.

She shuddered, whimpered, and curled her fingers against the solid muscle beneath her palms, caught between holding on for dear life and pulling herself closer. She’d kissed a few men in her life, but none of them ever made her feel like this. His kiss was better than she could have imagined, his lips far softer, his mouth headier, like a fine wine that went to her head in a dizzying rush.

With infinite control and patience, Dillon pulled back and stared at her with dark eyes so full of raw hunger she trembled beneath their power.

Buy link:

Susan Mac Nicol said...

This looks like a whole of fun, and here's mine. It's the first kiss between Alex and Sage in my soon to be released 'Saving Alexander'.

Sage moved toward Alex swiftly and Alex flinched as if he expected him to hit him or worse. Instead, Sage pulled him close, kissing him with a hunger that he hadn’t ever felt before for a man. Alex stiffened at first and then finally relaxed into him, his arms wrapping tightly around Sage’s neck, his mouth devouring Sage’s in a kiss that seemed to swallow him whole. Alex’s hands wound themselves tightly into Sage’s hair as he ground his mouth against his, pressing his body against Sage’s, leaving no doubt how the man felt.
Alex seemed to want to meld them together as one. Eventually they needed to come up for air and when they did, they were gasping at the intensity of their passion for each other.
“Jesus, Sage, I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t think you’d want me after that story,” Alex breathed against Sage’s mouth, driving him even crazier with desire.
Sage thought he might explode there and then. “Does this feel like a man who doesn’t want to be with you?” His voice was low as he ran his hands over Alex’s hips, pressing himself against him.
Both men moaned at feeling their hardness against each other’s stomachs. Alex reached down to caress Sage’s groin.
“God, don’t do that,” Sage groaned. “I’m barely holding it in as it is.”
Alex’s low chuckle made Sage’s control even more difficult as Alex reached out first to turn out the light Sage had originally come to switch off, then to pull Sage over to the two-seater couch in the corner of the office. The room was now pitch dark with only the dim streets lights from outside shining through.

My link is

Thanks for the opportunity!

Joan Reeves said...

Now for something a little different. *g* First Kiss, from latest romantic comedy SCENTS and SENSUALITY -- but you won't find it here.

The scene is set to music using (Cool app!) Open your Chrome browser (sorry, only works with Chrome) & check it out.

Hope you'll take a look. Thanks!
Joan Reeves

Anonymous said...

How fun. Here is the first kiss from my book To Hiss or to Kiss:

“I know having to hide a part of yourself puts up a pretty big barrier to maintaining relationships,” I say, and find I mean it. I smile. “And you do seem like kind of a nerd, too.” I’m relieved by the slight upturn to his lips.

“A nerd?”

“Yeah. You’re quiet and I bet you know a lot. You’ve got a bookish vibe.” At that he seems a little crestfallen, and I worry I just undid any repairs I’d made to this incredibly awkward conversation/relationship/future marriage/whatever.

“That’s not a bad thing. Nerdy can be cool. I’m somewhat of a science nerd and bookish myself. And you’re a pretty sexy nerd, so it’s all good.” Oh, God. There go my capillaries again.

I decide the best way to save face ¬is to keep staring at him, so I see his mouth widen into a satisfied grin. His nervousness seems to have evaporated, and he’s back to cool cat. “You think I’m sexy?”

“And if I do?”

He chuckles. Then he is moving toward me so quickly he’s almost a blur. He weaves his hands into my hair and kisses me. Not a gentle, get-to-know-you, let’s-ease-into-this kind of kiss, either.

Wow, talk about erratic. Maybe mercurial wasn’t that off the mark. With his tongue darting into my mouth, I realize I don’t much care at the moment.

I lean into him a bit more and use my tongue to explore him a bit. No, his canines don’t feel longer than a human’s. I hadn’t noticed long canines when I looked at him, but I do like to test my hypotheses.

His right hand starts to slide down my back, and then all thoughts of science are gone.

Anonymous said...

This is something from a WIP. If anyone has any comments or advice, I'd really love to hear them! And what a great idea for a blog post. Am loving the other kisses! Here's my author page:
She stared in shock at his bent head. This was Paul, and he was crying. Stuffed shirt Paul, who always seemed capable of anything, who never for an instant lost his cool, who even at Stuart’s memorial service had given a measured eulogy, and had never so much as bowed his head in grief.
“Paul, Paul,” she whispered urgently. She tugged his hands from his face. “Paul, you did right to tell Stuart to marry me. They were the best years of my life. I wouldn’t change them for the world.”
“Have you any idea—?” he began, his fingers tightening so fiercely on hers she almost cried out. “Have you any idea how hard it’s been for me to see you in such pain, and being powerless to do a single damn thing to help you?”
She caught Paul’s face in her hands, and then somehow she was sitting on his knee, cradling his head, soothing him as he had once soothed her. All the misery of their loss flooded through her, and her face crumpled. She murmured Paul’s name again and again, as much to reassure herself as to calm him, holding him whilst his shoulders shook under her touch. The muscles in his back were hard with tension. She reached her fingers to the back of his head, pressing them into his short cropped hair, pulling his head closer to her and holding him until the terrible shaking subsided.
She bent to drop a gentle kiss on the top of his head, and at the same time he moved. Suddenly, his mouth was tantalisingly close to hers. In tense silence, they gazed at each other, their brows almost touching. In the depths of Paul’s eyes, Kate saw her own turbulent emotions reflected. His hand moved to cradle the nape of her neck, and he pulled her to him. Then his lips found hers.

Shehanne Moore said...

What a great idea. Thank you for the opportunity, Here's the first kiss between Callm and Kara from my latest release, His Judas Bride a Highland romance.
Grasping her skirts she wriggled deliberately onto his lap. Not as gracefully as she’d have liked. Her teeth were chattering too badly for that and she’d done something to her ankle. She clutched another shallow breath, not just at her daring. Sweeping the damp hair back from the sides of his face, she pressed her mouth to his.
His mouth was cool, his breath tasting faintly of whiskey, while his actual lips felt… Of course he was wet. He was cold. His hair tips dripped water. The dampness brushed her cheeks, as she pressed closer. Soaked into her fingertips. Her palms.
But God, oh God, did he hate the McGurkies so much that his lips were like chunks of ice? He’d defended her the other day.
Alarm flared, clogging the back of her throat. Mother of God, of all the men she could have chosen here, how could she have gambled Arland, herself, and her sisters’ futures on the one with ice floats in his veins. Or was it just that after five years, she’d forgotten how to kiss?
She couldn’t have. He was a man and all men had their breaking point. She just needed to swallow the panic swamping her like a black tide and find his. She grasped his hand, frozen to his tunic ties. However much he hated the McGurkies, surely the apple-round softness of her breast would settle this?
“Hell. Princess. Don’t you think things are getting the tiniest bit out of hand here? Hmm?”
The way he jerked away, it wasn’t terribly likely. Although she wasn’t about to say so. To think she had worried solely about her response.

Toni V.S. said...

JERICHO ROAD is set in Georgia in the 1970’s against the backdrop of Vietnam. Logan Redhawk is part Mohawk, sent to Temple General Hospital to work off the terms of the student loan sending him to medical school. Lindsey Conyers is the daughter of one of the town’s biggest businessmen and loudest bigots and when the two fall in love, it ignites a fire that’ll eventually consume Lindsey’s entire family.


Braving her father’s wrath, Logan takes Lindsey on a date.


Neither of them said anything, just stood there, looking at each other.
Logan was standing too close to her, and knew he ought to move away. He could see the quick rise and fall of the tiny breasts, realized one hand was even with her hip. He looked down at her, thinking how utterly small and innocent she looked. And white.
“Well?” Lindsey said softly. “Aren’t you going to kiss me?” Logan didn’t move. “You’ve been wanting to do it for about three hours now, haven’t you?”
Logan shook his head. “Four.”
He put his arms around her, pulling her slight body against his, almost lifting her off the floor. He felt her rise onto tiptoe and waver toward him before she regained her balance and then the slender arms were around his neck and she was pressing against him, mouth touching his in a very childish, very chaste closed-lip kiss.
He pulled away long enough to mutter, “Lindsey, maybe we’d better…” and she touched his cheek and whispered, “Shh,” and he kissed her again, thrusting his tongue against her lips, feeling them part and welcome his invasion eagerly. One hand moved to touch one tiny breast, feeling the nipple quiver into tautness against his fingers. She made a little protesting sound and raised her hand to push against his wrist but as it met resistance let it drop again. Logan’s fingers encircled the soft little mound.
Just a little longer. I’ll let him touch me just a little longer and then I’ll tell him to stop. But she never said the words, not even when Logan picked her up and without taking his mouth from hers, carried her into the bedroom.

Toni V.S. said...

My other post was for my pseudonym Icy Snow Blackstone. This one, from BRIDE OF THE BEAST is for myself.

Senset is a daughter of a royal house, descended from an outcast branch of the kings of Egypt. When she befriends a captured prisoner of war and helps him escape, she earns herself an offer of marriage from his brother, the leader of a tribe her people call the Beasts. Soon she’s on her way to Habir, to marry Michael, a man she’s never seen, a man who hides his face behind a golden mask…



Michael caught the edge of the veil, raising it and tossing it back so her face was uncovered. With one hand, he placed two fingers under Senset’s chin. It became very quiet in the square, as if nothing moved, all living creatures holding their breaths.
Now, Senset saw what the obscuring veil and the dimness of the torches had preventing her from seeing before…Michael’s mask wasn’t a simple face-covering. It was fashioned like a lion’s face, a roaring lion, brow wrinkled, nose flaring, lips curled upward in a snarl. Laid-back ears curved around his head ending in leather straps. On either side of his mouth, tiny fang-tips lay against his cheeks. And that was why he was called the Beast King… Why did they choose such a face to cover their king’s?
“Don’t fear me,” came his whisper, reassuring but with a hint of a plea. “The man isn’t the mask.”
Senset shivered, forcing the image of Aram’s face to replace the lion looking down at her. “I don’t fear you, my husband.”
Bending, Michael kissed her. The cold of the golden mask pressed itself against her forehead and her cheeks but the lips touching hers were warm…and gentle.
A deafening cheer broke out and the dancing and music began again. Taking Senset’s hand, Michael pushed through the crowd. It parted to let him out and he headed straight to where Aram was standing, catching his breath.
“Prepare my bride to receive me.” He placed Senset’s hand in his brother’s. Turning to Senset, he bowed, catching her hand and kissing her palm. “I’ll come to you soon, my beloved. Go now and wait for me.”

Rose Anderson said...

I LOVE masked men. :)

Tony-Paul said...

A kiss for a vampire means something entirely different from the meaning for a human.

Semris is a Mayan vampire, captured and brought to the States by a man wanting fame and glory. He never expected to fall in love, especially not with a human, but he does, and it changes both his world and that of the humans who become his friends.

Befriended by a graduate student who was involved in his abduction, Semris manages to fall for his fiancée. Shannon, in turn, fights the way she feels about the winged man now in their midst.

DARK GOD DESCENDED is available from Class Act Books.


Semris reached out and caught her arm. She stopped, not turning around, holding the arm awkwardly away from her body. “Don’t.”
“Are you afraid of me, Shannon?” His voice was so soft she could barely hear it. There was pain in that whisper--and confusion. “I could never harm you. You know that.”
Semris released her, letting the slender arm slide from his grasp. Shannon turned her head, looking over her shoulder at him. She turned to run from the room.
“Why did you run away then?” Semris’ arm came down on the door frame, blocking her way. “Why do you want to run away now?”
She didn’t answer, just continued to shake her head. Semris took a step toward her and she backed away.
“Is it because I touched you?” He took another step. Shannon felt the unyielding surface of the door jamb strike her back. She looked up, meeting those glowing green eyes. “Or is it because you wanted me to do something more?”
His voice was little more than a whisper now, and she couldn’t move, hypnotized by that slow, sibilant sound. The hand on the doorframe slid to the back of her head.
“Because you wanted me to do this…” Pulling her against him, he kissed her, mouth coming down on hers so quickly she didn’t have a chance to struggle. For a moment, she stiffened as if she was going to fight, arms coming between them, crossed over her chest, and then…

Shannon threw her arms around his neck, pressing her body against his desperately, and in that single soul-searing moment, Semris understood exactly what both his brotherl and Tuck had felt, how love could burn and freeze and send the senses into total chaos all at the same time.

Tony-Paul said...

May I post this excerpt from my upcoming novel THE SHADOW LORD also? This is from my new series THE SECOND SPECIES>

Marek Strigoi is ghidaj of the assassins portion of the vampire warrior clan. He’s an anomaly among his own people, a dark-haired man with bi-colored eyes in a family of blue-eyed blonds. He’s also only had one sexual encounter in his life, on the day of achieving his vampiric adulthood nearly forty years before. Marek's excuse is that he's too busy ruling his clan and raising his orphaned siblings, and then, at the feast celebrating his younger brothers’ emergence into their majority, he meets the woman he’ll love through the centuries… A human...

SHADOW LORD will be released by Double Dragon Publishing later this year…


“Good evening, Your Lordship.” She relaxed just a little, smiling timidly. Marek bent to kiss her. The next moment, he nearly recoiled as her fresh, unsullied scent flowed over him. What the Hell? He inhaled her skin’s delicate female fragrance.
“You’re human.” He whispered the words into her ear so no one else would hear. “Lubos’ whores are all vampiri. How’d you get here?” A disquieting sensation coiled like a tightly-wound spring, digging into his vitals.
“I-I’m Madame Lubos’ kitchen maid.” She avoided his gaze. “I heard her girls talking about what they’d be paid for tonight, and I-I wanted the money.”
“You’ll have to earn it.” He was already envisioning her naked in his bed and surprising himself with the thought. Indeed, since the moment he’d seen the girl, the images in his mind were remarkable, quite extraordinary, in fact, and he’d be the first to admit. He bit into the drumstick. Behind him, the girl gasped. Chewing, he swallowed and looked at her. “You didn’t know we ate food, also? Did you think the meals you prepare are just for Madame Lubos’ human customers?”
She selected a pitted cherry from a bowl of fruit next to the fowl and Marek caught her wrist, bringing it to his mouth.
“I’ve a particular weakness for cherries.” He bit the little fruit off the stem and released her hand, chewing enjoyably and wondering why she blushed so.
She was smiling a little easier as she picked up another cherry, rubbing it across his lips and smearing them with juice. He ate that one, too, and for several minutes, was content to sit there and eat the fruit from her hand. Her fingers became stained and he licked the juice off them, his tongue lingering against her fingertips. He actually laughed as the flavor of her flesh filled his mouth. When he finally kissed her, he could taste her own sweetness under that of the cherry juice.

Vijaya Schartz, author said...

Borealis IX: Akira's Choice - by Vijaya Schartz

Ever so gently, he brought his face closer to hers, his gaze fixed on her lips. She'd secretly dreamed of this moment. How could she deny him? Her entire being yearned for his kiss.
Her desire betrayed her, and her mouth opened slightly, then his lips brushed hers, soft, tentative at first. He nibbled her lower lip, making her want him even more. A soft moan escaped her. Akira's consciousness hinged on their gentle kiss.
Then, as if on cue, he drew her tight against him and claimed her mouth, imperious and fierce, like the warrior he was. She let him ravage her, enjoying his male scent, his strong will and determination. Warmth flooded her body. She tingled all over with life, and the awareness of him.
Unable to remain passive any longer, she responded in kind. The places where their bodies touched burned with fire. Her hands cradled his head, her body arched closer, as if to melt into his. By the golden rays of Amaterasu, she didn't know a kiss could be so powerful.

Kaye Spencer said...

Wow! How fun is this? All the scenes are great and such a diversity of scenarios. Here's mine from my western romance Gunslingers & Ghostriders (under my other pen name, A.L. Debran). The H is a gunslinger, Matt Caddock, and the h is widow Brenna Gérard.

“Brenna, I’m a no-account gunfighter with nothing but a few hundred dollars and what I can carry in my saddlebags.”

She slipped one of her hands away and touched his cheek with her fingers, then drew them over his lips. He took hold of her hand and held it there, closing his eyes. He trembled as she moved her fingers from his lips and traced the curve of his neck, rolling her hand over his shoulder to rest under his hair at his collar.

“Matt, kiss me.”

His breath was warm on her face and his lips tasted like nothing she’d ever imagined. He encircled her in his strong arms and she played her fingers through the ends of his hair. He smelled of tobacco, coffee, and the tell-tale hint of the dust and animal scents a person always picks up in the barn, regardless of how brief the stay.

He raised his head and opened his eyes. When he spoke, it was a passionate, deep whisper. “Wishing for that kiss put me to sleep on many a cold lonely night.”

“Then there’s no going back now. Not for either of us. Our separate roads have finally brought us to this place, together.”

“What happens now?”

“I don’t know. I only know this much of our story.”

He kissed her lightly. “Then we need some time to think about the next chapter.”

She nodded, stepping away from him. He struck a match and touched it to the wick of an oil lamp on the kitchen table as she put the dishes aside on the counter.


She turned, wiping her hands on a towel.

“Until ten minutes ago, I was a drifter, headed down the next trail, looking for the next fight. When I woke up and saw those pretty blue eyes I had a powerful wish to stay here. I’ll even admit you’ve traveled the miles of my life with me. In my dreams anyway.”

Gunslingers & Ghostriders -


Elke Feuer said...

I love first kisses! Here's an excerpt from my novel FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ, released in December 2012. It's a mystery/suspense with paranormal elements.

One quick kiss. That’s all he needed, he told himself as his lips touched hers, and she’d be out of his system.
They were soft and warm against his. His hand went around her waist and he drew her against him and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. A moan escaped between them and he wondered if it was hers or if it came from him. It didn’t matter.
Her hands move up his neck to put her fingers into his hair. That motion and the softening of her previously stiff frame against him told him what he wanted to know. She wanted him as badly he wanted her.
Her tongue became bold, moving against his, deepening the kiss. Her hands moved down his back, her fingers digging through the thin fabric of his shirt. Shivers raced down his spine. Her soft yielding to his kiss along with her tongue against his was driving him crazy and he grew painfully hard. He pressed her against the wall of the small bathroom and ground his hips between her legs, moaning when her hands gripped his shoulders and she rocked against him.
His mind flooded with visions of her naked beneath him as he plunged himself into her welcoming body. Her face was clear in his mind and he could feel her naked flesh beneath his hands and the warmth of her breath against his ear as she moaned his name.
The problem was the vision wasn’t his, just a memory from another time they’d made love, which didn’t make sense, but he knew it was true as clearly as he knew Josie wouldn’t resist if he took her right there in the bathroom.
End the kiss, now!

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

These all have been great! Thanks to all of you for commenting and sharing those first kisses!

Rose Anderson said...

Yes, it's been wonderful to have you all. Lots of smooching going on. :)

Gemma Juliana said...

Here's a short excerpt of a sheikh's memory of the first kiss with his beloved long ago in an ancient Irish castle...

Christmas Spirits by Gemma Juliana
(also available on other platforms)

Like his memory of Anna’s eyes sparkling with joy the first time he’d kissed her beneath the mistletoe at Winterthorne Castle.

He’d been a young rogue prince from an exotic, distant land. When her father invited him to visit the family castle, the last thing he’d expected to find was his bride. So much heat had been generated that day as his lips claimed hers, that their kiss could have ignited the castle.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Here's the first kiss in my upcoming December release Blue 52.

“You owe me an apology,” Kathryn butted in. “Who do you think you are to run out on me like that?”

His eyes darkened with anger. “Apology! You’re the one who owes me an apology. You wasted my entire afternoon, and…”

“I am the best physicist in the world,” Kathryn smoothly inserted. “I’m not bragging either; I’m simply telling you the facts. You have denigrated my professional expertise, so I demand an apology.”

Hank’s voice rose slightly. “Well, you won’t get an apology from me.” His face had flushed, which under other circumstances might have amused her.

Senator Lovinggood favored Kathryn with a big smile. “Go on, son. Apologize. She’s too attractive for you to stay angry with her.”


“What’s wrong, Hank?” she jeered. “Are you upset by your lack of imagination, or does it bother you that you’ve proven to be an impossible boor? Don’t you want to kiss and make up?”

“I’ve heard about enough of your nonsense,” Hank shouted. “I’ll show you how to kiss and make up!”

He crossed the room in two strides and jerked her against him so hard her breath left her with an audible little gasp. He grabbed the back of her neck and hauled her face to his, and then he kissed her. For a split second Kathryn strained away from him, but she gave in, clenched his shoulders, and kissed him back.

Both Senator Lovinggood and Elaine looked mildly shocked. “I didn’t suspect Hank had such a temper,” the senator muttered to Elaine. “He’s always seemed so calm and low-key.”

“It’s the quiet ones who always surprise you, Henry.”

Celtic Chick said...

Thanks for letting us share our first kisses. :)

First kiss excerpt from The Wolf Queen, my WIP.

He swallowed hard against a lump of nervousness. He wanted to kiss her, but what if she pushed him away? He never cared before what a woman thought of him. He took hold of her hand to see how she would react.
She didn’t pull her hand away.
His heart pounded. Something stirred the air between them—passion, desire. “Perhaps, perhaps I can help you with that gentle kiss you said you had trouble with.”
“I would like that.” She leaned closer to him, her mouth hovering within kissing distance.
Her lips beckoned him with the promise of softness and pleasure. He pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, losing himself in the moment as their mouths connected in a pleasant crush. He resisted the urge to overpower her, recalling how he had promised her a gentle kiss. The sensation was like nothing he’d experienced before with a woman, even Maia. Holding back his primal urges raised his desire more. A low growl rumbled inside his chest.
Her soft, tentative lips, the warmth between them, filled him with something he never thought he’d feel with another woman. The heat of their kiss was soul searing. He gently cupped her face with his hands. She slightly parted her lips, surprising him. He held back his urges to capture her tongue in a more forceful kiss. Passion stirred beneath the surface of her innocence, igniting a pleasant, urgent fire in his gut. He realized a passionate lover lingered beneath her purity.
He sensed the wolf inside her, recalling the image of the beautiful she-wolf from his dream. Alara’s unusual nature stoked his desire, awakened that part of him he tried to deny—the wolf. He wanted to take her into his arms and ravish her, but he held back.


DarkAngelWriter said...

Excerpt from Scarred- First Kiss with Lance and Alexis when they were younger.

They eventually end up sitting on a boulder. Lance would just stare at Alexis as she continues to look in the distance of the lake. Lance is biting his lower lip as he tries to figure out if this is the right moment or not. A breeze, a little warmer than the first, brushes Alexis’ hair back as she closes her eyes. He can see she’s enjoying the breeze. She tilts her chin up, so the breeze can hit her face lightly. Lance swallows hard as he realizes it’s now or never. He releases his lower lip. He slowly leans forward on his hands. He continues to watch Alexis’ face to make sure he does this right. He’s an inch from her nose with his. He lowers his eyes to her lips that seem to be inviting. He tries to figure out how he’s going to kiss her. He doesn’t know how, seeing he only knows what he’s seen in movies. He would die from embarrassment if he had to ask his parents how to kiss a girl. He decided to do his best. He tilts his head to the side like he’s seen in the movies. He quickly sucks and licks his lips before moving forward. He swallows hard again as he can feel his body shake from nervousness. He quickly jerks forward with his eyes closed. He feels his lips holding hers. At first, he felt her trying to pull back, but eventually she pushes back.
They stay like this for a while. They eventually pull away as they slowly open their eyes to look at each other. Lance watches as Alexis sucks her lower lip. He can tell she’s enjoying tasting him on her lips. He licks his lips, tasting her on them. He can feel his heart beating against his chest as he’s waiting for it to break through his rib cage. He watches as a smile creeps up on her face. He can see she’s giving him a wicked smile. Before he knows it, she’s on his lips again. Lance is wide eyed as he keeps both of them from falling off the boulder like before. He soon starts to relax. He closes his eyes slowly as he enjoys kissing Alexis. He feels her hand over his heart as it seems to help calm his heart. He doesn’t hear it in his ears or feel it beating against his chest anymore. He wraps his arms more around her to bring her in tighter. He wants to stay like this forever.